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Me and a Friend

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I also have experiences on the same sex which I know all of you will enjoy.


I have a friend of mine who is a lot older than me, he is 27 to be exact he is one of my neighbors. It started of when I got to have a vacation in a cold place to unwind and enjoy, he talked to me before I leave a day before coz its a long trip I wanted to stay there for 2-4 days he told me if he could tag along to unwind as well, the truth is his the uncle of my cousins and I know his not gay coz he accidentally made one of our neighbors pregnant and they would get mary in the next few months.

Moving along we left in our homes as eraly as 5am to ride the bus then we would get there by 2pm in the afternoon, we find ourselves a plce to stay in the next few days he is agood friend of mine and I look at him as my older brother.

Then one night when I finished my shower and he was wayching t.v. he notice me got inside the room, I have a not so good looking body and but taller iam 5'8 an he is only 5'4 and obviously I have a bigger body than he has eventhough his older than me he knocked on the door but iam still on the towel and he approached me it's like I am the older one coz he is short, he looked at me and I was puzzled by that looked.

He said "I didn't know you have a good-looking body?" I smiled and said "I work out often", he does not have a developed body and his tummy was big then he stared caressing my dick and balls which I always love coz I am not an agressive person my big dick got a hard-on 6.5 to be exact, we got to bed and I laid down weak and helpless I tend to have those kind of emotions when it comes to caressing and stroking of my dick and balls I could feel some of my pre-cum leaking he rubbed it on the head and clearly he was enjoying it.

I would ask him "why are you doing this" he replied " I was just curious" the I didn't mind after that. I moaned very loudly like my girlfriend would do to me after that session I said "I am almost cumming" he stop then started sucking my huge dick, "you have a big dick I couldn't swallow everything he said" "coz its long too" I said to him he continued sucking and licking to my big nuts and when I was about to explode he didn't mind, I shot 8 ropes inside of him that I could hear him gag he was having difficulty as well coz he has a small mouth, he finished everything by cleaning it I was so sxhausted that I almost fell asleep after that he revealed his 6 inch hard-on but I din't suck it like he did to me and started playing with it, I only caress it while he does the jerking after a few minutes he shot a lot of cum in the air about 6-7 shots and our hands got shot by the cum, he smiled and I said "thanks bro" "your welcome" we cleaned ourselves then I asked "did you enjoyed it?" he said "definitely!" I dressed and got to sleep and he left.

I thought it was all over when in the middle of the night I heard the door opened then I woke up he laid into the bed and I asked"is there a problem?" he said "no problem" then he started doing it to me again that made me rock-hard again until I felt weak and helpless the session started all over again until we fell asleep, in the next morning its like it never happened we ignored what happened then enjoy ourselves in the vacation in the next few days.



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