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Masty Time in Melbourne

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Each week I plan what I call a "wank night". It's a night where it is just all about myself and relaxation....with some porn and hours of cock pulling.


Each week I plan what I call "wank night". It's a night where it is just all about myself and relaxation.... with some porn and hours of cock pulling.

Sitting in front of a computer ogling pictures or video compilation of girls getting cummed on, is a boring way to spend wank night in my honest view and besides, my roommates would know what I was up to and I'd rather they didn't.

So I usually head off to one of Melbourne's many adult theaters.

Now I've attended all the cinemas and each has positives and negatives. The cinemas are grimy and yuck although one cinema does have strip shows each hour which entertains the jackers in their seats as the ladies attempt to dance while losing items of clothing along the way.

The one that I frequently attend is in the suburb of Preston. The theatre itself is an oblong shaped room with the door at the back and a large screen showcasing hardcore gonzo porn at the front. The chairs are comfy and the room heats up allowing for a relaxing atmosphere. It doesn't get many patrons but does mean I'll at least have a chair to relax in and another chair to hold my clothes.

Yes, wank night usually involves three hours of me, completely naked in a black leather chair, stroking my 20cm cock to American pornstars and their amazing feats with their anus or similar bodyparts. Sometimes the buzzer will sound and in walks another patron. Usually they leave you alone - they're there just to wank to porn as well - but sometimes they wish to sit near me and watch a rather slim man jerk his big fat dick while hardcore group sex breaks out on the large screen.

One elderly man, probably 70, was keen for a bit more and approached me with his pants around his ankles and his rigid penis (which was erect and healthy looking for a man his age) in his hand. I refused and he was polite about it, asking if he could just watch instead. I agreed and begun putting on a show for him, tugging on my balls while the slick, precum noise of a cock being stroked echoed beneath the groans coming from the porn. The elderly man came within seconds, making quite a loud scene, and then thanked me and left.

What I didn't realise was a younger guy in his 20s had been watching this in the backseats and approached after the elderly man had left. We were alone in the theatre together.

"May I join you?"

"Sure, chuck your clothes on there," I said nodding to the middle seat where my clothes occupied.

He yanked off his tshirt, jeans and briefs and within a minute two fit blokes were naked (apart from shoes) and wanking their large cocks to equally large cocks on the big screen - large cocks that were being devoured by some blonde, big breasted lady.

My horny meter was going off the scale and this guy (brown hair, slim build, large penis) seemed like a decent dude so I thought what the fuck.

"Hey mate, wanna play a bit?"

The guy, named Matt, was breathing heavily as he nodded and stood. Standing beside him at the front of the cinema I reached down and grasped his big, meaty cock in my hand. He returned the favour as we tugged off to the blonde, big breasted lady as she continued to suck with all her might.

"Hey mate, I'm not into gay stuff like sucking or...."

"Nah that's cool, I'm just into wanking with other guys," was my response.

We continued to wank each other, and ourselves, while standing for several minutes until I got an idea. I turned towards Matt and began rubbing my cock with his. First slapping both around before using my hands to rub the two erect members together. It's known as frottage but to Matt it was simply "OH MY GAWD!" as his dick shot three large streams of cum into the air.

Matt looked like a man who had just witnessed God before him while I simply took some of his cum to use as lube for my continuing wankfest into the night.

Another fun "wank night" indeed.



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