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Mature Play 2

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The second time with


I met a guy here in Charlotte and we met at his house again. This time it is very different. We have gone past the pleasantries and we undress quickly and go right to his bedroom. He comments that he likes that I shaved my balls. I am heavier than he is with a smaller ball sack and smaller cock. I about 6 hard and can get my fist around it comfortably. He is thinner than me, balding and his gray hair is more extensive than mine. His ball sack is larger and looser. He has bushy hair growing around his cock and it is a little longer. He does not get as hard as I do but it is not a problem for either of us. I guess I am just stating that I am grateful to still get very, very hard. Our dicks are standing up and ready to play. We play with ourselves looking at each other something that I think all guys do.

We climb onto the bed and I tell him that I want to do something that I did when I was very young. We get onto the bed and lay sideways, facing each other. We align ourselves so that our cocks are touching. We rub together and hold onto to each others rear end. The feeling of our cocks rubbing is wonderful.

That is how it all started for me. I was much younger and my neighbor across the street and I would get undressed and play with each other. The best part was when I would get on top of Eddie and we would rub our dicks together. After a slight bit, I would get a tingle that was the best feeling I would know in those years. When he was not there, I would hump my pillow. Sorry for the digression - Back to the story.

He said that he was not getting much out of the rubbing and I agreed. I think the major attraction for me was the thought of fast-forwarding all these years and I am doing it again!

We get in a 69 position to play with each other for awhile. I am looking and playing with this softer penis that is starting to grow in my hand. I have not lost track of the fact that his hands are causing me to get equally stiff. He then puts his warm lips on my cock and I put my head back and enjoy the moment. He tells me to relax and he wants to take care of me before I do him. I didnt need much convincing.

He proceeds to lick my shaft up and down, and then his mouth engulfs the entire shaft as his other hand slowly messages my balls. He moves slowly wrapping his tongue around my head as he glides up and down.

He said he loves to suck cock and proceeds to give me the most wonderful and masterful blow job. We both agree that we are not going to come in each others mouths and I will tell him when I am close.

Using all of my will power I said that if he didnt stop I would shoot and I really wanted to prolong this. He agreed and we changed positions. I proceeded to stroke his dick and message his balls until he gets harder. I am enjoying the feeling of this warm growing gland in my hand. I enjoy the touch of my own cock. I play with it every day and it has been my favorite playmate for 50+ years. It is amazing to me that the times that I touch another mans cock, I am always in a high state of arousal and the feeling makes not want to stop.

I look up and he has his head back and is moaning softly. I am ready to repeat my newest step. I take his cock in my right hand, put my left hand under his balls and as I rub and then - I lick his cock. It is warm to the touch and I lick it down the shaft to his hairy balls. The hair tickles my nose but the sensation of his warm rod against my tongue is great. I feel my cock rub against his leg because I have gotten up on my knees so as to give his tool the proper attention. He rubs his leg slightly up and down so that my semi-hard cock is being given a little attention. I know that it will be attended to soon.

Now I am ready to work my tongue up his shaft and wrap my lips around his cock. I start slowly at the tip and play with it as he did mine. I now proceed to go down on his shaft and he is slowly moaning. I lick his head, as he did mine. I tickle his balls and then rub his thigh.

I increase my licking and motion up and down until I feel he is really getting aroused. It is amazing, you can feel the cock harden and I put my head up and ask if he is ready to come. He said yes and as agreed, I proceeded to stroke him to a powerful orgasm. A few spurts are followed by thick white ropes oozing out of his cock. Like me the orgasm is mostly ooze with a little shooting. I realize that the sensation of the orgasm is not different, just that I now have less area to clean up.

He sighs that contented sigh and gets up to clean himself off. I think we are both a little bit of clean freaks as he immediately wipes off his come.

He said are you ready and I lie down and close my eyes because he is going to give me the ride that I love. My cock had gone soft as we focused on his so he had to take me from my very small beginnings to the
powerful 6 that I become. It doesnt take long and he hastens the process by putting me in his mouth. There is noting like a warm mouth to get a cock hard. He proceeds to slowly take me up and get me ready to shoot. As agreed, I tap him on the shoulder and he finished me of with his had and I shoot two little spurts and the rest is the wonderful ooze. He proceeds to milk me dry getting every last drop out and I am wonderfully wasted.

Not to be outdone, I get up and wipe myself clean. I am amazed that I am enjoying this as much as I have. I missed many opportunities to put a cock in my mouth when I was younger. I thought that it would mean I was gay and did not want to think about that. I now know that the enjoyment of another cock is the natural extension of sexual play. There is no emotion attached to this, we are enjoying something that is hard to top.

We talk about how much better the second time was than the first and we agree to do this again soon.



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