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Masturbation- With My Sister

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Funnest night, ever.


I remember a while back, maybe about nine years ago. My family had a visitor over, he was staying for about a week, and I gave up my bedroom for the guy. I had two sisters, so they shared a room, but I had my own room. I would be sleeping on the living room couches, by myself, just until the man left, but my sister (12) wanted to sleep on the other couch, downstairs, with me.

We started talking about normal stuff, like who was going out with each other, stuff like that. We were talking about this one couple, when she blurted out: 'I wonder if they f*ck each other?!?' I was like, 'I dunno.' I didn't feel like talking about sex and stuff like that then, because, I wasn't horny. But I could tell she was. She kept bringing it up, saying: 'I wonder if they touch each other?!' I kept brushing it off, until I asked 'Are you horny?!?' She was silent. She looked embarassed, and said 'Y..yeah.' So I said 'Don't worry, it's normal!' She stated 'No, Johnny, I'm REALLY horny!' I saw her rubbing her clit through her sheets. 'If you wanna masturbate, go ahead.' I said, as I got harder by the second. 'I....I can't orgasm!' 'What??' I said. I was shocked. 'I try and I see all my freinds do it, but I just can't Johnny!' 'Hmmm...Let's try this.' I said. I pulled my PJ's off, and started masturbating. I could tell this was the first time she saw a guy naked, her jaw dropped at my 6 and a half inch cock. 'Do you shave it?' She asked. 'It looks like there is not one hair on it.' 'You're too far away, come closer.' 'OK' She replied.

She came over to my couch. 'Oh, you do have some pubes.' We laughed. 'Yeah, I do.' 'OK, while I masturbate, you go at it, at the same time.' I said. 'OK.' she replied. So we started to jack off, and it felt great. My sister had A TON of pubic hair. 'Nice pubes!' I said. 'Thanks.' she replied. I finally came to an earthshattering orgasm, but my sister didn't. 'Uh! This is so frustrating!' She said. 'Hold on' I said. 'Let my try. I fondled her big, plump breasts, and sucked them real good. I told her to open up her legs, really wide. She did, and I rubbed my hand on her soaking wet, hairy pussy. Up and down I went. 'Oooo it feels so much better when you do it!' She started moaning loudly, and I knew she would climax soon. I rubbed her clit, relentlessly, and she was in heaven. 'AHH!!' She screamed! 'OOO!' And I knew, she did it. 'You just orgasmed!' 'WOW, that was amazing!' She said. We did that same thing four times that night. We continued to touch each other, and she was so thankful towards me for giving her her first orgasm. That same night, she sucked on my dick like no one else could. We made each other feel so good.

That night was a special and fun night that I will never forget.



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