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Masturbation Affairs

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Looking for satisfaction outside of marriage, masturbation, which I loved since childhood, has satisfied beyond my wildest dreams.


I also have a wife, whom I love dearly, but who has little sex drive. Fortunately, I've masturbated from an early age, and it's natural for me to satisfy myself fully with my imagination and my hand.

A few years ago, a young woman in our office took an interest in me, and one night we ended up on her couch, making out, and soon we'd taken each others clothes off. There we stopped, because I was married. Both she and I had inhibitions about going 'all the way'. I rubbed my dick along her belly and came in just a few seconds, and then she guided my hand to her pussy, where it stayed through four or five overwhelming orgasms.

She also had a boyfriend who visited on weekends, and we both felt that stopping before intercourse kept us 'pure'. Besides, she loved to masturbate herself, and to watch men jack off. I'd never masturbated in front of a woman before, and was shy at first, but then-oh wow!! It's truly the hottest thing I've ever done! It was the best of both worlds-able to feel and touch and pleasure a beautiful woman, and at the same time indulge myself in masturbation to her delight. When she didn't feel like sex, she still enjoyed watching me masturbate.

She met a guy that she fell madly in love with, and with my blessings she married him. We still sometimes masturbate together on the phone, and it's just as hot as it ever was.

A year ago I met a woman in her fifties near work, and we'd have coffee together. She was very sexy, but, curiously, wasn't much interested, it seemed, in a relationship. After a couple of months, we got to talking about sex, and she admitted that, since her unhappy marriage and divorce, she'd discovered the joys of masturbation and was more sexually satisfied than she'd ever been in her life. When I told her that my own sex life was entirely in masturbation-and how much I love it, I could see big light bulbs going off in her head, and she melted into an almost permanent blush.

She had never thought of masturbating with a man, and it was two weeks before the inevitable happened-she invited me to her apartment. When I got there, she gave me a tour, and in the bedroom she proudly showed me her very large collection of toys. She said she loves to dress in sexy lingerie when she masturbates, and showed me drawers full.

She had made dinner, and we ate chirping like birds, happy and nervous. After desert, a silence fell, and she looked up and smiled, 'Well, do you want to do it????!!!'

She told me to wait in the living room, and she went to the bedroom, and came out in a beautiful baby doll nightie and a bra that made her breasts, which weren't small to begin with, even larger. She blushed and held out her hand, with a tube of lube in it, 'Here, I got this for you at the store the other day. I want you to be naked.'

Then she laughed, 'Hahah, I don't even know how big your dick is!!! Isn't that funny! But I guess it doesn't matter, does it??!! I mean, I have my toys to keep me happy!'

She sat in a chair facing the couch, and I carefully took my clothes off. She directed me to stand in front of her, and I was rigid to the bone! She smiled, and reached out with one hand to cup my balls, and the other to begin rubbing her clit. I almost came! and she let go, 'don't cum, please!'

I spent an hour standing in front of her, over and over feeling the waves of orgasm ALMOST overtake me, and then retreating to her words, 'don't cum.' Three, then four times, her body rocked in front of me with enormous, full-body orgasms. Her breasts, pulled out from her nightie, were red and swollen with her sex. She was truly a juicy tomato!

After the fourth orgasm, she relaxed, smiled and said, 'come here'. She slipped my cock between her breasts, and wrapped her arms around my butt, clenching her breasts tight together as she did.

'Fuck them, fuck my tits.'

In moments I was spurting cum uncontrollably, and she was laughing erotically. 'Oh my, oh my' she said, over and over, until my spasms calmed. She then told me where to find a towel to clean her with.

...we've met at least once a week since then, to masturbate ourselves and each other. She clearly prefers to have me masturbate for her, and our passion is masturbating. I have never felt such erotic energy before, ever!!



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