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Making love with Hannah

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Hannah and I had a phone sex relationship for 7 months that was hot and steamy. But I found myself wanting more. Everytime I saw her at the bookstore I fantasized about actually getting her in bed. We had both hinted around about it for a while. One day during one of our wonderfully erotic phone sessions she suddenly blurted out that she wanted to take "this" to a new level. I knew what she meant and told her I had been wanting it for a while myself. We made plans for lunch the very next day. That afternoon and evening I was so excited about what would happen the following day. I had never been with a woman before and really wanted to play it cool. I didn't want to mess this up because Hannah was such a huge turn on. I was hoping that it wasn't going to be a mistake. That next morning it was like I was going on a date or something! I went all through my closet trying to find the perfect thing to wear. I opted for my best pair of tight fitting jeans and a thin raspberry color v-neck sweater that showed off my curves. Underneath I was wearing a pair of white thongs with tiny little pink embroidered flowers on them.....with matching bra of course because I ALWAYS wear matching bras with my panties. It's just a thing with me. LOL I sprayed my body with perfume....in hidden places as well!! I jumped in the car and drove to the restaurant. She was already there waiting for me. She was drinking a margarita and I ordered one as well. I thought it would help take the tension off a bit and it certainly did the trick for me. I felt totally at ease with her. We talked about numerous things while we ate our lunch. The conversation eventually turned to sex and what we like to do in the bedroom. I already had a pretty good idea of what she liked as our phone conversations mostly led to the bedroom anyway!! The more we talked the more aroused I became. I let her know in no uncertain terms that I wanted to taste her cum and that I planned on making her cum many times that afternoon. She actually blushed and it was so sweet!! She excused herself to go to the restroom and when she came back she slipped me something under the table. It was her panties!!!! HEY!!!!! That was MY move!! She stole MY move!! LOL LOL OMG! It was so erotic to be sitting there with her damp panties in my hand. I looked at them and felt them in my hands. Silky royal blue bikinis. The crotch was damp. I rubbed my fingers over the dampness and brought my fingers to my nose so I could smell it. The aroma made something in me stir. We had to get out of there now! We went back to my house (hubby at work of course). We were on one another as soon as we entered the door. We were stripping our clothes off and on the couch in a flash! No hesitation there at all. Her skin was pale and silky, her breasts I would say about a 32c, large for her frame I thought. They were heavy in my hands and the nipples were a light rosey color. I ran my fingers over her nipples and they became instantly hard. Her hands were running up and down my back and we lay there kissing and kind of rolling around on the couch for a while. I love love LOVE to kiss so I was in no hurry at that point. Her tongue swirling around mine and her hands roaming over my body made my skin tingle with delite. I felt the curve of her hip as my own hand started roaming. I grabbed that sweet little ass of hers and squeezed, patted and then spanked it a little bit. She giggled at the spanking I gave her. Not hard of course. Just enough to get her little butt a bit red after a few swats. She loved that!! I finally pushed her down On the couch and held her hands and started kissing down the front of her body. First her mouth, then her neck and ears where I lingered just a bit as she was wiggling and sighing at the feeling of my tongue there. I slid my lips down her throat and then took her nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the tip. She moaned loudly and groaned even louder. She grabbed my head and pressed it into her breast to get me even closer. My left hand reached up and caressed her other nipple. My thumb running over it getting the response I wanted. My lips drifted further down her stomach and I kissed and licked around her navel. It was so cute and her tummy was nice and flat and taunt too. So very sexy!! My hands reached down and were running up and down the inside of her thighs tickling her. She spread her legs I think almost unknowingly. My fingers worked their way up her thighs and then I ran them lightly over the lips. She had very little hair there. she was trimmed very nicely which I thought sexy as all hell!! I found that she was already wet. I rubbed my hand up and down the lips for a little while, kind up cupping her pussy in my hand as I kissed and sucked on her nipples. I slowly opened her lips and found my little prize!!! It already looked swollen and red to me as I ran my fingers over it again and again. I watched her face as I did this. She had her eyes closed and she was biting her lower lip which was completely and utterly so sensual to me. She kept sighing and was starting to move her hips back and forth against my finger. I could stand it no longer!! I got down between her legs and pushed her legs further apart. I slid my finger deep inside her pussy. It slipped in so easily as she was so wet already. I loved the feeling of her pussy around my finger. She kept clenching her vaginal muscles around my finger nice and steady. Like it was trying to suck my finger. I touched her clit with my finger and watched as it twitched. Adorable!! I had to have my tongue on it. I needed to taste her badly. I bent my head down and in a very soft whisper she said "oh, yes babe, lick me". That's all the encouragement that I needed. Now I had never licked a woman's clit before so this was foreign to me. But I know what I like so I imitated that with her. She seemed to love it because the moment my tongue hit her clit she grabbed my hair and moaned very loudly and started thrusting her hips against my tongue. It was a bit hard to keep up with her thrusts at first but I got the rhythm down and finally was able to keep up with her thrusts. I pressed my tongue against her clit and swirled it all around nice and firm. I'd stop a second then start back up again, over and over it went like this as she rocked her pussy against my tongue. Stopping and starting over an over again. Then I sucked that swollen red little clit into my mouth and put steady pressure on it as my tongue kept flicking at it. She was wiggling more and more and breathing in short little fits. She kept kicking her legs and writhing around under me for the longest time. I loved the taste of her too. She was very sweet with just a hint of saltiness. Not bitter at all and her juices were clear and thick too. I sucked all that I could get while licking her like that. I zeroed in on her clit one last time and her little butt came right off the couch and her entire body stiffened, she was pushing my head trying to get my mouth even closer than it was, her hips were rocking against my tongue in a frenzy and then she started moaning and saying Yeah yeah yeah, right there, oh god!!!! Then finally her total release, she screamed just a little and her pussy was sort of riding my mouth. Wiggle against my tongue. She came nice and hard and the juices just kept flowing and flowing. So yummy delicious!! Her orgasm drifted back down and finally she settled down on the couch panting and rubbing her nipples. I lifted my head up and looked at her and licked my lips. She giggled and blushed. I think that is so charming and sweet when she does that. It was such a turn on to know that I had actually brought on this wonderful juicy orgasm for her. I loved all of it, the feel of her clit as it grew very hard on my tongue, the juices as they flowed freely into my mouth, feeling her pussy lips engorged, watching them turn a deep shade of red like that, feeling her body stiffen, hearing her cumming, watching her face as she got her release. That was truly the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed or done with another human being. But the afternoon was not over............

I hope you enjoyed this story. More on making love with Hannah later....



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