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Massage Orgasm

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Explosive orgasm after and during massage


I have always heard about massage parlors and happy endings, and have wanted to experience one for myself. For the past 20 years their were no good options in my small town to make my dream cum true.

I had received quite a few legitimate massages in the past, as a fitness enthusiast they were always a great way to reward myself for pushing my body and felt great. This past year my girlfriend purchased me a massage at an upscale place. My massage therapist was near 50, short with a decent build but overall just average looking. I undressed completely and covered myself with the towel and laid face up. The massage began with very relaxing light strokes on my face as soft music played in the background. Nothing erotic yet, as she move to my shoulders and chest. As usually happens when the therapist moved to my legs and upper thigh I felt some blood rush to my penis. I know its perfectly normal to get erect, and as I did she would back off, I enjoy the feeling of being hard, wanting to touch it but knowing I cant and just letting it tingle throughout the body. This is a common occurrence for me through out my experiences, but this time I sensed that my masseuse was also enjoying the process. As my penis grew stiffer from her inching closer she once again backed of to my arms. This time she gave the arms a few long strokes and moved to my fingers. Pulling my hand to her chest she stroked each finger up and down as if jacking off my cock, I thought I was going to pop as I imagined her skilled hands working up and down on my cock the same way she massaged each finger.

After that thorough tease, it was time to roll over. At this point my cock was still hard and throbbing. The massage then moved to some long strokes on the back and again work on the shoulders. I felt somewhat relieved thinking I would be able to hold it together and not embarrass myself. About 15 minutes in (It was an hour massage) she moved back to my legs, once again I became hard as a rock, only this time I was laying on top of it instead of it sticking straight up in the air it was pressed between the table and myself. She kept a steady pace working up the back of my legs to my buttocks (still covered by the towel). She had to have been able to tell I was hard and enjoying the experience as I tried to control my breathing and moaned softly in pleasure. As I once again felt the urge to cum all over her massage table she moved to a technique that seemed to locate pressure points on the bottom of my lower back, but as she was doing this she was also grinding my cock that was trapped underneath me into the table. I started to shake from the excitement, almost as if I had an orgasm without ejaculation! I think she was now fully enjoying the tease and she placed her hands on my ass and pressed it down rocking back and forth. I didn't know what to do! It felt amazing and I began breathing even harder which made her increase the motion. I wanted to cum, but I also wanted the feeling to last and not make a mess to be ashamed of! After nearly 5 minutes of this she stepped back and told me we were out of time for today, and made a comment about my fit body and how she wanted to get me to release! As I said before this was an upscale parlor and I have had many professional massages before and never felt like they were crossing a line but in this case I truly think she gave it her all to make me orgasm. That had to wait till after the trip home. As soon as I walked in my front door I unzipped and finished the job.

After the experience I researched online massages to see if this was unusual. As most readers on here know there is a lot of bs mixed in with the facts in several of the online anecdotes- some are easy to spot, others leave you wondering. From the comments I've heard in most settings ejaculation is frowned upon at professional massage parlors. During my research I did discover two things, that Asian massage parlors are cool with the happy ending, and one just opened up in town!

I saved my money and built up excitement over the next few days, and headed to the Fit Foot Spa (I thought it was for feet!). Upon entering I was greeted by a young chubby asian woman. She led me back to my room and told me to take it all off. I undressed and sat naked on the table not sure of what was to happen next.. When she re-entered the room she had me lay face down to start. The first thing she did was to take the towel completely off of me. It began with long soft strokes over the entire body. Next she oiled me up moving from the neck down to lower back, as she reached the lower back she also found the same nerve endings that felt so good at the nicer parlor. I'm not sure how it works, but it seems to be a direct path to the cock and balls as it feels amazing! She moved on to my legs, I love to have my legs rubbed and she was very good at it, on each movement up she would purposefully brush up against and tickle my balls. After a few minutes of that she moved to my ass-again with my cock raging hard and pressed underneath memories of my previous massage flashed back to me. Her bare hands felt great on my bare ass and I again found myself with the urge to let go and cum. Unlike the previous masseuse she didn't seem to grind me into the table. I wondered if I should go ahead this time and not miss the opportunity. However, the ass massage did not last long like the last time. She stepped back and grabbed warm wet towels and washed me off, including my ass and balls. I hoped that was not it! Thankfully she said now its time to turn over. The anticipation of what was to come was tense. She left the room for a minute, my cock had moved to a semi-erect state. When she re-entered the room I was lying there completely naked. She also started with a quick stroking of my face, nothing to exciting but then moved on to lightly touching my body guiding her hands softly from head to toe. My dick swelled up massively. She would stop around the nipples, slide down and circle my stomach before trailing down between my legs, careful not to touch my throbbing cock moving to the inner thighs again lightly brushing the balls. I was unsure of the protocol if I need to tell her it was ok to touch my cock or not. She stepped away and got her oil bottle, drizzling warm oil on my chest and legs, she spent a few minutes with her hands working the oil in. My cock and balls were twitching and aching for contact. Next she once again grabbed her oil bottle, starting at the tip of my cock and moving down letting it lightly drip on to me. What happened next came as some what of a surprise, instead of jerking my cock she grabbed my hand and put it on it. I was ok with that. It felt great to give it a few strokes as she continued to work my legs and chest, but then I moved my hand away hoping she would grab it and finish for me. She seemed a little taken aback by that move and said "you do it". I said I need a short break, which was partially true as it was getting close. She took a finger and pressed between my balls and ass- right on the prostate! It almost triggered me to cumming! I once again took hold of my cock, in part just to aim and control the load she was about to force out of me. I asked her for help, she said no, but started playing with my nipples, I held my hand still. She placed her hand underneath mine with the thumb at the base fingers under my balls and made a stroking motion. It felt great and I could tell this was as far as she would go! I started slowly stroking as she worked that grip at a swift pace. I asked her to slow down a little as I was near the point of no return. She started tracing my veins in my legs in an upwards pressure with one hand. I took my hand off. It was pulsating, she placed her other hand on top of my pubes pushing and pulling down gently. After a few strokes of the legs she again pressed on the prostate and this time I couldn't fight it anymore! Without any direct cock contact I was shooting and spurting all over! I grabbed it and she helped milk the last few drops of cum out of me! Not exactly what I envisioned but well worth the $40 spent.

She left the room and grabbed a warm wet towel and gently cleaned me. The next part kind of amused me, she placed a dry towel over me and gave a series of quick karate chops all over my legs. That's it, I dressed and she brought me a water. I have been back a few times now, but the first time was the best. I even got her to rub my cock eventually and have felt her ass and breasts over her clothing.



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