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Masturbation Massager

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My wife likes to use body massagers as vibrators. The kind that have multiple heads you can put on the vibrating tip are her favorite. And, her favorite tip is the one that looks like a UFO.

She has several, as they all seem to have different speeds and bring different levels of pleasure. On a recent business trip I stopped at a mall, and in one of the stories bought her a new vibrator. Once at my motel, I opened it up and plugged it in to be sure it worked. I became fascinated by the different heads, and tried each one on my dick.

I found one with a rounded knob that felt really great. Held on the bottom side, about half an inch from the tip produced simply fantastic feelings. Using it I "edged" for an hour, bringing myself close to orgasm then stopping just before ejaculation. Wow.

Finally unable to control myself, I held the vibrator against my cock while stroking rapidly. After only a few strokes I was blowing a huge load all over the bed, my whole body was cumming!

Guys, if you have never tried one of these, try it! And move it around to different positions, the first place you try it may not feel so good, but another spot may just be mind numbingly awesome!


I was awaked about 1 am with a buzzing noise. I laid there quietly, waking myself without moving. I had a suspicion, and reached my hand under the sheets slowly to my wife's crotch. Sure enough, she had her vibrating massager there, right against her clit.

"Sorry to wake you up." she said. "I was having problems getting to sleep and thought a good cum would relax me."

"Hey, it's OK!" I replied, my hands roaming over her naked body. "I never mind it when you pleasure yourself." I continued touching her for several more minutes, then moved my hand to touch my own naked body.

"Are you touching yourself?" my wife asked. "Are you touching your cock?"

"Yeah, oh it feels good."

"It's all big and hard isn't it?"

"Rock hard." I whispered.

"Make it feel good baby, make it spurt. OH" she exclaimed as yet another small orgasm went through her.

Remembering the hotel, I said "Hey, hand me one of your vibrators." She fumbled beside the bed, then handed me one. I turned it on, and held it against my dick, running it around some but mostly holding it on the bottom near the tip.

"Does that feel good?" she groaned.

"Oh shit baby, this feels so fucking good."

"Yeah? *groan* You gonna make it spurt like that? I want you to feel good."

While my right hand held the massager on me, the left was wandering over her body. "Oh yeah baby, squeeze my tits. Oh yes, oh fuck, ungh, OH my little clitty feels so... oh fuuuuck" Orgasm rippled through her body. Her nipples were big and stiff under the palm of my hand, and I could almost smell her pussy. The bed shook as her body convulsed with a big orgasm. Collapsing, she turned off her vibrator and dropped it beside the bed.

"Oh wow, I needed that." Her hand began touching me, running up and down my body. "Hey, you need to make that thing spurt. Does it feel good? Hmm, you gonna cum from that?"

"Oh baby, it feels great." I replied, moving the massager around my cock. "Oh, I'm going to cum from this. mmmm...."

"Cum on baby, make that big thing shoot. Feel good, make it feel good, shoot it everywhere."

"Oh baby, oh, oh, OHHHH" I moaned, and cum erupted from my cock. I continued holding the vibrator against me as wave after wave of orgasm swept through my body. Hot spunk kept pumping out of my cock, soaking me from my neck to my crotch. Unable to take anymore, I finally turned off the massager and handed it back to my wife.

"Damn, you enjoyed that didn't you big boy?"

"Yeah baby..." I managed to gasp. "Never thought I could cum from just the massager and nothing else. Wow. I may have to steal that one from you."

"Anything for you sweetie. But tomorrow night..."


"...tomorrow night we're going to be early!"

Hot damn!



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