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Me, Mom, and My Videotape

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I've been a fan of Solo Touch for a long time. But I was always somewhat sceptical of many of the stories involving family members. I just didn't think that they could happen. Well, life has a weird way of proving you wrong sometimes!


This is sort of a multi part story that could probably drag on into a short novel. But, for the sake of all of those reading this, I'll try to keep it as short as possible. But, I'll warn you ahead of time, I like to write!

Going back to my preteen years, I've always been a huge fan of masturbation. I was an only child, so I had to learn on my own the joys of masturbation. Lucky for me, I learned how to masturbate using a variety of techniques during my youth. At the time masturbation wasn't even a word in my vocabulary. All I knew was that rubbing myself in a variety of ways generally felt good. However, that all changed once I started to actually ejaculate. I still remember the very first time that I actually came. I was in the bathroom and giving myself a good tug when things suddenly felt a little different. I was used to my typical orgasm, but this one was much more intense and deeper. I quickly got light headed and before I knew it, pearly white liquid was gushing from my penis and going everywhere. It didn't really shoot out the first time. It was more like a bubbling hose that slowly gushed cum everywhere. I was initially shocked by the sight (and the mess) that it made. However, as time went on and I got older, I found myself to be highly intrigued by my ejaculations. I was always eager to shoot more cum, and to see how far I could shoot it. Masturbation became a regular hobby for me as I grew up.

My hobby took somewhat of a twist when I was 14 or 15. My parents bought a video camera for us to use when we went on vacations or on holidays. However, I quickly found that it had other uses besides the conventional uses. Still fascinated with my ejaculations, I started using the camcorder to record myself masturbating, and in particular, to capture my ejaculations. At first I would record me masturbating, watch it a couple times, and then record over it out of fear that someone else would find it. But as time went on, I started saving my masturbation sessions. The tapes that the camcorder took could only hold 30 or 60 minutes depending on which setting was used, so I usually would copy my masturbation sessions off of the camcorder tape and on to a regular VHS tape. I would then hide then record over the camcorder tape and hide the VHS tape in a safe spot in my room. Full of youthful exuberance, I quickly filled a whole six hour VHS tape with my masturbation sessions. Most of the sessions on the first tape were shot in my bedroom and in hindsight the tape was fairly dull minus a couple of unusually large ejaculations. However, as I started my second tape, I started venturing out of my bedroom.

I was getting older and had more time home alone than I did before. And while school activities, friends, and other fun stuff took up more of my time, I still found time to make many additions to my video collection. I started out somewhat cautious by filming myself masturbating in the den in the basement or in the bathroom. But as time went on and I got older and bolder, I started venturing into other areas of the house. Before long I had videoed myself in every room of the house. None of the videos were all that obscene at first. I usually just shot my load onto my chest or stomach, and I always made sure that I cleaned up and left everything just as I found it. But just like I found the first tape dull after I made it, I started getting bored with these scenarios as well. By this point in time I was getting close to graduating high school. And while I had plenty of opportunities to get some action from female acquaintances at school, I decided that it was safer to satisfy my needs on my own.

To keep things interesting I took my masturbating/video making up to another notch and started taking aim at things in the house when I ejaculated. Sometimes the target would be as simple as the kitchen table or bathroom sink. But on some occasions I took at aim at much more taboo things. I guess because my mom was the only woman in the house, many of those things just happened to be hers. I never really masturbated while thinking about her, but I found many of her possessions to be a huge turn on. I would pull a pair of her panties out of the dirty laundry to shoot a load on. I would then sneak them back into the laundry and hope that she wouldn't notice. I couple times a let a load go in her swimsuits that were hung up to dry. Occasionally I felt guilty about violating her privacy, but because she never said anything about it I never felt uncomfortable enough to stop. Instead, I continued to fuel my videotaping fantasies right up until the time I went away for college three years ago.

When the time came to leave, I had completely filled the second tape and actually filled most of a third. Over the years I had moved the tapes from one hiding spot to another until I finally found the right spot. I had a large bookcase in my room that had a small space underneath the bottom shelf that was just tall enough for a tape to fit underneath laying down. You couldn't see this small space from the front or side. In order to see it, you actually had to pull the bookcase out from the wall a bit. Faced with the decision of taking the tapes with me, leaving them behind, or destroying them, I decided to leave the third one behind and destroy the others. The first couple contained a lot of material that wasn't all that exciting. My hiding spot though seemed invincible. My parents repeatedly told me that my room was going to be 'my room' until I was done with college and moved out onto my own once I found a job in my profession. With that in mind, there seemed to be no reason for them to ever move the bookcase. Besides, it was big enough that I didn't think that one of them could move it on their own anyways. Heck, I could barely slide it back and forth far enough to get my tapes out.

