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Meeting After Many Years - Follow On From The Movies

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This story follows on from my story about teenagers at the movies - meeting again after many years

As I mentioned in my previous story Maria and I met had coffee talked briefly about our teenage days at the movies and agreed to meet again.


After several attempts to catch up we finally made plans and met at a local seaside place for lunch. We had both aged quite a bit and with the aging had come changes in our physic but as we talked we agreed that getting older hasn't meant the desires of the flesh had waned !



In some ways I felt that Maria was expressing a strong desire to explore some more of each other. We reminisced about our school days and the things we did or didn't or could not do and it wasn't long before I came straight out and said 'how about we do something' ???



Having said that I almost regretted it immediately as Maria got up and started to walk away but as she did she turned around and said 'ok come on lets go!'



I almost fell over getting out of the chair and rushed over to pay for our coffee and cakes.



At this stage I had no idea what to do or where to go but Maria had obviously predicted that we might end up wanting some 'closer contact' because she beckoned me over to a track that lead down towards the beach and the sand dunes and trees.



As we walked down the track I couldn't imagine what was on her mind but I knew she had a plan and I started to get quite excited emotionally as well as physically.



Maria started talking about what a lovely place this was how cool it was amongst the trees and how the sound of the ocean reflected around and soon we arrived at a small clearing with a benches which overlooked the ocean.



Fortunately we were the only people there and as we sat down I asked if she had been here before to which she replied no but her best friend had suggested the place because it was quiet during the week, not so during the weekends - luckily this day was a Wednesday.



As sat down and began chatting it was obvious that my shorts were 'strained' by my hardness and Maria smiled and commented that it looks like how I was at the movies so many years ago - I laughed and agreed.



I then asked her how she felt and did she feel as nervous as she was when we met at the movies. She said not nervous but extremely horny!



We had adopted a sort of side by side seating on the bench much like in the movies and I moved to put my hand on her leg at which point she took my hand and directed it to her blouse and guided it to her breast and a very large and hard nipple - 'now gently' she said.



I slowly rubbed my fingers over and around her nipple inside her bra and she sort of lay back on the bench seat with her eyes shut obviously enjoying the stimulation.



My other hand then moved to between  her legs and just like at the movies she open her legs not just a little but wide and my fingers slowly worked towards what I though would be her panties but soon discovered she was wearing a thong which was at this stage firmly splitting her lips - it was soaking wet in there!



I tried to slip the thong sideways and as I did she pushed her hips towards my fingers and asked me to push them into her. At about the same time Maria started grabbing my crouch which was of course bulging.



I withdrew both hands from her body and tried to undo my belt and shorts but I could smell that scent which I had sensed all those years ago - was it exactly the same - no but it was still heavenly.



Maria quickly took my hand again and pushed it up under her skirt and into her crotch and asked me very quietly to 'please make me cum'.



I wanted to say the same to her but I slowly worked my fingers up to her very wet lips and found the little pea - her clit at which point she let out a sigh and lifted her hips. My fingers worked inside her a little awkwardly but clearly enough for her to start lifting and lower her hips from the bench.



At this stage I knew she was ready to cum but my mind shot to what if someone comes along the path what do I do. At about this point she grabs my hand and started to make me work it harder against her wet pussy.



I know I was hard as a rock and that my undies were getting wet from precum and would have loved to have been working myself into her but I knew she just wanted to be made to cum with my fingers and hand nothing more.



Soon she took some deep breaths, stopped breatihng sucked in some big breaths and then raised her hips high and almost my entire hand slide into her at which point she let out an 'oh goddddddddd'.



My hand was soaking wet almost all my fingers were inside her and I could feel the pulsing of her orgasm. Slowly the pulses calmed down and Maria slumped back down onto the bench.



I was almost exploding inside my shorts and knew I had to get myself sorted or I would end up with creamed shorts!



I stood up after withdrawing my hand from between her legs and a opened my shorts and let myself out, a dribble of precum flowed.



Maria was still recovering slumped on the bench so I stood up with the intention of moving away a little and stroking myself to cum, as I did so her arm wrapped around my waist and she directed me back towards her. She asked me to stand there and asked if she could make me cum - of course I said yes!



While I really wanted her to take me in her mouth I could tell this wasn't on her mind because she could have easily just lifted her head and I would have been straight in front of her but she took my rock hard member and rubbed the precum over my head at which point I absolutely exploded - three or four squirts and she kept rubbing around my head as the hardness subsided - oh what a feeling.



Now I was completely out of breath and I slumped back down onto the bench seat. We didn't say anything for a few minutes just soaking up the euphoria as are heart rates subsided.



I could smell her scent and I could smell my cum and I said to her can you smell that, she replied 'yes and you know I love my own smell and taste'.



It took quite a while for us to feel comfortable about getting off the seat and when we both started to move to get up we embraced and thanked each other.



As we got up and turned to walk away I noticed that Maria's skirt had a large stained / wet patch at the back clearly from where she had been sitting and gushing her pussy fluids - she said it's ok I have a towel in the car.



We walked back along the track complementing each other on helping the other enjoy such an amzaing experience and Maria asked if I thought we would ever do it again but adding nothing more than we just did just mutual pleasuring - I of course agreed but my mind was working overtime on how we might move to a more complete liaison.



At the car park we hugged said our goodbyes and away we went our separate ways like we did so many years before. As I put my hands on the steering wheel I could smell that scent of a woman that had driven me crazy so many years ago and I smiled at myself once again. I also thought how lucky we were not to have been disturbed.



If we ever get to meet again I will of course followup with another story.




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