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Meg in the Shower

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It was the summer of 1998. The summer before my senior year of college. My girlfriend, Therese, and I had gone to different colleges outside our home state. But we always returned for the summer.

We each worked summer jobs and after work would spend our time together exploring ourselves sexually. Our true favorite was mutual masturbation, especially in public. Or any other situation where there could be danger. Like the time we were on the couch in the living room and tried to orgasm in the time it took her mother to park the car and walk in the front door. We succeeded.

I usually got off work before she did. I would go to her house, where she lived with her mother and sister, and wait for her to get home. I worked for a bank in an office building. I saw lots of attractive women and, having a shoe fetish, was driven wild all day by the sexy heels on my coworkers. Needless to say, I needed a release when work was over. The first cum was usually pretty quick. And since I was almost always alone I didn't care how quick it was. I was always ready to go again by the time Therese got home.

I would usually strip naked and masturbate in her bed. I would either cum in one of her pairs of shoes that was my favorite, or I would wrap my cock in a pair of her worn panties and cum in them. I also loved licking her vibrator and tasting her dried nectar. I was thinking about tasting her vibrator the whole drive to her house my cock hard and bulging in my slacks. I knew I would cum hard.

This particular day there was a problem. Her mother was home and looking after one of my girlfriend's cousins, Meg. My girlfriend's mother, Lisa, was very sexy. And we had masturbated with her in the house plenty of times. She knew what we enjoyed doing (THAT is another, very hot story). Lisa smoked pot, had lots of sex, and was pretty progressive. She let all of us call her "Lisa". She shared her pot with us. She was the cool mom.

But I doubted Lisa wanted to explain to her brother's 14 year old daughter just what this 22 year old was doing in her cousin Therese's bedroom. Or maybe she wanted Meg to find out for herself.

My girlfriend's house had a swimming pool. Meg and her younger brother John had been swimming. John had gone off to play with friends and so Meg had been swimming with Lisa watching out on the patio. Lisa told Meg to take a shower and get dressed and she would start dinner.

Meg's body had just started looking like a woman's. She was adult height, had nice breasts, a tight butt and curly brown hair that framed a very cute face. I had never noticed how good she looked until I saw her in her swimsuit. I was even more aroused than before.

Meg went into the bathroom and Lisa went to her bedroom. I sat in Therese's room listening to music and flipping through a magazine. The door was wide open and I could see down the hallway to Lisa's room. On the left was the bathroom where Meg was in the shower. Lisa walked from her bedroom to the bathroom, opened the door and said "Meg, I'm going to run to the store. We're out of bread. I'll be back.". Lisa didn't close the door. She left it open. Then walked toward me smiled coyly and said "I'll be back in about 15 minutes." She put on her sunglasses and then left the house.

The shower in that bathroom was glass. And not the frosted kind either. Just glass. Yeah, it would get a little fogged up when in use, but not enough to hide much of anything. And that door was open. I had to see her naked body. My cock was aching at this point.

I didn't even bother to check if Lisa had driven off yet. I took off my dress shoes so as not to make noise on the tile floor and walked carefully to the doorway. As I did I unzipped my pants and took my fully erect shaft out. I licked my four fingers and thumb and started stroking the head of my cock. I was ready.

I stood in the doorway and saw in. She was there, completely nude and washing herself. Washing her breasts, under her arms. Then her smooth, flat belly. She had soap on her face and her eyes were closed. My breathing was fast. My hand pumping my cock was even faster. I was going to blow any second now.

And then she opened her legs slightly and began to wash her teenage pussy. She moaned and exhaled. My mind was racing. It must have felt good. Will she pleasure herself? Did she know I was there? Did she know that her aunt had left the door open for me to watch her? She sure was spending a lot of time washing her sweet honey hole. I wanted to taste her.

I was cumming.. My ass and legs locked up. My fist was pumping so fast it was blurry. My cock spasmed and the first cum burst shot forward....and landed on her flip flop! I gasped.

"Hello?! Aunt Lisa is that you?". I couldn't move and I couldn't stop jerking. I kept pumping but was catching my cum in my hand. She was washing the soap off her face! I was going to get caught!

Finally I could move my legs, I walked very fast back to Therese's room, my hand full of cum and still wrapped around my cock. The water stopped!

I grabbed a towel off the floor and wiped the cum off my red and still spasming cock and my hands. I shoved my semi-erect member back in my pants and zipped up. I sat down quickly and picked up a magazine.

Just then Meg walked out of the bathroom into the hallway her body still wet and wearing only a towel. And, thankfully, barefoot. "I'm done, bathroom's all yours if you need it." She couldn't be this innocent and clueless could she?

She went back into the bathroom and then as I walked toward her she came back out. She was carrying the flip flops! My heart dropped.

She went into Therese's sister's room directly across the hall from the bathroom and sat on the bed. As I walked into the bathroom I looked into the bedroom. Meg was still in her towel sitting on the bed looking at her flip flop. She looked up at me and smiled, then licked the cum off the flip flop, eyes closed and made a low moaning sound. She KNEW!

I stood there, frozen as she walked to the bedroom door and grabbed the doorknob. As she closed the door she dropped her towel standing naked before me and said "You didn't have to be so quiet. Oh well, next time."

She closed the door. There WAS a next time. I'll share that story soon.



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