For the past three years, every time I came home from college I would nervously check to see if the tape was still in its spot. Every single time, it was in the exact same spot that I had left it in. In fact, nothing in my room appeared to have been moved, right down to the empty soda can sitting on my desk. Needless to say, I was relieved... but for whatever reason I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the last tape.

While I was home this past summer, I was really horny one day and decided to add another chapter to my third video that I had saved. It had been a couple years since my last addition and I had since developed an even stronger ejaculation. I decided to measure its true strength by filming a scene in the kitchen. My mom and dad were gone for the day at work, so I set up the camera on a tripod facing the kitchen table. I then went to the laundry bin and found a pair of my mom's silky black panties. I placed them at one end of the table as my target, and then took up my position at the opposite end of the table. I masturbated to orgasm and shot my load across the table. Much to my satisfaction, several large globs of pearly white cum hit their target, along with several smaller splatters. Still hard, I decided to give it another whirl. I took the soiled panties and the camcorder into my parent's bedroom. They had a fairly tall bed, so I just placed the panties at the edge of the bed and videoed myself masturbating right above them. I knew I would get much distance out of my second orgasm, but I was hoping for volume. And my balls didn't let me down as cum pumped out of my cock and splashed down onto the panties on the bed. They were completely soaked in my cum. I made the decision to wash them out and dry them before putting them back into the laundry bin. With the 'clean' panties back in the laundry basket, I copied the day's events to the third videotape. I watched the video back one more time and masturbated while viewing it. After that, I tucked it safely back into its hiding spot. I left to go back to college in August with no concerns whatsoever about the safety of my tape.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I arrived back home for Christmas on the 23rd. I was happy to see my parents, as I hadn't made it back home since I left in August. The last thing on my mind was my hidden tape.... That is until I went to my room to drop off my bags and found that everything had been moved and the room had been painted! The bed was still in the same spot, but most of my other furniture (including THE bookcase) had been moved to one side of the room. I immediately inquired about what had happened. My mom told me that she decided to fix up some of the damage that I had done when I was little, such as all of the thumbtack holes from putting up posters, dents from throwing toys, etc... Once she was done patching everything, she gave the room a fresh coat of paint. My dad joked that she turned into one of those buff chicks on the home makeover shows and was in there moving all of the furniture on her own. I tried to play things cool, but I was obviously concerned about the video. I joked with my mom about her junking all of my stuff. She assured me that she really didn't throw anything out except a few things that were garbage. To prove it, she handed me a box with all of my pictures and posters off of the walls, along with a few other items. I shuffled through the contents of the box, only to find that the videotape wasn't in there. Immediately I assumed that the tape must have been among the items that my mom considered garbage. Even with that, I knew that she had to have watched at least a portion of it before deeming it garbage. I wondered if she had shown the video to my dad and what had actually ended up happening. Despite all of my worrying, everyone else seemed to be normal so I tried to put myself at ease and not worry about it either.

As the days went on and New Years passed, nothing was said about the video. I searched my room and it was nowhere to be found among my moved possessions. Although I still felt weird about the possibility of my parents having seen the videos, I told myself in my head that my mom probably found the tape when she was moving stuff and instinctively threw it out assuming it was porn.

This past Friday, I went out in the morning for some breakfast with old friends from high school. We sat at the restaurant for a couple hours and then I headed out to run a couple errands. I stopped at home briefly to pick up a couple DVD's that I wanted to take back to the video rental place. As I walked into the house I noticed that neither of my parent's cars were in the driveway. That wasn't that unusual as they both should have been at work. I had been watching the DVD's on the big screen TV in the den in the basement the night before, so I headed down there to grab them. I wasn't really paying much attention to what was going on as I walked up to the den, but what happened next sure caught my attention.

The door was closed, which was a little bit unusual. What was even more unusual is that I could hear the TV playing inside the room. To the best of my knowledge, nobody was home or should have been home. So, I opened the door. There was my mom, completely naked, masturbating on the couch. And when I say naked on the couch, there wasn't a stitch on her body. Her feet were propped up on the cocktail table in front of her and she had two fingers on her right hand buried deep inside her vagina. That was pretty shocking, but what was even more shocking was what was playing on the TV: One of my masturbation videos.

