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Masturbation For Two

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Coming home from another long day at the office, this lucky lady is rewarded with a relaxing night of orgasms and stimulation from her husband, along with the help of one very enticing toy. Read about her sexy fantasy now and enjoy it for yourself!


I can't wait to see you. It's been a hard day at the office and I need to relieve this tension. As I pull into the drive way I can see your car, parked in our carport. I park beside you and get out, feeling your engine still warm. You haven't been home long, so I know where you'll be; having a warm shower and washing the day off. Maybe I should join you, I think turning the lock. Quietly I close the door, slip in and start to undress myself.

Just as I am about to enter, I hear the shower stop. I may be too late to join you but not too late for some fun. Just as I go to open the door, you do. Stunned, you smile licking your lips. "Hard day at the office?", you ask grabbing me gently as you pin me to the wall and seal my answer with a kiss. "Come with me", you say, leading me back to the bedroom, where I see a present wrapped in red and tied with a silver bow.

"For you?", you smile taking your towel off and sitting on the side of the bed. "Well, open it!", you say grinning. "I wonder what you have brought for me today", I say as I untie the bow and undo the wrapping. "I thought you might give me a show", you say as I stare down at the brightly colored dildo you have brought me. "Why not, but you have to give me one too", I add wanting to watch you pull on your hard self as I fuck my own pussy. I see the expression on your face as I open it and begin licking it like a lollypop.

"So, where do you want me?", you ask playfully as you slide onto the bed. "Opposite me", I say grabbing a few pillows and leaning my back against the foot of the bed. I then ask with my legs wide apart, "You want to see me play?" "Oh, so much" you reply, grabbing your cock and giving it a gentle tug as I begin to play with already glistening pussy. Starting at the top, rubbing gently as I slide the tip of my finger along the split, so tempted just to slip it in and go for it, but I want to make you sweat, just a little bit.

"That's it baby, show me more", you whisper as I see your cock begin to twitch and harden. I slide a finger in, watching you grin as I move it in and out, before I add another. My legs spread wide, I slide them in as deep as I can, working them, making my pussy nice and wet ready for your present. "So you want to see it?" I say, too turned on to head back out now. You agree as you continue tugging yourself, while your other hand rubs your balls.

I pick up the dildo, turning it on; the buzzing sound whirls as it vibrates and feels so good in my hands. I stick it in my mouth, wetting it before I rub it between my breasts wanting to remind you of the time you titty fucked me, spraying cum on my chin as I continue to play with myself as you watch. "Fuck you turn me on", you whisper, pulling a little faster as pre cum coats your hand and you rub it into your cock. I just smile, enjoying the view as I move the dildo against my pussy, feeling the vibrations as I rub it up and down, threatening to slide it in.

"Do it", you say licking your lips, dying to see me work myself. I want it inside me as much as you want to see it, so I am more than happy to full fill your fantasy. I slide it just inside, my body trembling with pleasure from the vibrations. "All the way" you say, breathing heavier as you get closer. "You really want to see me fuck myself, don't you naughty boy?", I ask, wanting you to give me permission to go to town on myself and make myself scream.

"Yes", you moan, slowing your rhythm down, not wanting to cum just yet. I slowly slip the dildo inside myself, right up to my fingers, moaning with pleasure as I feel the buzz; they waves are uncontrollable as they go through me. In and out, in and out I move it, playing with my clit, getting closer as you sit there wide eyed, turned on by my pleasure. It feels so good; the vibrations inside me, stimulating every inch of my pussy. I can't control myself and I do want to.

?That?s it, faster?, you gasp, ?faster! I really want to see you fuck yourself until you cum, come on, baby, you continue to make these sheets wet with your pussy juices and I?ll coat them in cum for you?, you say knowing how you?re dirty talk really rocks my world. I continue speeding up the pace, pushing the dildo as deep as I can inside me, moaning louder as I feel the tingling, and the build up of pressure as every inch of me begs to orgasm wanting to feel that rush.

"That's it, get going?, you purr, as I work it, digging deep, unrelenting to my body as the build up is close to it's peek. "I want to see you cum", I say, eyes open staring at your cock. "You first", you reply, your eyes glazed over as you sit moments away from shooting. "You want to see me?", I ask, panting as I breathe heavily and my heart races. "You really want to?", I add as you nod. "Well here I cum", I moan out loud, cumming so hard I push the dildo out, running it along my pussy as I watch you.

"You wanted it, babe", you say, "well here it is", you continue as I watch the cum squirt from your cock, landing over your stomach. I always loved watching cum shoot out of the end of a hot dick. I watch your penis, so placid as it rests on your ball sack and you take a deep breath. "Feel better?", you ask as I nod, resting my head back, completely content.



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