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Married Masturbators

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I'm delighted to be part of the SOLO community of satisfied masturbators! It's exciting to check in and read the latest stories submitted by other men and women of all ages.
Ever since the night we newlyweds 'came out of the closet' regarding our love of masturbation, we've been enjoying self-pleasure together and privately with ever-increasing satisfaction. It's so liberating not to have to hide our masturbation activities. Jacking and jilling is an integral part of our total sexual activities.
We recognize the fact that masturbation orgasms are special and unique; not 'inferior' to those experienced during intercourse or oral sex. There is no shame in the fact that self administered orgasms can be even more intense than other types, simply because each person knows exactly where their triggers are, and they can suspend themselves at the very edge of release almost indefinitely.
When we have intercourse, we frequently begin with a little masturbation 'show and tell.' She spreads her legs and plays with her thick, swollen clit and fleshy labia. As my wife pleasures herself, her cunt lips grow in size and color, taking on a beautiful purple glow. We love to watch each other as our genitals grow thicker and more erect. It's so exciting to boldly stroke and finger ourselves; a delicious combination of voyeurism and exhibition.
Sometimes, even after we've slammed cock and cunt for a while, we may take our orgasms in the form of masturbation. My wife almost always follows a hot fuck session by getting herself off with her Eroscillator, even if she has already had an intercourse orgasm.
Our shared masturbation sessions are totally intense and satisfying. I usually perch my ass on the arm of the couch, facing my wife who stretches out. We turn on our XXX satellite channel or a recorded porn video and start in stroking. Our attention goes back and forth between the TV and each other's glowing genitals. She loves it when I pump my dick up to full size and display a handsome 'standing' boner. I go crazy when when she fluffs up her clit and labia, making butterflies with her pussy lips. Sometimes she dips and thrusts a jelly dildo into her vagina, but usually finishes with that marvelous Eroscillator on her clit. The orgasms she produces with that tool are incredible! She's used it for many years; a real quality pleasure machine. It's quiet and effective!
Over the years, through masturbation, I've developed incredible orgasm control, and I can usually suspend myself on the edge of ejaculation, waiting for just the right moment as her orgasm begins to release. As the first few whimpers of pleasure escape her lips, I pose myself between her legs and take myself over the edge, depositing beautiful ropes and puddles of hot cum on her inner thigh. My semen, hitting her skin just seems to intensify her orgasm.
And of course, our private masturbations are absolutely wonderful! Private means just that - private. We respect each other by giving each other time and opportunity to masturbate. If my wife has to go shopping or run errands, she let's me know how long she expects to be away; knowing that I'll probably use the time for an extended pleasure session. Sometimes she'll call before heading home - an additional courtesy.
I usually sit down at the computer after work; naked with a cold beer. I start out jacking 'dry' while browsing for hot pussy spreads, teen to mature. Reaching erection quickly, I download some of the best pics for further examination and save the URLs for sharing with other online j/o buddies.
After finishing the daily links at the first porn web site, I'm usually ready to lube up my boner with our favorite water based lube, ForPlay. We always keep two bottles on hand for our sexual activities. Those first few lubed strokes are always so intense as they telegraph through my entire body. I prefer to masturbate slowly and lightly, varying my grip and tempo. Having masturbated since I was a young teen, I've learned that the trip is as important as the destination, and the longer I masturbate, the more intense the eventual ejaculations.
Using the 'start and stop' technique, I take myself to the edge several times, teasing and coaxing my cock, seeing how close I can hover at the point preceding orgasm. I let my erection flag, knowing that the electricity will return as I build up the next one. After 30 minutes to an hour, my pre cum is starting to ooze and I frequently like to taste it. Without a doubt, the feelings I produce in my penis and body are superior to those I made at a younger age. Practice makes perfect!
When I finally decide to take my orgasm, the feeling is fantastic, of course. I pick out an especially hot pose, where the girl or woman is looking into the camera, her legs open, her labia hanging down or splayed open. I release the mental trigger, feeling my semen explode deep inside and rocketing down the urethra. Although every ejaculation is good, some are better than others. If I can refrain from jacking off for a couple of days, or at least coming, I find that I have a 'full tank' of cum. A hot three-day load of cum feels great shooting and oozing out my cock.
I always ride my orgasms to the very end, gliding along and milking out every last drop of cum. If I've had a particularly long session, say two to three hours, I find that my cock retains a delightful swollen state for a while, just tingling with pleasure.
So, ladies and gentlemen, that's my latest masturbation story. I hope I've excited and inspired some of you with my account. If you enjoy pleasuring yourself, enjoy it to the maximum! There are no rules. And if you have a partner, think about sharing your love of masturbation. Tell each other how you like to get yourself off. Start a Jack & Jill journal. Do it together and apart, but DO IT!



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