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Maturbating Together - She was watching me, I was watching her...

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My first experience in college.. I had never been a ladies man, and when I first got to the University I was determined to start new, a clean slate. But a few months in and I was back to my habits of being a nice shy guy, but then...


I was lucky enough to secure one of single rooms in my dorm when I got to the university, and it was a brand new dorm too which made the success of getting a single that much sweeter, I would have unlimited privacy to masturbate as much as I wanted, hang out naked all day and play with myself absentmindedly. As a young college freshman I was eager to start my sexual exploits, as in high school the extent of my female interactions was limited to making out with a girl twice my senior year. As with all freshman dorms you are forced by the RA to meet everyone on the floor, I was on the 4th, so the awkward exchange ensued.

I met the four girls who lived in the room right across from me, seemed nice enough and then I met the two girls living at the far end of the floor. All were moderately attractive, though I could tell one was eying me over. This is where Jessica comes in. I had never really thought much about her, she was a short black haired Mexican girl, B cup tits, and a little pudgy, who I was interested in was her friend Amanda, taller, thinner, also Mexican, B cup, so I resolved to come out of my shell and interact with the girls more. My friend Dan helped with this because he was the more social, we all would hang out in the community room talking and watching TV or in my room playing Mario Kart, we always singled out Amanda and Jessica to play, and I may have let them win.

Eventually, it became increasingly obvious that Jessica was interested, though I played aloof to this. Then she asked to hang out more alone.. Finally, I resolved that I could not keep putting this off, or I would come off as a real asshole, so we hung out a few times, making idle conversation until Dan showed up. Now, when I say that I have an incredibly high sex drive, I mean it. I didn't drink, drugs, smoke or anything, but I am ALWAYS horny. I was horny every single day, I masturbated 3 times a day freshman year, porn was always playing on the times I was not at class or hanging with people, so this idle boring hang out sessions with Jessica were really cutting into my masturbation time.

Finally after a day of chatting on social media with Jessica I brought up the topic of masturbation, thinking I would disgust her and scare her off, to my surprise she admitted she did, and quite frequently. Finally something to go on, our conversations turned quite sexual, I told her I masturbated a lot, three times daily, that I cum a lot, (which I do, super virile!), we both watched porn actively and that we knew how to get ourselves off expertly. When you're young and violently horny you become shockingly bold, as I found out that day, thinking nothing of it I invited Jessica over to hang out following our masturbation conversation, she agreed and headed over.

Now my desk is in the corner, to the right of that is the loveseat couch, in front of the TV, I let her in and she plops on the couch, she's wearing a tank top shirt and shorts, I'm in my t shirt and basketball shorts, I had planned to be in this, easy access to my cock plus it would be very visible if I was hard. We began to talk, me at the desk on my laptop looking up things, her facing the TV but talking, then it happened. I was becoming aroused, I hadn't masturbated yet and I could feel the pressure building in my cock. Then, it clicked. I pulled up a site, found a video and started watching, all the while talking to her.

My cock began to stiffen rapidly, I placed a hand on my cock and began to rub slightly, her having no idea. At first I was gripped with fear, the thrill was intense, but I was a little shy. I was watching the porn with no sound, she had no idea. Emboldened, I turned the volume up to 10. The slight moans were barely audible over the TV and the conversation we were having, no idea what about, simply too horny to pay any real attention. Once or twice I saw out of the corner of my eye her straining to listen, hearing the sounds of that girl getting fucked silly. I smiled, and increased to 15, then 20 then 25, she could hear by now, there was no denying it.

There came a lull in the conversation, I didn't say anything, she didn't and the TV was silent for a few seconds, this seemed to last hours as the fully audible sounds of the women getting fucked on my computer filled the room. Then she said it. "Are you watching porn?" "Oh, yeah, hah sorry, I'm really horny." - To this day, I'm not sure how I played it off so casually. "I can't believe you are! I'm right here trying to talk to you!" "Hah sorry, you can leave if you'd like," "No.. it's fine, whatever." "Ok! Continue"

She was clearly flustered, she stammered to pick up where she was but I could tell she was becoming aroused. I raised the volume to 30 where it stayed, playing over the conversation and TV, my heart was racing, my cock throbbing and my hand slightly trembling. I began to stroke. Visibly stroke. She glanced over a few times, watching but not acknowledging at all, intent on ignoring, but a few times I saw her hand down by her own pussy, and I could tell that she was making circular motions on herself.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled down my shorts and pulled my throbbing cock out eager to be touched. She watched the entire time, I heard her slightly gasp as she saw every inch but said nothing. Smiling, I calmed myself and started pumping it. The sexual tension in the room was incredible, she was shocked I was doing this, me just as much, but determined for her to watch me cum. I cupped my balls, played around, pointed it in directions, pulled up other videos and all the while she was glancing back and forth, my cock to the TV, trying to maintain calm.

She pulled a pillow over her lap, and I could plainly see she was furiously rubbing, her hand circling fast. I turned to watch her play with herself as she was watching me pump my cock hard. I was in ecstasy, I could feel the cum building inside me, I couldn't hold for much longer, both of us were breathing heavy by this point her mouth agape as she watched panting, I couldn't hold it any more, I shot rope after rope of hot cum on my stomach and t shirt that I had lifted, a soft "wow" came out of her mouth as the last rope hit my shirt and she finished herself off.

We sat there panting, the porn still going loudly, I stared at her and she stared at me, then she regained her surroundings. She put the pillow to the side and stood up, adjusting herself. Visibly flustered and wet. I closed the porn and pulled up my shorts, she said "Well, I should probably get going." I agreed, and started to peel the cum covered t shirt off, she said "See you later" I said we would and she closed the door. However, that was not the last I ever saw of Jessica....



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