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Masturbation Marathon

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Kristine and I were laying in bed Saturday night talking about past "masturbation marathons" we've had. As we were discussing them I realized we've never done one together. 




Kristine falls asleep cuddled up next to me but for the life of me I can't get the thought of us doing a masturbation marathon together out of my head. 


As I'm laying there lightly stroking her bare back with my hand I am trying to think of something unique and out of the box that we could do. 



Finally I have an idea that I think will work and be quite interesting and I finally doze off too. 



Sunday morning when we wake up I ask Kristine if she has any plans for the day to which she replied "I was just hoping to lounge around here all day and do nothing"



"Great idea" I said. "Last night when we were talking about our past marathons I realized we have never done one together"



"You're right, we haven't have we"



"Well if you're up for it I've come up with an idea that might be interesting"



"What do you have in mind" she asks



"OK, so what I was thinking of is this" I said. "I was thinking we hang out around here all day in nothing but our panties or birthday suits, set Alexa to have an alarm go off at the top of every hour and then again 10 minutes later, no matter where we are or what we're doing we have to stop and masturbate right there for that 10 minutes. Nothing longer, nothing shorter."



"Hmm, that could get interesting" she said but, a couple of questions. Do we have to try and cum each time or can we edge and how long are we going to have this last"



"Well, as far as how long I say for as long as we can stand to do it and to make it more interesting the person that goes the longest wins and the loser owes the winner. As far as can we edge, sure but we have to actively try. We can't just lay our hands there and wiggle our fingers and say we're masturbating"



We both laugh and agree as Kristine heads off to make coffee and I set up Alexa. 



When the first alarm goes off we are sitting out on the lanai having our morning coffee so immediately we pull our feet up by our bums, spread our knees and start playing with ourselves. 



"Damn, I didn't realize how wet I already was in anticipation of this" Kristine said



"Yeah, me too" I said "but you better pace yourself babe.  I'm in this for the long haul and plan on winning"



"Dream on luv, dream on" she replied



Before we knew it the tone went off for us to stop and I said "Damn this is going to be harder than I thought, I wasn't ready to quit quite yet"



"Me either" Kristine replied



When the second alarm went off we were in the kitchen preparing breakfast, do you know how hard it is to flip eggs and bacon with one hand while having the other jammed between your legs?  I've got to watch the clock better before I start something haha. 



Of course Kristine was cutting up fresh fruit and juicing fresh orange juice so she could stop what she was doing without fear of ruining it. 



"Don't burn my breakfast" she laughingly said



"Don't worry, if I do I have a nice juicy, hot taco you can eat" I laughed back. 



Finally the alarm sounds and we can quit. "That was the hardest shit I've ever done I think" I said "I wanted to pay attention to what was going on between my legs but couldn't in fear of burning the damn food"



When the 3rd alarm goes off we are in the garage sorting laundry, getting ready to wash clothes. 



I look down and ironically have a pair of babes underwear in my hand so I squat down, lean against the washer, bring the underwear to my nose and dive my fingers between my soaking wet labia. 



Kristine looks over at me and says "no fair" as she grabs a pair of my underwear and squats down against the dryer. 



It probably only took 5 or 6 minutes before we were both in the throws of orgasm. We both had panties glued to our nose, riding our free hands with everything we could as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through our bodies. 



When our orgasms subsided we both slid down to the floor just as the alarm went off to stop. We sat there a few minutes catching our breath before getting up, finishing sorting and starting a load in the washer. 



"I think I'm ready for a shower" I say



"Leave room for me" Kristine responds



We go get things ready and climb in the shower, just as we're ready to get out Alexa goes off again. 



I turn around, put my hands between babes legs and start rubbing her clit as I say "how about we do each other this time".



We embrace in a passionate kiss as we rub and finger each other while the water cascades over our bodies. 



Kristine is starting to moan and hump my hand just as the Alexa goes off for us to stop. I immediately pull away from her and stop, reaching down to turn the water off. 



"You witch" she exclaims, "are you seriously going to stop"



"Hey, that's the rules we agreed to. No longer, no less" I teasingly say. 



We get out, dry off and put on a clean pair of panties before going out to the living room. 



The next few hours go by without a hitch, we are either sitting in the living, or out on the lanai when the alarm goes off and it is now about 4:15 p.m.



We both decide we're hungry and order delivery. Of course they said 35-45 minutes, I'm hoping it's closer to the 35 minute mark because at 5 that alarm will go off and rules are rules. 



We decide to flip a coin for who gets to greet the delivery driver. 



I go slip on a robe so I can get the food from the delivery person. Of course I lose haha. 



At 4:45 I start watching that clock like a hawk and watching out the window for the driver. 



4:50 still nothing and I'm getting really nervous. 



4:55 and nothing. 



4:56 and finally the car pulls in. I'm anxiously waiting as the young girl (thank God) gets out of the car, opens her back door and gets our food out. 



Can she walk any slower is all I have going through my mind as I wait for her to knock on the door. 



I can't wait any longer and just as she steps on the porch I open the front door and greet her. 



She hands me the bag and asks "would you like your receipt"



"No thank you" I hurriedly replied "your tip should be on there"



"Yes it is, thank you very much" she says "enjoy the rest of your day"



"You're welcome, have a good evening" I reply as I turn and close the door



Beeeep the 5pm alarm sounds just as I close the door. 



I set the food down, lean against the door and start rubbing my clit like my life depends on it. I hadn't realized how horny this close call had made me until the alarm went off. 



I look up at Kristine laying on the couch, hand down the front of her waistband and she is laughing hysterically. 



"Damn that was a close call" she said.  "I was watching the clock just waiting for that alarm to go off so I could find out if you were going to lose or freak the poor delivery girl out and start masturbating in front of her. By how hard your working your clit I would say you were prepared to freak the poor girl out"



"I hadn't decided yet what I was going to do" I replied "but you know me, I hate to lose. I didn't even realize how horny this had made me." 



About that time I felt the inevitable wash over me and I knew I was going to cum. I just didn't realize how hard I was about to cum. 



As my legs started to shake I couldn't help but to moan as my first orgasm washed through me. But just as fast as that one subsided the second one started tearing through my whole body. 



About that time the alarm went off for us to stop, but I couldn't!!



As the second orgasm ravished my body I couldn't stand any longer and fell to my knees as I squirted heavily onto the floor. 



Once I gained some composure I looked up at Kristine, with that big cheeky smile on her face. 



"Does this mean I win" she asked



"Yes, you win. And it was worth whatever it is you do to me to lose like this"



She walks over towards me and says "I'm glad this is over because I couldn't wait another 50 minutes to do this". 



She sits in the floor in front of me and leans back against the wall. 



Within just a couple of minutes she had an amazing orgasm tear through her that had her squirting all over the floor too. 



After we cleaned ourselves up, we cleaned the floor and finally sat down to eat our cold supper. 



The rest of the night was spent relaxing!!






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