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Meeting the Gals for Coffee

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Met the neighborhood wives for coffee once a mongh.


This may sound like fantasy, but, it did happen in the 1970's in my younger days. I was about 25 at the time and my first wife and I rented a townhouse in an allotment south of Cleveland. Another married couple our closest friends at the time, lived just 2 doors away. They were in their mid-thirty's, Frank and Nadine. I worked a strange shift at the time - 12 hours per day for 7 days straight and then I had 7 days off. I was working the night shift from 6 pm to 6 am. I would get home Wednesday morning and be off till the following week. So, I would get home Wednesday morning and not have to go to bed right away so I could go back to work that night.

So, after my wife left about 8 am for work, I would stop down to visit with Nadine for coffee as Frank had already left for work also. It was innocent enough and my wife knew all about it. This particular Wednesday morning I stopped in and Nadine was there with a pot of coffee already made. Some of the gals from the neighborhood would also normally join the group. I just happened to be the only guy there. There was Nadine who was in her thirty's and a bit over weight, Marge who was a tall redhead and also a bit overweight, Barb who was decent looking enough, but, a bit older, probably in her late forty's and unmarried, and then there was Debbie. Debbie was a fun-loving 22 year old who, I never knew exactly why, was living with Frank and Nadine. She was not a really good looking gal but made up for it by having a great sense of humor.

When I would stop in to visit the group, Debbie would always run at me and grab at my belt like she was going to undress me and then laugh when she got me somewhat red-faced. This particular morning she did the same thing and I just stopped and put my hands up and told her that she didn't have the balls to do it. Apparently she did have the balls to do it. She loosened my belt and dropped pants to the floor and then my underwear. By this time I was really starting to get into it and my cock was starting to obviously grow. I decided to go ahead and enjoy the attention. I sat down n the couch between Marge and Barb and kicked off my shoes and pulled off my pants and underwear so I was naked form waist down. Then I stood up and walked to the kitchen and got myself a cup of coffee passing Nadine on the way who was sitting off to the side smoking a cigarette and sipping a cup of coffee, I did stop long enough to tap her on the shoulder with my now rock-hard cock. She just looked at it and told me to get that thing away from her. A year or so later she did not say that, but, that is another story for another day.

So, I came back into the living room and stood there drinking my coffee facing the 2 gals on the couch when Debbie came over and faced me and started to pull on my throbbing joint. After a few minutes of this, Marge, the big redhead, got up off the couch, walked over behind me and told Debbie that she didn't know how to do it right. So, she pressed her body against my back side and reached around with both hands. She used her left hand to cup my balls while she reached around my right side and gripped my cock and began to stroke it. Boy, she was right. She know how to do it. By reaching around from behind she was able to grip my cock with her thumb on the top and 3 of her fingers on the bottom of the shaft just like I would hold it when jacking off.

It did not take long for it to explode. Cum flew all over Barb who was still sitting on the couch enjoying the show. She didn't seem to be at all bothered by it. As a matter of fact she leaned forward and grabbed hold of it and pulled me toward her so she could then lick some of the cum off of the head. They all seemed to enjoy the show and we continued to get together once a month. The next time we got together for "coffee" there were 2 new faces there and they didn't even live in townhouse allotment. Nadine had invited them. This continued for about 6 months until we bought a house and moved. But, it has provided some great memories for those times when I am along and feeling the need to satisfy myself.



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