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Mall Parking Lot

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Mall Parking Lot by Steven
Hi. My name is Steven. I am a reasonably attractive male, fit, 170 lbs, 6 feet tall and 28 years old. I am usually horny, however some months I am hornier than others. I guess you could say my hormones go through stages. I have found that even when I am dating a girlfriend that if I am going through one of these horny stages then an active sex life with my girlfriend just isn't enough. The story I am about to tell you is 100% fact - if any of you question my sincerity I would love to meet with you and demonstrate my honesty *s*.

At a young age I realized I was an exhibisionist and loved putting on shows for women. Anyway, this summer I found myself particularly horny one week in June. I wanted to try something new. When I was around 15 I masturbated one time in my backyard so that my neighbor could see. I remember to this day that playing with myself in public was a huge turn on. I wanted to try a repeat but I need a new forum. I decided to share my fantasy with a female friend. She thought my desire was normal but that since it involved playing with myself in public that I needed to do it in a non-confrontational way where the woman watching would not feel threatened and could walk away if she wanted. My friend suggested doing it in a park where some women are hanging out. She figured that if they wanted to leave they could.

So here I was with this hot idea - exhibishionist my plan into action - after all I had spent many nights jerking off and thinking about being watched by women I did not know. One weekend I was going to the mall to shop when I noticed these 2 girls lying in the shade in this grassy park next to the mall. They were maybe between 18 and 25 years old. They were both fit and hot. My mind went into overdrive and I fantasized of ways I masturbating in front of them. I pulled up my car up to the grassy area and parked at the edge of the parking lot to the mall. As I pulled up one of the girls got up, said good bye to her friend and headed towards the mall. The other friend remained lying in the shade wearing a small tank top and these sexy cut off jean shorts. I knew I had to make my move. It was now or never.

I got out of my car, and sat approximately 20 feet from this sexy blond girl. We were secluded enough so that no one could see what I was doing when they drove by. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and decided to discretely pull my cock out of my boxers and shorts and start pulling it a bit. At first I was hesitant and cautious but after a few minutes I was getting turned on just by looking at this girl. She had not looked at me yet. Then she switched positions and looked my way. I was not sure if she noticed or not but she did do a double take. I figured she had to have seen what I was doing to myself. A few minutes later she looked over again and sort of sat up a bit, looked at me intently and then looked away. That was it. I knew she saw me - I was getting soooo turned on I had to be careful not to shoot my load right there and then.

I desperately wanted her to come over to me and watch but how could I manage to do this without freaking her out. It hit me then that if she saw me and did not leave thnbsphe must not have been offended or turned off. I decided to get bolder.

A minute later she stood up, peeked over at me discretely, and then gathered her stuff and motioned as if she was going to leave. I was sooo hard and sooo close I did not want to lose her. I decided to call out to her and hope she would approach me. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I found myself call out to her. I cautiously said, "Hey!" and waited nervously. She looked over, said, "Hi", and walked slowly in my direction. I still kinda doubted she saw what I was up to and I was playing with myself pretty fast now.

I then said, "I hope I don't offend you or anything but I am not sure if you noticed what....." As I broke off she was standing 3-5 feet away from and looked down at my rock hard cock and me jerking myself off. She sort of gasped in this really sexy way and said, "Oh...." She looked around almost if she was seeing if anyone else saw what was going on or maybe she was thinking about leaving. She definitely was not scared because I was sitting down passively and she was standing up above me. I was sooo turned on I thought I was going to cum right then.

I told her that she was sooo hot, sex and attractive that I could not help myself. Surprisingly she thanked me and smiled a bit and sort of giggle. This was too good to be true!!! But it was 100% true and happening to me!

I told her I was sooo turned on and I was going to cum any second. She giggled, looked around and then looked back ay me. I was sooo hard I just kept stroking it for a second or two longer until I started to shoot jets and jets of cum all over the grass while she watched me intensely.

I looked up at her, smiled, said, "Wow!" or something stupid like that. She kinda giggled again - this time a little more uncomfortably - and then she sort of turned, and stumbled or drifted away. She looked back at me almost in a daze as if she could not believe what had happened but she was still smiling. I sat there in disbelief but totally turned on.

What a perfect day to go to the mall."



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