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Massage Therapy

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A good read! Author's licence pertains.


Massage: please phone for an appointment.. the ad said.

It was 3-4 years since I had last had a massage. If you've never had one , do so: its marvellous for your well-being when your back / front are massaged. It eases tension in muscles and its great just to enjoy the sensations.

Hello. I'm George. Can I arrange an appointment for a massage please?

Yes, certainly. I'm Patricia, known usually as Patsy, a mellifluous voice replied. We like our visitors to call in to meet us and so we can show you our massage room.

An unusual request just for a massage, I thought, but the voice sounded good, even alluring, so I agreed to go next day to meet Patsy.

When I arrived at reception I was met by Patsy, a very attractive short-haired blond girl, and introduced to Jane, a brunette with long hair. Both were wearing white jackets and short white skirts, buttoned down the front. Patsy took me into the massage room where I could see 2 couches.

One is for lying on when on your back, and the other is for when you are face down and both are contoured to the shape of your body, she explained. A table with lotions and potions was evident and so were 2 movable mirrors positioned on stands on the floor but she made no comment about these and set into the thick carpeted floor were several spotlights shining upwards the whole giving the impression of being very comfortable and relaxing.

What sort of massage would you like, the lovely Patsy enquired.

Whole body, I guess. Back, legs, front, feet, chest, stomach, thighs, the lot, I said. One thing I need you to do, please. Because I do a lot of cycling I like to keep my legs free of hair. Can you shave / depilitate them for me?

OK, you got it! Look forward to meeting you again next Wednesday at 11 it'll take about 2 hours.

I was really looking forward to it and meeting Patsy again who had said that she would be doing me.

When I arrived she greeted me like a long lost friend, kissed me on both cheeks. The perfume she wore was light and very nice. A hint of musk perhaps? Still in immaculate white top and short skirt and a pretty skimpy bra beneath the top; thong or panties I could not quite discern as she led me into the changing room.

Please take a shower, put on the robe when you have finished, and these. They'll help avoid any embarrassing moments! she said, smiling broadly at me, as she handed me a pair of new, blue shorties. I wear these, she threw at me as she left the room. Again, unusual, I thought, intrigued. as I unwrapped the shorties. The thought of wearing the same underwear as Patsy turned me on mentally, but I remained under control!

In the massage room I was instructed to lie face up on the appropriate couch. The robe was off by now but, as instructed, I wore the shorties and she covered my middle with a towel. Gently, and to the accompaniment of quiet music, she stroked my feet: exquisite sensations as she manipulated toes, the soles, then moving up the legs to the thighs, followed by the chest, kneading and pushing and manipulating all the while. As she leaned over me to do my legs and then chest I could see inside her top and the beautifully formed breasts cupped nicely by her white bra, and I marvelled at her perfect shape. Id love to see more of them, I wished, even touch them..

Next she moved round above my head and massaged my scalp and face: wonderfully relaxing with her beautiful hands working over me. There were no embarrassments, to this point at least, but there might have been. I was amazed at myself, with this lovely blond woman, exquisitely shaped, lightly perfumed, handling my body and it had not produced any physical change.

It's time to do your back and back legs so you need to move over onto the other couch. I'll be back in a moment. Just slip off the shorts, put the towel over yourself, and lie face down on that other couch.

Now, this couch, contoured for the body, had a hole in it where it was quite apparent I was to place my jewels so they did not get crushed, thus they were hanging through the couch! I reflected that this was a really different approach to massages I had had previously but it was enjoyable and I was feeling good. I wondered what Patsy would be seeing when she returned.

After a few moments she entered the room. I immediately noticed a change, spotted when I turned to look at her, as she always deserved to be looked at: her bra had gone! Ye gods, when I look down her front, if I can from this position, what delights will await my eyes? And would not my cock start to show an interest too? She moved in close to my head to start on my neck and shoulders from just in front of my head. I then became aware of the effects the lights in the floor had: being uplighters they highlighted her delicious legs through the skirt (now changed perhaps into a diaphanous, white material). I could see her upper legs and just about see her panties or thong I hadnt been able to tell which yet. I always like to know whether a woman is in panties or thong or nothing at all!

Relax and enjoy, Patsy suggested. Close your eyes and just enjoy the sensations. I did what she said and really did relish the probing and feeling of her strong hands on my back, pushing, sliding, probing around my shoulders and spine and then my lower back.

