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Memories and a New Experience

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Meeting up with an old friend led to fun


Strange thing happened.......

I guess I am a normal straight guy in my 20s, I love girls but when I was in my post-puberty teens I also fooled around with guy friends and sometimes we jerked each other off but never went any further. Once I discovered girls the idea of any actual sexual fun with guys never entered my head again, of course a group of guys will always talk about sex and their girlfriends but talk was all it was and if it made me horny I would jerk off as soon I was alone.

Right now I am single again and yes thats frustrating, I jerk off at least once most days which is okay I guess but I miss having a girlfriend's hand, mouth and cunt. Sex is far better when (at least) two people are involved!

A couple of nights ago I was waiting in my local pizza shop when in walked Craig, a guy I had been at school with some 10 years ago and in those days we had jerked each other off a few times while watching porn together. Since then we have occasionally bumped into each other whilst out socialising and the last time was about a year ago when I was with a girlfriend, Lizzie, who just happened to know the girl he was with.

He ordered a pizza and we started chatting and he asked if I was still with Lizzie and I said no we had split a few weeks ago, he said he and his gf had recently started living together but she was away for a couple of nights so he was self catering and how about us taking our pizzas back to his place and having a beer. 

He lived just round the corner in a small rented flat, it was fine but rather untidy and he joked it would all be neat again before his gf returned and he was looking forward to proper sex rather than wanking to porn and I said I knew how he felt. 

We were eating the pizzas and drinking beer and I saw that he had a few porn dvds by the tv,  I picked them up, most of them were heterosexual but there was one gay teen one. He saw me looking a bit quizzical and said he was "mildly bi"......I laughed and asked him what the fuck that meant and he said that he would always prefer girls but he wouldn't completely rule out fun with a guy. At school most of us had just jerked off with other guys but he said that one of the boys and he had also sucked each other off a few times and I said ok I never knew that. 

He also said that his current gf had a slight exhibitionist streak and very occasionally she had wanted one of his friends to join them. When they were all fucking around they would suck each others dicks which she liked to watch provided they cummed on her, he said this was all he did as he hated anal even with a girl.

He put his beer down and told me to wait a minute then he went into their bedroom and came back with an old phone, he showed me a short clip of him fucking his gf and her sucking his friend's dick then they both finished by jerking off onto her tummy and tits while she fingered herself.. I agreed with him that was so hot and I could sense my dick stirring.

He asked if I wanted to watch one of the dvds and I said sure and picked up a compilation one of amateur gfs and wives and he said yes that was a good choice.  I was quickly hard and I laughed and said did he remember our schooldays and he said yep and if I wanted to jerk off that was ok cos he was also horny. 

I had jerked off earlier that day so I could take my time, we were both sitting on his sofa and I unfastened my jeans, got my dick out of my boxers and started stroking it, he took his jeans and boxers right off, laughed and said the sofa was part of the rental and he would sooner splash cum on that than have to wash his jeans and I said yes and did the same. Craig had trimmed pubes like me and his dick seemed bigger than I vaguely remembered but then I guess we had both still been growing last time I had seen it and I wondered if my dick now seemed bigger to him.

There was quite a long clip of a girl jerking and sucking off her bf and I commented that's what I could do with right now. Craig asked if I had ever had a bj from a guy and I said no, he smiled and said that if I really wanted a bj he would be happy to help...I guess he saw the hesitation on my face as he quickly added that it was totally my call and I didn't have to suck or even touch him, I just had to lay back and enjoy it.

The video clip was just finishing with the guy cumming in his gfs mouth .......my dick was so hard and I so desperately wanted to be that guy!  Craig asked should he rewind that clip and I said yes as I needed to cum, I took my shirt off as I usually shoot onto my tummy and chest and was now totally naked, Craig stood up and pulled his tshirt off then sat down next to me again. Years ago when we had jerked each other off we had always been naked so as not to get cum on our clothes and sometimes we had deliberately cum on each others tummies instead of tissues.

Lots of things were going thro my mind, stroking my dick felt so good, I recalled images of schooldays wanking with Craig and some of the other boys wondering which one he had sucked off, the girl on the video looked so sexy and her mouth so inviting ffs why not try something new! I looked sideways at him and asked "Where would I cum?"  he smiled and said it was up to me but like in the clip if I wanted and again I thought why the fuck not as I was horny and single.  I didn't actually say anything but shuffled a little nearer  to him and stopped stroking my dick, he fast forwarded the clip to the last few minutes then put the remote down. Still watching the tv he reached over and held my dick, slowing moving my foreskin back and forth...I guess he was judging my initial reaction but I did nothing to stop him...it was the first time in years that another guy's hand had been there and it felt as good as I remembered from schooldays.

After just a few seconds he leaned across and took my dick into his mouth while still slowly stroking It, his tongue deliberately brushed my bell-end and he seemed to be copying what the girl was doing as he increased his rhythm when she did. Wow this was hot!

As he leant towards me he was stroking himself with his left hand and I was just sitting there with my back as straight as possible so that my dick was easy to get at, this felt just a bit odd as I wasn't actually doing anything (other than enjoying it) as usually when a girl gives me a bj I am touching her in one way or another. I reached over and put my hand on top of his, he immediately moved his hand so that I was now holding his dick, my brain said this was good as I quickly matched the rhythm. 

I could feel my orgasm building, I was looking at the tv rather than at Craig and I guess fantasasing that it was the girl sucking me off or I was jerking my own dick into her mouth...not really sure exactly what was going through my mind but whatever it was it was good. The video clip was nearly over, we stroked a little faster and like a split second after he came in her mouth I had that awesome feeling as my cum erupted into Craig's and then I felt his cum falling onto my tummy. So fucking hot!

As my dick softened Craig let it slip from his mouth and I let go of his, he looked down and then sort of gently blew my cum out of his mouth and onto my tummy so it mingled with his. We both laughed and agreed that the orgasms had been fantastic.

We still had some of the pizza left so after cleaning up we dressed and watched some more of the dvd for about 30 mins before I went home.

I am glad Craig has moved into the area and I am sure we will meet up for a drink now and again but not too sure if we will jerk off together again. I have no regrets and yes it was a god cum but maybe some things are best tried just the once.....I wonder though if I will ever get invited to join him and his gf in a 3sum.....



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