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Masturbation Competition

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Masturbation Competition by Anonymous
Kate had just comeback home from a make out party but wasn't fully satisfied she hurriedpast her mother to her bedroom. She needed to masturbate BAD! She justwalked into her bedroom and closed the door and stuck her hand down herpants in anticipation of what was just about to happen when her motheropened the door, she quickly took her hand out of her tight fitting jeansand turned around "What!?"
"I just wantedto tell you I'll be gone shopping and I'll be back in about an hour."

"Yeahokay bye." after her mom left the room Kate muttered to herself "mom leftand she wom't be back for an hour and dad left this morning for a two daybuiseness trip that leaves me alone." She carelessly left her bedroom dooropen and ripped her clothes off and sent them flying across the room. Shestood nude in the center of the room. she had long brown hair a firm assand large firm breasts was about 5'6" and had long legs and was 15, herbody was a masterpiece and she knew it. She flopped down on her bedand started fondeling her breasts lightly tweaking her nipples which hardenedto the touch. Her right hand slid down her flat stomach past her pubichairs and to her delicate pussy which was swolen. She began to finger herselfwith three fingers. She began moaning uncontrolably as her fingers slidpast her clit and still fondeling her breast with left hand. She felt anorgasim coming on, seconds later she began to cum all over the bed. Sheclosed her eyes and took her fingers out of her pussy covered with cum,she then took her fingers to her nose and smelled her sex. She eagerlyshoved her fingers back into her pussy and continued masturbating withher eyes closed. She must have been longer then she thought because whenshe opened her eyes she saw her mother at the door her eyes wide open.Suddenly Kate was embaressed. She was at a loss for words.
Her mother said in a shaky voice that soon calmed down, "you mastribatewell but let me show you how it's done." She grabbed Kate's wrist and draggedher down the hall into her own bedroom and flopped Kate down on the bed.She then
pulled her own clothes off and began to masturbate on the bed nextto her daughter. Kate noticed that when her mother took off her bra hernipples were already erect and that she must have been horny watching hermasturbate. Soon the two were in a full blast competition and both hadmany orgasims that night, neither agreed on the winning masturbator.



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