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Massage Plus

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After reading my prior submission, I felt I had cheated all of you in not being more explicit with the details. I know I enjoy lots of details. Part three will follow soon with what she did for me, it will come later but very soon; time is always at a premium.


To recap, I gave Sherry her massage. I caressed her body everywhere except her naughty bits, as she had made it clear it was only to be a massage and implied in that I understood that to be non-sexual.

As I was kneading her muscles and caressing her with the hot oil, she started to get excited. Her body language told me clearly, she was very very turned on. Her moans and hip movements suggested she needed more.

When I asked her if she wanted me to massage her everywhere, she simply turned her head, looked at me with hungry eyes as she nodded her head silently but urgently YES.

Putting more oil on my hands I proceeded to put my hand under the gusset of her thong to massage that hot wet furnace of hers. I rubbed the oil into her ass and continued to her swollen hard clit. As I stroked, the hot oil intermingled with her even hotter juices flowing from her.

Needless to say my cock was straining for air as I got into watching her gyrate under me. My finger easily slid into her hot sodden pussy, scalding me with her heat, then as I alternated between rubbing her open lips, hot hole and hard clit I finally put in two fingers to which she responded now with a delicious urgency for release.

She met my every movement with her own counter movement; she had a single purpose, it was evident she was a woman on a mission; she wanted to come and come hard. She was finger fucking herself now in earnest with my fingers, deeper and deeper with every thrust.

(God, I'm hard and horny as I'm writing this.)

As the speed and intensity built up, the sounds emanating from her were more animalistic and primal. Her hips bucked up and down in time with my hand.

At this point I reached under her as she lifted her body off the massage table, and connected with her left breast; I took her hard little pencil eraser nipple between my thumb and finger and started pulling and rubbing it in time with the action of my other hand and it was at this point she finally released that pent up sexual tension that needed to be released. Oh, wonderful sweet, sweet release.

After the moans of ecstacy came the whimpers of satisfaction as her body collapsed on the table, SATIATED. Her sweat soaked body limp under my hands. After a few minutes of her recovering while I caressed her hair and her face, she looked up at me and smiled.



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