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Mastubation is a Healing Thing

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I've seen masturbation do some wonderful things...


About ten years ago I was dating a woman that had gone through the trauma of a abusive marriage and a rape. She was trying to come to terms with these horrible experiences when I came to know her.
She was a very petite woman, naturally blonde and with a wonderful figure. Though she was 40 years old you would have never guessed it by looking at her. She was a bit of a health fanatic and kept herself in shape by working out daily. One of the things that first caught my attention about her was that for only being five feet in height she had beautiful legs and firm, full breasts.
When we first started dating I had no idea of the emotional pain she had hidden in her life. I knew she was divorced and looking for a new relationship but I had no idea of the trauma from her marriage. She was very careful about how things proceeded between us and I could tell that she was having some issues around sex. She did want to have sex but seemed more than a little frightened at times. Part of it was that I'm fairly well-endowed and my size seemed to scare her.
I became determined to get her past these fears. Quite frankly I wanted to fuck this tiny beauty like there was no tomorrow and I figured that I would need to get her past whatever was bothering her. I spent a lot of time with her talking to her about her past and gradually found out that her ex-husband had been sexually abusive and that she had been raped once by another man during her marriage. She was getting therapy but it was slow process.
She seemed to trust me but couldn't get past these emotional barriers. I had a good friend, a woman I'd dated years earlier, who I confided in me about this. My friend told me to stop at a local adult bookstore and buy a package of different toys. She even recommended a specific set to pick up. I gathered that my friend had some personal experience with this boxed set.
It was a boxed set of four vibrators and a plastic bottle of lubricant. The vibrators ranged in size from a small three inch pocket model to a large twelve inch variable speed item. The big one came in black and looked almost like some sort of missile.
Well, I put some wrapping paper on the whole ensemble and took my petite girlfriend out to dinner. She was more than a little curious about what I had for her and when she opened it up she was more than a little shocked. The funny thing was that I could tell that she was also very interested. We went back to her place and talked about the toys and masturbation for quite awhile. She wanted to know if I jerked off and I told her that I did almost everyday. She seemed a little taken back by my candor about this but I told her that I considered masturbation to be a very healthy thing.
She seemed a little stunned by the whole thing and nothing physical happened between us that night. I remembered leaving and thinking that maybe I screwed up. Maybe she thought I was just some sort of pervert and wouldn't want to see me anymore. When I got home though there was a message from her on my voicemail asking me to call her. So I called her up and found out she wanted to know even more about how I played with myself and my attitudes about it. She was on the phone with me for over an hour and a lot of the call was me reassuring her that playing with yourself was a healthy, natural thing.
The next day I get another call from her while I'm at work. Her voice now has a much happier upbeat sound to it and she wants to know if I could come over that night. Now I'm the guy who's curious! I ask her if she wants me to bring anything and she just laughs and tells me I've already brought enough!
I leave from work and head straight for her place. I'm not quite sure what I'm getting into. Up to this time she was somewhat conservative sexually, even a bit nervous. When I get to her apartment building and she buzzes me in she tells me over the intercom that the door to her apartment is open and I should just come in. This wasn't like her at all, usually I would knock and she would let me in.
When I get up to her door and let myself in I see that all of the lights are turned down and there are candles burning in her bedroom. I can't see her yet but I hear enough noise to know she must be in the bedroom. I walk into the doorway to the bedroom and there she is dressed in a black teddy, spread-eagle on the bed! The toys are arranged beside her and she has the biggest vibe planted deep in her tight little pussy!
She looks me straight in the eye and tells me she wants to talk about playing with yourself some more. I decide to sit down on the edge of the bed and I can't take my eyes off her. I'm also beginning to sport a pretty serious erection. She never loses eye contact with me and she just keeps on moving that big vibe in and out and all around her pussy. She tells me that the toys actually frightened her at first. She was particularly frightened by the biggest one. She was curious though and spent most of the previous evening after we talked experimenting with the toys. She was amazed at the orgasms she could get with these!
So now here she is putting on this little show for me and trying to have something like an intellectual conversation with me as she shoves a foot long vibrator in and out of her tight little pussy. Suddenly all the talking stops and she flies into a shuddering orgasm! She then doesn't even catch her own breath before she orders me to get undressed!
At this point I was almost ripping the clothes off my body. I'd never seen her be that assertive before. The funny thing was she still had the damn vibe buried deep in her petite little twat!
I get down between her legs and start licking and playing with her absolutely soaked pussy. One of my hands is pulling down the teddy so I can play with her nipples. Then she pushes me away and literally orders me to get on my back. Who am I to argue. As soon as I'm on my back she is up and squatting down on my cock, she was so wet that it slid into her almost instantly. Then she just started riding me at a furious pace. I'd never seen her like this before! She was practically shouting as she came over and over again. I held out for awhile but between her tight pussy and the incredible show she was putting on it was too much for me and I pumped out my cum like a bomb going off!
Well, we both laid there for quite some time and then she started telling me how wonderful and liberating the toys had been for her. She said she had always wanted to try a vibrator but never had the courage to get one. She didn't even know where she could get one! Then she gets out of bed and shows me a book she had on masturbation but that she never quite took seriously. Now she was taking it all very seriously.
I was with her for about five years and it was a constant sexual adventure. She told me that masturbation was helping her heal some of the pains from her prior marriage. It was letting her know that she could take charge of her own pleasure and didn't have to surrender this to anyone. She also started trying more new things all the time. I still remember when she gave me her first blowjob. She swallowed every drop and then laughed at the fun she had doing it. We eventually broke up and both ended up getting married to other people but I'll never forget her.
Maybe I'll have to tell you about when I gave my wife her set of toys...



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