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Melting the Ice

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I have a close friend, a girl, and though we both like each other a lot, there is just something that says we would never be boy/girlfriends; we have different interests, and social scenes, even though on other levels we connect really well. We like each other's bodies, and when we're together, we feel physically, very good together, and admire how the other dresses and looks. For a couple of years it seems that almost always one of us has had a partner and usually the other has been alone. So when we'd share our experiences and talk about our sex lives with each other, it seemed that always one of us was masturbating alone while the other was having great sex.
Well, for about two months we've both been alone, and a week ago I went over to her place for dinner. We had a great dinner and talked about lots of things, and drank some wine, and towards desert we were talking about our lonely sex lives, and about how we were both masturbating almost every night. She told me she really liked being with me physically, and just looking at me, even though she never thought of having sex together. I said, 'yeah, really I feel the same way, I feel really sexy when I'm with you lots of times, but mostly I want to play with myself, I don't really think of having sex with you!'
She said, 'Yeah, I really like to think of you masturbating, too. I think of it a lot.'
'Really?' I said, 'That's just how I feel, in fact lots of times I think of your body while you're masturbating and get really turned on.' There was a big silence, and we both knew what was next. 'Let's do it together!', I said.
She got really embarrassed, and didn't say anything for a long time. Then she said 'Ok. But first I want to take a shower and change my clothes. Why don't you clean up the dishes, and then light a big fire in the fireplace. That's what I do when I'm going to spend an evening pleasuring myself.' I remembered she'd told me that before, and I'd fantasized about it before, too!
So I got the place cleaned up, and warm, and she finished her shower and went to her room to change, and I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and when I went out she was in the easy chair in a light robe. I sat down, and said, 'I'm really nervous, I've never masturbated in front of anyone before.' 'Me too,' she said, but remember what we said, that we both have fantasies, and we both will like this.
We talked more, beating around the bush, and then I said, 'Ok, now I'll drop my pants, and you open your robe at the same time.' Ok, we did it, and laughed and then suddenly fell silent. She closed her eyes, and started rubbing her breasts. They were smallish, but just as I'd imagined, they had large dark nipples, that were very stiff (I'd seen them dozens of times under her blouses).
I started to stroke myself, gently, just as she was gently cupping her breasts and rubbing a nipple, and I became very comfortable (and stiff). After a while, she opened her eyes, and watching me all the time, continued rubbing her nipples. I did the same. She wet her finger, and rubbed her nipple again. So did I, and I've never felt such excitement! My body was so warm and soft!
I began to glide my hand all over, my shoulders, stomach, hips and over my cock and balls, and back to my nipples, and she did that too. I could see that she was hot and flushed all over, and very relaxed. I carefully, softly, teased the tip of my penis, that was standing high and throbbing already, and cupped my balls, and her hand went town between her legs and one finger opened her lips.
We gently teased ourselves (and each other) for a long, long time. Her body was athletic and soft, both, her stomach was just a little too soft, and her legs were almost perfect. I opened my legs wider, and rubbed my balls, and she pulled up her knees, showing me her full crotch, and pulled back the lips, showing a mass of red, wet pussy. Her pussy had less hair than I imagined, very trim and curly.
After spreading our legs we stroked ourselves harder and harder, but in a kind of unison. It was so hard for me to keep from cumming, I would have to stop and leave my penis in the air, throbbing for a while, and play with my stomach or nipples, or now just watch her in her growing ecstasy.
Finally she began to cum and made long, soft deep groans. She had been stroking herself rapidly, but now she used her full hand, pressing hard against all her pussy in long deep strokes. I was grabbing the base of my cock and squeezed my balls as I watched her, and started to stroke myself between my balls and my anus, in time with her. After a while, her groans fell into short panting and then almost a scream while she came. I moved my grip up to my penis and with four or five massive strokes, I came watching my cum shoot up to my chest in long, overwhelming contractions. When I looked up, her eyes were glued on the softening cock in my hand.
After we both recovered, we lay hot and soft by the fire, and utterly relaxed. She stood up, in her beautiful nakedness, showing the body that I like so much, and came over and sat in my lap, with her arms around my shoulders, and kissed me on the cheeks, and then lips, and my arms melted into her warm back by the fire. She looked at me with an enormous smile, and then her head fell on my shoulder, and I felt her body melt. We stayed like that for many minutes, and then slowly she got up, motioning me to stay, and brought a quilt from her bed, and pulled me down to the rug by the fire, and curled herself around me while we fell asleep together.
When we awoke, it was just getting light, and we talked a little. She said 'you are so awesome naked, I love to look at you'. 'I said, you too, you body is soooo cool.' And she said, 'Ok, let me watch you take a shower, ok?' So I said sure, and I showered, and dried off and got dressed. And she went to her room to dress, and she let me watch her as she dressed in front of the mirror, and to slip her bra over her breasts, and spray perfume, before putting on a clean, ironed blouse. Then we had breakfast and read the paper together and did normal stuff and talked. And then we both knew it was time to be alone, and I got dressed and went home.
It was Saturday morning, and I got home, and did my errands for the week, some shopping and an oil change. I felt very happy and bright. When I was done in the afternoon, I walked in the door to my place and immediately had an overwhelming urge to masturbate, and so I did, sitting in a big chair, like the night before, thinking of my friend's soft belly and the fine, neat hair around her red pussy lips and remembered the sound of wetness as she stroked herself. My nipples grew hard, and I stopped stroking myself, and gently ran my finger around the nipples, remembering her little warm breasts. After that, it just took a little touching before my penis was throbbing and squirting cum all over my stomach. Later, while I was making dinner, I got a big hard on, but I didn't touch it, I went on with dinner, but then ran to my room and stripped naked, to finish cooking naked, and I ate, and did the dishes with my cock rising and falling and throbbing.
I had just finished dishes when the phone rang and it was my friend, 'How many times did you do it today??' she asked. I laughed, and told her, and she said, 'I'm one up on you! You'd better not fall behind. I want you to get comfortable, and then call me back.'
I said ok, and turned up the heat really high, and got into the hot shower, and when I came out I though about dressing, but only put on a new pair of briefs, and then lay naked, on my bed, and called my friend. I told her I was warm and soft and feeling very good. She said, 'Ok, well, you know what I'm going to be doing, already my nipples are hard and my panties are wet. I said, 'What are you wearing?' She said she was in bed with just panties. 'Wow, I said, me too!' She said, 'Ok, you know what I'm going to be doing...so enjoy yourself, ok?' Well, needless to say, I enjoyed myself very much, and then fell deep asleep.
Since then we've been together one time, and we were both pretty sexed, but we just enjoyed each other's company, and didn't masturbate together (though we both knew that we would as soon as we were alone). I wonder if we will again...maybe. Right now, as we both confessed, the memory of a week ago is plenty to keep us busy!



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