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Masturbation Massager 2

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Your toy, my toy.


More male masturbation fun using a body massager.

Business travel often affords time for some extended self pleasure sessions. During one recent trip I stripped down, and spent some time looking at erotic material on the internet using my laptop. A few pictures, but mostly stories especially masturbation stories.

I then turned the lights down low, and climbed into my bed. I started by slowly touching my entire body. Too often I think we guys go straight for our dicks. Masturbation should be an entire body experience, not just one part. Guys, take time, enjoy your whole body. Anyway, I digress.

I started with my legs, picking each one into the air and sliding my hands from my ankle to my thigh. I then rubbed each arm, going from my fingers to my armpit. Next I put my hands at my waist, and slowly rubbed my way up my chest. Several times I pinched my nipples, causing good feelings throughout my body. I worked higher, to my neck, then rubbed my fingers lightly over my face. I love it when my wife sucks my fingers, so I tried it myself and while not as big a turn on as when my wife does it, still enjoyable.

I rolled over, and while I couldn't reach much of my back I could touch and caress my ass, and did. It's another thing my wife does that I enjoy, and also feels good when I do it. All in all I'd spent about half an hour just touching my skin, and hadn't yet touched my penis since getting in bed.

Finally I rolled back over, and starting at the top of my chest rubbed down until my hand was touching my erect prick. I didn't really stroke it, I just touched it, moving my hand slowly around it, touching with just my finger tips, or the palm of my open hand.

I then picked up my body massager, a wonderful little device. I turned it on low, and used it on my dick, mostly on the lower side. I slowly moved it up and down, then up one side and down the other. For nearly an hour I used it, bringing myself right to the edge then stopping just before orgasm. I almost lost it a couple of times but always managed to stop just before spurting.

While I was enjoying it immensely, I was also starting to get a bit numb so turned off the massager. I laid there for some time just lightly stroking my hard on. Deciding it was time to let go, I rolled over.

Humping the bed has been a long time favorite of mine. For many years I've enjoyed rocking my hips against the sheets until I orgasm. Tonight I decided on this favorite of mine, especially since I wouldn't have to wash the sheets!

I started slow, at the same time my cock was grinding against the bed my hands alternated between tweaking my nipples and massaging my ass. The feeling was awesome, and I began humping faster. The activities of the last three hours had me quite aroused, and I was more then ready to cum.

Wild with lust, I just kept slamming my whole body against the bed, moaning and squirming with abandon. I felt a surge between my legs, then a terrific orgasm. I could feel the hot cum as it squirted out of my cock, then hit the bed. It made a slick spot on the sheets that I continued rubbing my dick in, adding several more spurts to the mess.

Tired and satisfied, I turned out the lights and went to sleep, enjoying the afterglow and the feeling of my cock laying in my own warm cum.


The weekend after the above business trip I found my self home alone for a short time, a rare occurrence. As I had about an hour before I had to leave, I decided it'd be a great time for an orgasm!

I stripped down, and spent half an hour in front of my computer reading erotic tales of other folks masturbation. I also looked at some naked photos of my big beautiful wife. I was heading for the bathroom when I noticed my suitcase that I hadn't fully unpacked yet.

I fished out my massager, and went into the bathroom. I closed the lid and sat on the toilet, as close to the front as I could so that I could lean way back. I turned on the massager, and held it against my stiff prick. During this session I never used my hand on myself, deciding to let the massager do all the work.

I rubbed it all over, but mostly held it against that special spot that felt the most awesome. For me, it's on the lower side of my dick, about half an inch from the tip, but if you try this you'll need to experiment for yourself.

I could feel my cock and balls, my whole crotch to get really warm. I could feel the orgasm slowly building up. It's a really wild feeling, knowing a cum is coming but having it get there so slowly. My dick began quivering with delight as I felt electric like sensations shooting through my body.

I gasped as I felt this huge surge go through me. A huge blast of cum shot out of my cock, and landed right in my hair and forehead. The next shots landed on my upper chest, one landing right on my right nipple. The remaining load, and it was a lot, landed on my stomach and pubic hair.

I turned off the massager, letting it drop to the floor. I then rubbed my cum, smearing it around my body and using it's slickness to give my cock a few appreciative strokes. Satisfied, I jumped in the shower before heading out.



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