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Massage With Benefits (part 1)

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This was another encounter with our friends Joan and Peter (see my story 'Shaving Pussies') one evening at the naturist club. I've split it into two parts, because I don't want it to get too long.


We were in Joan and Peter's cabin/chalet one evening, naked, of course. We had opened a bottle of wine, and the conversation touched on the subject of things that turn us on. I remarked that one of Carole's favourites was to receive a massage. They first relax her, then gradually arouse her.

Joan immediately picked up on this, and said that if she would like one, then she (Joan) would gladly oblige. She said that she wasn't a qualified masseuse, but that she had had some amateur experience.

We talked about it some more, and Joan wanted to know how we did it. I said that it was usually an extended form of foreplay, and resulted in sex of some sort. Joan loved to hear about those things, so I told her some of the details. Peter asked if we could see something, instead of just talking about it. I think we were all up for that by this stage. So the duvet was removed from the bed. and a large fluffy beach towel was placed on the (sheet covered) mattress.

Joan took some massage oil from the bedside cabinet and, talking softly, but continuously about what she was doing, asked Carole to lie face-down and relax. She applied oil to Carole's shoulders and upper arms, then to each arm separately, down to the fingers. After a while she moved back to her torso, and massaged from the small of her back up to her shoulders, then back down her sides, maintaining hand/body contact at all times.

She then did her legs, concentrating on her upper thighs, easing Carole's legs apart a little in the process. She moved to her buttocks, separating them too. After circular movements rubbing her buttocks, her hand finally slipped between them and gently stroked Carole's vulva from behind.

Meeting no resistance, Joan asked her if she would like to turn over. Carole later said that this was the transition moment. Up until then, face down, it could be characterised as therapeutic massage, But when you turn onto your back you're really giving consent to it becoming sexual. It certainly was becoming so in my eyes, and Peter's too, because we were both sporting full erections. Joan oiled Carole's upper body, eventually cupping her now oiled breasts, and commenting on how hard her nipples felt. She moved down to her thighs, separating them further, concentrating on her sensitive inner thighs, and applying more oil to Carole's freshly shaved and open vulva. She teased the lips with her thumbs , and gently exposed her clitoris. She said "I think she's ready for this, now", and brought a vibrator from under a pillow. She turned it on, and inserted it into Carole's vagina, which was wet enough to accept it without the least resistance, and stroked her clitoris with her fingers through the skin of its hood.

I whispered to Joan "swap them over", so she removed the vibrator and immediately replaced it with her finger. She applied the gently buzzing vibrator to the side of Carole's clitoris. Carole's hips started the ancient movements, and she thrust upwards and groaned as she had a pretty monumental orgasm with Joan's finger still inside her.

I'll relate how she returned the favour in part 2.



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