After a brief moment of shock, my mom finally spoke.

'Oh shit, I didn't expect you home so soon', she said.

All I could mutter was, 'What are you doing home?'

Mom explained to me that her car had broke down on the way to work and that she had it towed to the dealership. The courtesy shuttle from the dealer had then given her a ride home because the car wouldn't be done until the next day because they had to order parts. She then reiterated that she didn't expect me home so soon. I immediately began to apologize, but my mom interrupted.

'There's no need to apologize, hun. If anything, I should be the one apologizing. I should have known better...', she said.

'Well, I'm still sorry...', I replied. I didn't know what else to say. The whole situation was really awkward. My mom had barely moved since the time I walked into the room. Her legs were still parted with her feet up on her table. The only real difference was that she had withdrawn her fingers and now had her hand laid over her vagina.

After a few seconds I nervously stated the obvious, 'So you found my video'.

My mom looked at me and paused for a few seconds before saying anything. I guess it was one of those moments that required her to think before speaking.

'Um, yeah... I guess that you can see that I did', she finally replied.

'I swear, I never thought that anyone would move the bookcase mom!', I blurted out.

'I know, hun. Trust me, I never would have expected to find it under there either', mom replied.

'How did you ever move the bookcase?', I asked her inquisitively.

'You know, it's not that heavy once you take everything off of it', she said.

Duh. I guess I had never thought of it that way. I was always moving it with a ton of books and other stuff on it. I guess it was possible to move it if you took everything off of it.

'Did you tell dad about the video?' was my next question.

:'No, of course not!' she replied. 'I don't know how he would have reacted.'

A sense of some relief came over me. I was never really scared of my dad, but he was always the one that laid down the law in the house. As long as he didn't know about the tape, I knew that I was fine. After a couple seconds of pondering about that, I began wondering why my mom was watching the video. I mean, she is my mom and the whole scenario was a little weird. But then, as I was thinking, I also became consciously aware of the fact that I hadn't taken my eyes off of her since I walked into the room. I had never seen her in this manner before, much less even naked. That said, I suddenly came to the realization that she was a very attractive woman for her age. I hadn't even realized it until that point, but I had become rock hard inside of my blue jeans. The whole scene was definitely weird and I stood there for a few seconds, maybe even a minute, wondering what would happen next. The room was fairly quiet. I noticed that my mom's eyes kept drifting between me and the TV. I took a quick glance at the TV. The scene that was playing was one of me masturbating in the family room. I was sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on the cocktail table, ironically kind of in the same position that my mom was in. The video clearly showed by balls bouncing as I stroked my cock. I looked back at my mom and realized that she was predominantly watching the video. I decided to try to play the role of the good son and put an end to the situation.

'Do you want me to get you a robe or anything?', I asked my mom.

Before she could answer, the audio of the video cut in. I was reaching climax on the video and making a lot of grunting noises as I feverishly pumped my cock. Finally I reached orgasm on the video and began shooting cum everywhere.

'Holy shit, look at all of that cum!' my mom exclaimed. 'Look at it fucking go!'

I had never heard my mom swear like that, and could feel my face turning beet red by the whole situation. At the same time, I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants. The whole situation was overwhelming.

'Umm... do you want a robe... or what do you want me to do?' I asked one more time.

Finally she replied and agreed to let me get her a robe. I went up to my parents room and grabbed a robe out of the closet. I came back down and gave it to her. She stood up briefly to put it on. I took one last look at her body figuring that would be the last time that I would see her naked. After putting the robe on, she sat back down and motioned for me to sit down next to her. So I did. The video was still playing, only now it was on a scene of me masturbating in the laundry room with a pair of her dirty panties. Once again, I was beet red.

'Why did you make all of these videos with my panties?' mom asked.

'I don't know', I replied softly.

'Do you think about fucking me?' she asked very bluntly.

'Oh no...no' I replied as firmly as I could. I was shocked that she had even asked that.

'So then, what is it? Why all the videos?' she asked.

I finally just explained to her that I was highly turned on by my cumshots, and that ejaculating on her personal belongings for some reason just added to the excitement. I explained to her that in no way was I really ever fantasizing about her, and then apologized for everything in general.

