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Making Love to Myself

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hello, I always wanted to share something in solo, want to encourage everyone not just to masturbate, but to make love to yourself.
what do I mean ? I want to describe how I do it almost every saturday night. I like to spend all night doing it.
I always get all naked to do it. Then I get online to searh for something to get me hot, or sometimes I just feel too horny and dont need anything else but myself. All naked I start passing my hands all over my body, caressing everything, my legs, my arms, my shoulders, my torso, hmmm my balls, everything except my cock, I like to leave it for later. It is so great to caress your nipples, I love it and like to focus on them.
I continue like this as I get very horny, my cock gets hard, my nipples too and I start to sweat. I caress my balls while rubbing my nipples too hmmmm, or caress my nipples while caressing my neck. It makes you very erotic to do that. I keep exchanging my hands from place to place. While I caress one nipple, with my other hand I start down my foot, go all way up my legs, caress my torso, up rubbing my nipple hmm, and finish caressing my neck, hmmmmm
Keeping like this starts making me very sensitive, every touch feels so much more better than the last. My cock starts getting wet and is when I like to start getting messy.While I caress my nipple or balls, I press one finger over the tip of my cock mmmnnn and get it around, to get wet with precum, hmm lots of it. Then I take it to my mouth and taste it. This gets me absolutely hot and I start moaning guietly. Gets me so hot to taste it, I mean I am tasting something that comes from my own body, realizing this makes the feeling even more intense, hmmm.
From now own, I keep one hand caressing all my body, specially my nipples, while with the other, I press the tip of my cock with two fingers up and down slowly, to get more precum. Hmmmnnnn I keep taking my precum and tasting it hmmm, cant get enought of it. At this point Im really hot hmm, and I take some more precum hmm and rub it over my face. Hmmm the feeling is incredible, I take some more and rub it over my lips. SO HOT ! I now wet my shoulder with precum hmmm. Hmmm feels so good to get all messy, I like to keep like this for hours, and I just keep getting more sensitive.
I keep rubbing precum all over my body. after a while, my face, my neck, my shoulders are all covered in precum hmmmmmm, being covered in my precum makes me feel so so EROTIC, so SENSUAL
Hmmmmm at this point I have spend a lot of time masturbating, over an hour or an hour and a half. My naked body is all sweaty and covered in precum. I feel all sticky, all my body is sitcky, I grab now my cock and start jerking slowly, all my hand gets wet hmmm from time to time I lick the precum from each one of my fingers, or pass my wet hand over me.
I start jerking off faster hmmmmmm when I cum, it will be so intense
Sometimes when I feel like it, I love to finish fingering myself while I jerk off. I get my finger very wet with precum and saliva, hmmm and get it deep on my ass, hmmmmm I start moving it around slowly while I continue jerking, faster and faster. I dont want this to finish dont want to cum, the feeling is so great hmmmm.
I just think in all the pleasure Im giving to my body,I hold as long as I can hmmmm, OOhhhh finallly I cummmm. Hmmmmmmmmmm the orgasm is so intense hmmmm my cum shoots strong, up my torso hmmmm some reach my face. AHHHHHHHHH. While I still feel very horny I rub the cum in my body and taste some of it too hmmmmmmmm. I lay on the floor, very tired. I like to rest a bit, thinking how good I made love to myself hmmmmmm
I fell sleep with all the precum and cum over my body, hmmmmmmm
I would like everyone who likes to masturbate quickly, to try it like I do. To get very erotic with yourself
You wont regret, dont be afraid to experiment with your body
I had one of those nights while writing this hmmm. Feels so good to have your body covered in your own wet.



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