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Masturbation Fun

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I love your site and every time i log on i end up masturbating to all the stories.


I am currently 15 years old and i will be 16 soon. I first started to get feelings when i was about 4 or 5. I would ask to borrow my moms spoons for baking and than go in my room and pretend to spank myself. Although i never liked being spanked by anyone. I have the memory of from about age 5 to age 11 i use to go into the bathroom and lean my crotch up against the counter and push my body up. . letting all my weight be felt in my crotch and just do that until i would feel a wonderfull release. Or i would lay down on my stomach and put my hands down to my crotch and just hold them there while kind of grinding back and forth on them. I also felt some realease but did not realize until later that it was an orgasm. Last year was my first year in high school and I had a my first boyfriend and that was the first time i ever really felt sexual about anyone else . One night i was over his house and we use to kiss, which turned me on a great deal in new ways, now remind you i had always masturbated when i got around 12 and 13 by rubbing my clit to orgasm and i never had any penetration involved. We were over his house and we were sitting on his bed playing a video games and for some reason i started to rub his leg and go furthur and futhur up. Until finally i reached his way inner thigh. We got a smile on his face because he was kind of surprised. We leaned into to me and started to kiss me. We layed down while kissing and at that moment i felt his hard crotch resting near my leg. He stopped kissing me and said your bad look what you did to me. I appologized and he said its alright. Than he rolled over so that he was somewhat on me and he started to rub my thigh and said. . is this alright because i noticed that you were doing the same to me. I said yes. . and he kept rubbing my leg but the more he was doing it i was getting so wet. He finally looked at me i we start to kiss deeply and he just started to rub my pussy thorugh my jeans. Next he took out his penis from his pants. . the first one i have ever seen. he said if i wanted to touch it so i put my hand around it. He put his hand on top of mine and showed me how to touch him. He showed me and next thing i knew i was sliding up and down on his young dick. He never reached orgasm but we were having fun. I stopped and than he took over . He was masturbating himself while i was kissing and licking his neck. Well. i stood up and he got up with me. He slowly started to take my shirt off. He took off my bra and my hard nipple were there. We moved onto his bed again and he started to to take his time licking and sucking. . and biting them. The he slid down to my pants and took them off. . followed by my panties. We were both laying next to each other and he reached his hand down to my pussy. He started to rub my clit which felt so good. Than he was the first to stick his finger in my pussy. He just probed it in and out for a good 15 minutes. . and i was moaning with pleasure. I never knew that having something inside me would feel so good. mmm. Well. . we broke up since than but i have another boyfriend and were getting closer too. After the whole experience with my old boyfriend i started to experiment with penetration. I had a brush and i finally tried to stick it in my pussy. It hurt a few times but i finally got use to it. I had so many night where i just layed in my bed banging my pussy with that little brush. I always pulled it out to find globs of while cum on the end of it. I lost that brush since than and i had very frustrated because although i liked to finger myself i never got the same sensation as the brush handel brough me. I recently. . about 3 months ago was going through my moms old candel drawer in the living room. . and found a long white candel. I rememberd hearing on this site about masturbating with a candel. And it seemed really big so i thought it would hurt. I finally go so frustrated with nott being able to masturbate so i shoved the candel in me and ever since than i have been masturbating with it about 3 times a day. I stole a penthouse from the people i babysat last year and i read that a lot. I love to masturbate and it was been really neat to see how by body is, what it likes and to watch it grow in new ways. I would love for someone to reply back to me because this is the first time i have posted. . i have a few more stories to tell but this was just my intro. Take care!



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