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'Mastoobatseeya': Russian for Masturbation. My boyfriend has posted I believe two stories of us, now it is my turn.


For a year now, Sebastian and I have dated. From the start, we have always enjoyed each other on a physical level. Due to the hurricane season here in Florida, our school was closed when we were supposed to have our homecoming dance, so it was just recently held. So, Sebastian and I bought our tickets and went. I don't know how it is in other high schools, but at ours, gays are accepted to the point that a big deal isn't made when two guys are together in public.

So anyway, we had a great time dancing, provocatively I may add, and talking with our friends, just pretty much having a good time (excuse the redundancy.) We hit every slow song, and made full use of them. Making out, grinding, etc. So anyway, it was 1:30am and the dance was half an hour from being over, and in order to avoid the rush, we left. We got to his car, and just sat there talking first about the dance, then into more intimate things. He leaned across the seat to kiss me, but he stopped short and just looked into my eyes. His eyes are so deep and sharp, it is almost scarry. I put my hand behind his head and kissed him tenderly on his lips. That was that for the car ride, we were going to stay at my house.

When we got there, everyone had already gone to bed, so Sebastian and I headed for the shower together. It was so hot undressing each other while the steam came pouring out of the shower. We stepped into the shower, and picked up where we had left off in the car. His naked slippery, water-warmed body pressed into me, his crotch grinding into mine. We soaped down, shampooed up and the like, almost never leaving contact with each other.

After our shower, I led him naked by the hand (we were still kind of wet) I laid him down on my bed and set myself down on top of him. I don't think I have ever been kissed as passionately as that night. I began thrusting my moist cock against his thigh, moaning into his mouth. Our body temperatures rising, I strengthened the force behind my thrusts, this was the way I wanted to come, full contact and his tongue in my mouth. My heart beat increased by nearly ten fold. It was cumming. I grabbed his hair and I moaned into his mouth. My cum spewed onto his thigh and my bed sheet. I felt so bad because I started talking to him about everything it seems, and fell asleep on his chest listening to him breathe as he talked. I didn't get a chance to return the joy. I felt so bad in the morning, but we just laid there almost all day talking. I love him!



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