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Me and My Sister

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This hasn't happened but this is my fantasy


I have read this site for years and came up with my own fanstasy here it is. So my sister and I have been getting closer and we are home alone a lot with our parents divorced my dad or mom drives my brother everywhere we have played truth or dare and the farthest we have gone together was skinny dipping for about 10 minutes at like midnight it was really dark so you couldn't really see anything and we didn't do anything. So my dad was at my brothers game and I was bored watching tv and horny as ever! And so I go to my sisters room and say I'm bored and she says me too what do you want to do and I say ahh I don't know let's build a fort

So 10 minutes later our fort is built and it's pretty cool so were on our phones and I say hey wanna play truth or dare and he says sure and we agree not to tell anyone about this so we play and I go truth or dare and she goes thruth and I say do you masturbate and she says no I don't really know how and I say ok umm I'll do dare and she says I dare you to show me your butt and so I do and she laughs then truth or dare and she says dare and I say I dare you to show me your boobs 30 seconds and she says no and I say come on it's part of the game and she says fine and she slowly pulls off her tangtop and she's got a sports bra on and I say come on and she's like fine and slowly reveals here beatiful c-cup boobs and I have and instant boner and I'm in heaven ohh!!

And then I say truth and he says have u ever masturbated and I say umm... Ya I do it once a week (to not sound like a perv) and she goes ok then she says truth and I ask what's the farthest u have gone with a boy and she says kissing

I take dare and she dares me to show her my penis for 30 seconds and I'm like no! And she says I showed you my boobs and I say fine I'll show u my penis and balls and u show me your boobs again we will sit here for a minute looking at each other and she says fine so I pull my shorts off and she pulls out her boobs and then I'm slow and she pulls off my boxers and reveals my 7 inch penis and she's like I've never seen one before then she says dare and I dare her to strip naked and let me play with her boobs for a minute and then I do and it feels nice then she dares me to strip baked and let her play with my balls so she uses her small nice hands to play around with her balls and I'm rock hard an she goes ohh! Then I dare her to let me masturbate her and she does when I stick one finger in her tight pussy that has just a little bit of hair she's like oww! and I said hold on and I use my other hand to rub her clit and she is moaning and I find her g spot and she goes ahh that feels so good keep going to I start slow but speed up and in a minute she's moaning and moaning and then she goes I have to pee and I said no u dot hold on and right as I stick a second finger in her she screams and I pulled out still rubbing her clit and she squirts so much all over her panties that are just soaked and they smell amazing and she says let me do u and I say ok and she goes what do I do for u and I put my hand on her hand and show her to stroke me and I put a finger in her vagina and I put my wet hand from her pussy in my mouth and right when I taste her pussy from my 2 fingers I say I'm gunna cum and suck on them for 3 more seconds and shoot 10 ropes of massive cum all over her face and some drips down onto her boobs and she licks her lips that are full of cum and she loves it and I look down and she is wet and I'm still hard so I tell her how people have sex and we take a shower together and

Then we masturbate each other again in the shower and we repeat this without the fort and truth or dare just to masturbating and we do this about 2 or 3 times a week!



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