'Apology accepted, but I already told you that there's no need to apologize', she said.

She then went on to explain that she loves to masturbate, and that she's so glad that I've found joy in it as well. That surprised me to a certain extent, but then she went into even more surprising details. She described how turned on she got by my ejaculations and how she was amazed by how much I could shoot and how far it would shoot as a teenager. One by one, she started describing some of her favorite scenes from the videos. I was amazed at how much detail she remembered from some of them. To my surprise, she even found the videos where I came in her panties to be a turn on. Throughout the whole one sided conversation, I could feel the redness fading from my face and I began to feel a different rush. I suddenly felt the need to cum. I was horny as ever and about to explode.

With newfound courage, I blurted out to my mom, 'Do want to see me cum?'

At first I caught her off guard and she turned to look at the TV expecting to see me cumming on there. After a couple seconds she looked back at me with a somewhat confused look.

'No, I mean do you want to see me come... like right here', I clarified.

I was fully prepared to be shot down, but after a couple of seconds of deliberating, she came to her decision.

'Oh... I might go to Hell for this some day, but fuck it... I wanna see you cum!' she replied.

'You sure about this Mom?' I asked one more time just to be sure.

'Yes, now quit asking before I change my mind!' she replied back excitedly.

I quickly stripped off my clothes in front of my mom and returned to my spot on the couch. Still somewhat hesitant, I asked her one more time if she was cool with what was about to happen. Without even saying anything, she reached over and grabbed my cock and began stroking it slowly.

'Yes, hun... I'm sure.... And if you won't cum for me, I'll make you cum', she exclaimed as she continued to stroke my cock. She had only been stroking my cock for a minute or so, but I could already begin to feel my balls boiling and tightening up. I had my eyes closed most of the time, but she was intently watching the video. On the screen, I was reaching climax and shooting a huge load into her panties. I guess that must have given her the inspiration to do what she did next.

'I've got an idea hun', she said as she stopped stroking my cock and stood up.

'Umm, what's that mom', I asked as I watched her move around so that she was standing directly in front of me on the opposite side of the cocktail table.

'Since you like cumming on things so much, why don't you cum on me', she said as she dropped her robe to the floor.

I was surprised by the development, but I was so into the moment that she could have said just about anything at that point in time and I would have done it. She slid the cocktail table towards me a little bit, and then sat down on it. She spun around so that she was sitting on the edge facing me. She then propped her legs up on the sofa on either side of me and leaned back on the able. I had a clear view of her entire body, and even more than before, I realized that she was a very attractive woman.

'Oh my god mom, you're... um.... You're fucking hot!', I said.

'Thank you, hun. You're not so bad yourself', she replied. 'Although you'd be even hotter if you were stroking your cock and shooting your load all over me.'

So, without further delay, I began stroking my cock. With nothing else to look at besides my mom, I took in every inch of her beauty. I was most impressed with how great she looked for her age. Her breasts had begun to droop a little, but they still were impressive. And her vagina, as taboo as it was, begged for exploration. Before long, I felt myself reaching the point of no return.

'Oh god, mom! I'm going to cum!' I grunted out.

'Fuck yeah! Shoot it baby', my mom screamed out as she inched even closer to me.

As the waves of orgasm began to rush over my body, I closed my eyes, tilted my head back, and aimed my raging cock forward towards my mom. I could feel the cum rushing out of my body in giant spurts as I thrust my hips forward towards my mom. Through my grunts, I could hear my mom's cries of encouragement soaked different parts of her body.

'That's it baby, shoot it on my tits... on my pussy... that's right! More on my fucking tits! Oh yeah... fucking more on my pussy! Oh you got my face! Oh yeah!'

Finally my orgasm began to subside and the rush of cum trickled down to a few small spurts that hit my legs. I slowly tilted my head forward and opened my eyes. What I saw was absolutely amazing. My mom was covered in my cum from her vagina all the way up to her neck. It was almost a triangular pattern, with the most concentrated point being at her vagina and fanning out from there as you went up towards her breasts.

'You Ok mom?' I asked somewhat hesitantly as I watched her look over her cum covered body.

After a few seconds, she replied back that she was fine. After a few more seconds of silence she made the next shocking move.

'I want you to make me cum', she said. 'Finger me now!'

'You want me to... Are you sure?' I asked almost in disbelief.

'We're not playing this game again... just do it!' she said very sharply.

