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Masturbation Play With Wife

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I have always been over-sexed. Maybe we all are, but some of us won't admit it. Obviously, masturbation has been a form of relief for me my whole adult life. My wife and I have a great sex life, but her need is far less frequent, so we have devised this method of play to get me off when ever I feel the need


Like I said, I need it all the time. She needs it once in a while, but we've found a trick that she finds entertaining and I enjoy.

When I feel the urge to get off and she is not in the mood, she will tell me, 'it's OK to jerk-off now.' We could be anywhere, in the car, at home...but mostly it is at home.

I will move from my chair to the couch where she directs me to strip. Once naked and laying down, my wife will say, 'well, what are you waiting for? Grab your cock and jerk-off for me.' Of course, this give me an instant erection if I didn't already have one, and I begin slowly stroking my cock, my eyes focused on her eyes, and her eyes are intently focused on my cock.

As my level of arousal increases I get up from the couch and approach her chair. Straddling her legs I continue to jerk-off inches from her while she looks on with a small grin. Often times she'll rub my balls and coax me to cum. Other times, when she is feeling more dominant, she will simply watch and direct my actions.

'pinch your nipples with your free hand while you stroke it for me.' I moan, grab a nipple and twist it to her and my delight, all the time my cock getting harder and harder.

As I begin to drip pre-cum she will most times scoop it up on her finger and place it in my mouth. The level of vulnerability is a great turn-on. 'you like that, don't you my horny man...you like the taste of cum.' All I can do is moan and focus on not cumming as I get a great thrill from having her watch me jerk-off.

In spite of my age I am still a shooter and can send right or nine long ropes of cum shooting from my dick. She can tell I am getting ready to cum by the way I arch my back and moan, pushing my dick closer to her. 'Don't even think about getting any of that on me,' she says. That is a kind of code that assure me the kink level is going up.

'What do you want me to do with it?', I ask nearly over the top.

'I don't care what you do with it as long as it isn't on me...since you liked the taste of it, why don't you continue tasting it,' she says, as she wipes another droplet from my cock pressing it to my lips.

'I've taken quite a few loads in my mouth for you,' she says. I want to see you eat the whole load...just like I have to when I suck your cock.'

I am nearly delirious by this time with desire, and press on. She holds out her hand. 'Here, cum in my hand...but you are going to lick it all up.'

The dirty talk is too much and the first few, huge ropes of cum hit her open hand. She then move my hand in place to catch the rest and puts her hand to my mouth while I am still shooting. 'Eat it...eat it all, or you'll do it again!'

Whimpering in lust, I lap up the cum while catching the rest in my own hand. Once I've cleaned her hand and mine she looks at my face and says, 'you did a good job...go wash up.'

Well...it might be too kinky for many, but it really gets us going!



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