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Masturbation Evolutions

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Masturbation Evolutions
I wrote previously in response to 'Cum' about my early years discovering masturbation and then skipped about 15 years to the present state of my life and my current fantasies of being watched and in control. These 15 years were very experiential and I have a few I'd like to share. It may involve writing a few separate posts. As usual names have been changed to protect privacy.
I guess I last wrote about my techniques through elementary and junior high.
My nightly ritual of reading hot stories or fantasizing continued. I would press my thighs together and feel the warmth and wetness build. Eventually I would roll over onto my stomach and just press my mound into the sheets, slowly grinding back and forth. As the feeling grew more intense, I would bunch up more of the blankets between my legs and rub my clit through my panties. I eventually realized that peeing the sheets wasn't a good idea, so I stopped that practice in a hurry. Instead I would just rub and grind in circles, my hips bucking until I got the really good feeling of no return. My heart raced and my young pussy throbbed. It was my first orgasm! I rarely used my hand or any objects just indirect pressure on my clit. It always worked to relax me into a peaceful sleep.
My friends and I would get together sometimes after school in grade 9. We would talk about the guys we liked and what we would do to them if we weren't all still virgins.
One day after school, we met at Zeda's house and then the three of us of course started talking about boys. Zeda's mom was out, and she snuck some porn mags downstairs for us to look at. We talked about French kissing, and humping our boyfriends with no clothes on. Eventually we started acting out what we would do for our guys. We took some pillows and started kissing them, and then rubbing ourselves against them. One of us suggested we do a 'strip tease' for our guys. So we imagined them sitting on the couch across from us. We cranked the tunes and danced around the pool table. Zeda was the first one to remove her shirt, so we followed, just as seductively, dancing and posing. We would all take turns taking the center stage, while the other two danced in the background. I think it was Zeda that first stopped to sit down. By this time we were just dancing around naked. Innocent enough.
Zeda asked, ' Have you ever frenched a guy?' And we both replied 'yep'. We wondered if it would be the same with a girl. Next thing I know, I am sitting in Zeda's lap, looking into her eyes, seeing her blonde hair curl gently on her shoulders. We begin kissing slowly, then with tongue. But it didn't stop there. We continued touching each other...exploring. My other girlfriend was touching herself and asked us how it felt. So we invited her to join in. She did.
We were on the floor, writhing, hugging, touching, and pressing. Just young girls being girls. I remember having Zeda's pussy near my mouth and I began to lick it. She moaned with pleasure. I continued this, slowly circling the outer lips with my tongue. Probing, exploring. I reached her clit and her hips bucked towards my face. I wanted to stick my finger into her little blonde pussy. I already had a boyfriend and he finger fucked me before, so I knew she would like it. She felt me pressing my finger against her pussy opening. She encouraged me but told me to go gently. Meanwhile, my other friend was playing with my titties and teasing my pussy. Now it was my first threesome - with girls.
We were all going hot and heavy, when all of a sudden we heard the door upstairs open and her mom came in. We all kind of panicked and got back to reality. Zeda ran upstairs to help her mom with the groceries as soon as she was dressed, which gave us time to get clothed and tidy up the magazines and pillows. It was time for us to go anyhow, so we just said goodbye to them both and headed home for dinner and homework. The next day at school we all gave each other knowing looks, but we never spoke about it again. This experience gave me many nights of fantasy. I've never had any experiences with women since then, although I do continue to get turned on watching two women in porn movies, or imagining a woman masturbating.
In high school, after I lost my virginity, it seemed I was insatiable. I would go out with a lot of boyfriends, and in between boyfriends, I would have my flings. I guess this was kind of promiscuous behaviour, but if we did have sex, we would always use condoms.
It seemed as if I wasn't in school, I was either out with my friends, at home masturbating or fooling around with a guy. Often my experiences would spark more fantasies for masturbation. I would write hot, horny letters to my boyfriend, and pass the note in school. I would watch him read it (carefully so the teacher would not catch him). Then he'd ask to go to the bathroom. I knew what he was doing. And it turned me on, so I would press my legs together for the rest of the school day, teasing my clit just from clenching my pussy muscles. By the end of the day, we were both so turned on, and had awesome cum spurting sex and if we couldn't get together after school, I would go home and fantasize while rubbing my clit against the bedsheets.
Sometimes on weekends my parents would allow my girlfriends to sleep over. In the fall and spring we slept in the basement, but we could easily sneak out. In the summer, the tent trailer was up and we could sleep out there in the backyard. Well, we would often wander out and see if we could find parties or hook up with friends. Our parents were pretty strict, so we couldn't be out as late as some people. One summer night we rode our bikes to our ex- boyfriends house. He was having a party. Everyone was having a good time, and I was interested in one of his friends. But it was another guy that was interested in me. Anyhow, the two guys and me ended up being in bed together. We never had sex, but did everything else. It was so erotic. I had one guy kissing me and touching my breasts, and the other guy was touching himself. My hand joined his in action...pumping, rubbing slowly. Eventually, we were all entwined, both guys devouring my body, fingers in my dripping pussy, tongues flicking my throbbing clit. They both tried to enter me with their cocks but I denied them. We continued fondling, stroking...building up the climax. One guy had his face in my pussy and was fingering me hard as I approached orgasm. The other guy had his cock in my mouth. We were all humping and grinding and as I exploded into my own ecstasy, I watched as one guy pumped his cock hard in upward strokes as he spurted come all over me. At the same time the other guy shot his load in my mouth, on my face, as I licked up what I could. It was an awesome experience, which led to more fantasies for my jilling sessions.
Some common themes were being an exotic dancer, being watched by an audience of horny sexy men. Another was being in a jacking session where men watch and masturbate to my lap dances, eventually leading to all the guys cumming on me at the same time. I will write about these in more detail and share the introduction of toys to my masturbation evolution in later posts.
Keep up the evolution!



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