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Me and My Older Brother

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This happened about 2 weeks ago.


When I first came to Solo, I used to stay in the Female-Female section a lot, but about 2 weeks ago, something happened that I wanted to submit here.

My name's Cameron and I'm 14. My older brother, Trent, is 16. When I got home from school, I was completely stressed out and so I went upstairs to my room to do what I always do when I'm stressed out. ;-) I started off slow, just calmly rubbing my hard cock to get relaxed. I am 6 and a half inches with a lot of hair around my dick, armpits, and legs. I play soccer at school so I'm pretty fit and I guess I'm pretty good looking.

So it had been maybe 5 minutes and all of a sudden my brother opens the door with some of my clothes. He saw me and just started laughing. My family isn't as open as some other's that I have heard about on this site, so my brother rarely sees me naked and I have never seen him. I was trying to cover up, but he just shut the door and came and sat on my bed. 'It's alright dude, everyone does it, you don't have to be embarrassed! In fact, I could use a good wank right now!'.

I could not believe what happened next. My brother has blond hair (the only one in my family) and is extremely athletic. He took off his shirt revealing a perfect six pack and then took off his shorts. His dick is the biggest one I have ever seen (he told me later it was just under 10 inches) and it was already sticking out through the hole in his boxers. He took them off, showing off his giant dick and tons of blond pubic hair. I couldn't help myself and kinda let out a little gasp. 'Don't worry, your already looking good for your age, and I bet you haven't stopped growing!' At this point I was more horny than embarrassed so I started to stroke myself too.

I couldn't stop staring at his cock! After about 45 seconds he stopped and said, ok let's stop for a minute. I asked him why and he started to tell me about edging and how it can lead to a more powerful orgasm. Again he started to wank, this time picking up the pace with bigger and faster strokes. With his left hand he started to play with his balls and rubbing his pubic hair. I was so freaking horny seeing my brother with his huge cock in his hand and with his balls in the other, it was all I could do to stop from shooting. Out of nowhere, he then reached over and started to play with my balls. He said, 'It feels better if you have another person do it.' So he took my hand off my own cock and put his hand on it.

He started to jerk my cock and told me to grab his. I could barely get my hand around it and was shaking I was so horny. I started to stroke it slowly and then speed up. I took my other hand and began to rub all over his muscles and tight chest. 'Oh my God this feels SO good!' he kept saying over and over. We stopped again for about 2 minutes. Then right when we started up again he told me to lie on my back. He spread my legs apart and lubed up his finger with some lotion. 'Are you ready for the most powerful orgasm of your life little bro?' he said. He didn't even give me a chance to say anything before sticking his finger up my ass and jerking me as hard and fast as he could. His hand was covered with my pre-cum as it came pouring down my cock as he pulled his finger in and out of my tight ass. I tried to say something but all I could do was moan as I was in extreme pleasure.

I knew I was about to cum, but I couldn't tell him or stop myself. My cock tensed and I felt like every muscle in my body turned rock hard as the most powerful orgasm I had ever had rocked through my body. I felt the cum shooting and gushing out of my dick and it covered my face, chest, stomach, and my brothers hand and legs. I probably shot about 6 huge ropes of cum before it slowed down and started to flow a little out of my penis. 'Oh my God that was so awesome...' I said still kinda dazed from my orgasm. My brother then scooped my cum off my chest and stomach and put it on his own cock. 'Now its your turn' he said.

So I got up next to him and used my own cum to slide my hand up and down his huge cock. I lubed up my finger and stuck it in his hairy ass and I could tell he was in heaven. He started moaning my name as I stroked harder and harder. His balls were bouncing all over and kept hitting my hand as I went up and down. He just kept moaning and saying 'Cameron....Cameron...' All of a sudden, I felt his dick get really hard and could feel his ass closing around my finger. I didn't get my head out of the way in time and a thick rope of my brothers cum hit me all over my face and chest. The rest drenched his own chest and abs. The ropes just kept going and going! Must have been 8 or 9 in all. I had never seen someone cum like that.

We just sat there for a minute, covered in each other's cum. He then plainly said, 'Let's shower.' We walked to the bathroom and I think our dad might have seen us as we went by his room. Maybe I'll write later about my shower experience with my brother and his thick hairy cock. =)

Hope you enjoy this, and maybe even get a nice wank from it! ;-)



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