Not one to disobey orders, I leaned forward and began rubbing the exterior lips of her vagina which were soaked with my cum. I was worried that I might get her pregnant if I then stuck them inside of her, so I offered to clean her up a bit first.

'Hun, that ship sailed a couple years ago... I can't get pregnant anymore.... Now finger me already!', she replied with a touch of humor on her voice.

I continued to rub around her vagina for a few more seconds, and then slow worked my middle finger inside of her. After a bit of exploration with that finger, I slipped a second in and began working on her G-spot. She instantly began to move her hips towards me. I knew that I had the right spot. I was amazed at how tight her vagina was. Nothing like what I had expected for an older woman. Then it hit me, I had actually come out of that hole 22 years ago! It was a real surreal experience to think that I was actually going back into it in a way. All of those thoughts, however, were wiped from my head when my mom began to thrust her hips towards me and moan out loud. With my left hand I began to rub her clit, which was still covered with my cum which was slowly running down her body. Stimulating both her clit and her G-Spot quickly sent her over the edge. Before long, her entire body began to contract and convulse. Her legs pumped back and forth and her vagina clamped down on my fingers.

'Oh yes! Oh god, here I cum' she screamed out as orgasm ripped through her body. Her hips bucked up and down off of the table as the rhythmic waves of the orgasm rolled through her body. Finally the orgasm tapered off and she collapsed backwards onto the table. I relaxed backwards on the couch and silence filled the room with the exception of a few grunts here and there on the video, which was still playing on the TV.

After a few minutes, my mom leaned forward and took a deep breath while looking over the cum drying on her body.

'Wow... if you can do that with your fingers, I can only imagine what you can do with that', she said as she looked down at my cock. 'But, you're my son and I'm your mom, and I could never live with myself if I found that out! On the other hand, there is something that I would like to find out.'

'What's that?', I asked.

'Well, judging by the rock hard erection that you have right now, I want to find out how much cum there is left in those handsome balls?' she said still looking down at my cock which had regained its full hardness.

'I don't know... probably a little' I said trying to downplay the situation.

'Stand up', she said. 'Lets find out!'

I didn't waste any time standing up. And before I knew it, my mom had taken hold of my cock. She stroked it using a variety of methods. Occasionally she would spit on it, or on her hand, and vigorously rub the head. She even put both hands together and worked it from a couple different angles. Before long, I felt the orgasm coming on.

'Oh god, mom. Here it comes again!'

She continued to stroke, but instead of going faster, she actually slowed down. I don't know where she learned to do this, but she actually put the orgasm almost on pause to the point where it felt like I was cumming, but nothing was shooting out.

'That's it baby, cum for me.... Shoot it all over me!' she encouraged me, as she looked right at my cock.

Finally, with my legs trembling and orgasm surging, the dam broke loose. To my surprise, I still came with great force. The first spurt shot out and hit my mom right in the forehead and ricocheted over her head. From there, spurt after spurt shot out and made direct hits with her face, neck, hair, and breasts.

'Yes! Yes! Yes baby! Shoot that fucking cum!' she screamed out.

After what seemed like an eternity, the orgasm came to an end and my mom released my penis. Silence filled the room as she reached for the remote and stopped the video. Finally she stood up and faced me. It was just a weird site seeing her standing there covered in my cum. I can't explain the complete range of emotions that I felt then.

'Thank you, hun.... I'm sorry that this happened the way that it did. I meant to tell you about the videos, but just didn't know how.', my mom said. 'I guess you coming home today wasn't such bad thing after all'.

'No, I guess not... If anything, I'm sorry for making the videos, but you definitely have nothing to be sorry for', I replied.

'I hope not', she replied. 'I've never been this turned on or cum like that before'.

'Neither have I... so don't be sorry.', I replied.

'I'm not going to be sorry, and you don't be sorry either!' my mom interrupted. 'The videos may be a little weird, but I love them.'

'That's cool with me', I said.

'Do you mind if I keep the video?' my mom asked.

I was surprised by the request, but agreed to let her keep the video.

'At least until next time', she added after the fact.

'Will there be a next time?' I asked out of curiosity.

'If you want there to be. Just let me know and I'll be naked and waiting for you to cum' she said with a smile before walking out of the room.

So, now I'm back off to college for a bit. But, I'm thinking that I might have to make the trip back home a little sooner next time. The whole concept is still a little weird to me. But, if it makes her happy, I'm cool with it!



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