I was not conscious of anything except Patsy working at my body and I was really enjoying this; not thinking of anybody else either when suddenly I had quite a surprise. Something touched my cock. My eyes snapped open and looked in the mirrors, which all along had been in a position to reflect the couch upon which I was lying, and because they were standing right down on the floor, I could see under the couch. There, underneath the couch, half lying, half sitting, was a brunette, her mouth at the end of my cock which almost instantly sprang into life. Her lips were around the head and she sucked gently. As its tumescence grew so she took more into her mouth and began a rhythmic sucking, sliding her mouth back and forth. This was pure delight! She was positioned in such a way that in one mirror I could see straight up her skirt to her delicate pink panties, and in the other mirror I watched her mouth pleasuring my cock. Meanwhile, Patsy had removed the towel covering my middle and was massaging my buttocks. She slid a hand gently down between them, and I opened my legs to accommodate her, and her hand reached my balls which she fingered lightly, playing with them, before bringing the hand back up and very delicately easing a finger into me. The brunette was working at my cock, mouth only, licking, sucking, kissing and I was getting pretty ready to cum with such excellent treatment.

Patsy whispered to me, I want you to come in Janes mouth, fill it with your juices which I want her to drink right up. No further encouragement was needed! Jane sucked and I could feel the point of no return arrive, then the wonderful sensation of my cock spurting inside her mouth which she kept on sucking as my cock pumped time and again, releasing my pent-up cum juice. She sucked and swallowed and after what seemed ages the cumming subsided ..and eventually she withdrew her lips. She came properly into view and brought her face close to mine.

That was wonderful, I said, and she replied, I loved that. I knew you would be good when I saw you in the shower you took. I could hardly wait to get at you! They must have a camera or window looking into the shower room which I hadnt noticed.

Patsy, who had looked a bit flushed at the sight of this activity, said, I enjoyed that too. With all the pumping I could feel from my hand between your legs and how long it went on for I reckon you havent cum for some time.

About 2 weeks, I answered.

So you could have some more? she returned eagerly, grinning broadly. You need to get back on the other couch as we have to do your legs and make you smooth. So both she and Jane covered my legs with foam and water and started to shave. When they had done below the knees Patsy indicated they would now do the thighs and down to the knees. Of course, I was not covered and as they worked on my thighs and right up to the top of them my cock started to rise up and harden. Patsy remarked that it looked as if it needed further attention, so having smoothed all of my legs she asked if she could take off the hair round my cock and balls.

Ive never tried that before but carry on, I replied.

Any particular shape you want, she asked.

Do you shave to any shape? I wondered.

Yes, I shave myself into a v-shape, Patsy answered.

OK, then, in remembrance of you Ill have a v-shape too.

The gentle yet firm hands wound their way round my upstanding pole, cutting and shaving the hair, going down between my legs, taking it off and shaping it.

After the depilation I was oiled and Patsy said, I am going to massage the only remaining part that has not been massaged. Im going to take your cock and Im going to slide my hand up and down it because I think it needs more exercise..

So saying she hitched up her skirt , swung her left leg over my head so that she could sit down on my chest and delight of delights, as she did this, I was at last able to see what she had on under that diaphanous skirt! It was a thong of such minute size as to be almost invisible. No wonder I had not been able to spot it earlier! Anyway, I only really caught a glimpse of it: what a tease this girl was..Jane repositioned a mirror so I could watch as Patsy sat with her back to me. She poured some potion onto my cock which warmed it making it feel more swollen than usual, and then she started to massage, first with one way strokes, downwards, with one hand after the other, then upwards and then Jane started to finger my balls rolling each gently in her fingers. This was exquisite and I wanted it to last and last. Patsy changed technique; the short up and down stroke over just the head of my cock which was going to make me cum mighty quick, but she stopped, let the excitement die a little, leaned forward so that I was treated to a view of her miniscule, damp thong out of the sides of which I could see some of her fur, and she flicked her tongue over the top of my cock while Jane continued to play with my balls. Patsy sat back and stroked me right up and down at a steady slow rhythm.

I want to see your juice now, George, I want to see it cumming in fountains out of your cock and over my hand, come on, give it to me! Patsy exhorted.

With the continuation of this treatment which no man could resist I came in forceful spurts, seeing in the mirror as it spurted up from my cock in several jets, and Patsy continued to pump me till it was all spent.

Patsy climbed off me giving me another glimpse of her secret parts and something to remember and then both girls calmed me down with a little more general massage. What an experience to remember! And, indeed, to savour again. What might they do the next time?



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