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Lynn Turned Cuckold Wife

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I wrote this story to tell my remembrance of a fun evening. My hubby loves to watch or film me with strangers I meet.

Well all this started about 2 yrs ago and ever since my husband has sent in sex stories of me with different guys I meet. He'd always try to get me to do different things so he could watch me screw. I sometimes feel I'm pleasing him and not me. I started to cheat a little a few years after we got married from curiosity I think as he was my first man. Then I got pregnant with our son and stopped all that. I have never been shy around men at all, I love sex and my favorites are guys18 plus. When hubby found out about my affairs we split up for awhile but got back together.  I was 33 then now I'm 36 with brown hair 5ft 6in, 36c chest and a curvy body. I am into tanning and keeping in good shape. Since hubby wanted to watch me fuck other men I have really got into the cuckold wife syndrome. He has bought very good video equipment and loves recording my sexual experiences with others. Most of the time I bring them home as I feel safer and more comfortable. Hubby is usually around somewhere and lets me do whatever I want, from being picked up in a bar or what they call dogging in public. Most of the time he asks me to do what he'd liked to see me do.


Well this I my first time writing one of these stories so here goes. I had not done anything this past cold winter so spring sun felt good. Canadian winters can be long. I loved getting into my shorts and getting into gardening. We live across from a nice big city park that I like to sit and read if weather is nice. I usually get a good tan going early, this year I fake-tanned a few times to get started. My husband usually asks me if I'm into some fun but this time I asked him. He's been working long hrs and I didn't feel like it but with warmer weather here I am getting into the mood to meet someone. The last couple of weeks I was thinking about what I'd like to do then I remembered the night with a pro football player a year ago. His roommate was a black player, I asked if any of them go to the bar where I met him, and he told me then that he could ask any if they would like to meet an attractive woman. I have his phone number but never thought I'd call him. My encounters mostly have been a one night stands. So I talked to my husband and said would it be alright if I went out, then I told him what I wanted to do. My son was going camping with him so I thought it would be fun. Hubby has always liked to watch from outside or videotape me fucking. He only asked for me to do it here, and I agreed no problem.



The next day, I called Adam, the player, and asked him if he could arrange a meeting with someone. He remembered me and said sure, and he might come for a beer also. Adam said he wouldn't stay long. I said it would be nice to see him again; he was awesome in bed. My husband left in the afternoon for camping and asked if I could turn on his 3 cameras that he had hidden in our basement bedroom, and I agreed.



I was getting excited thinking about what might happen that evening. I had a nice bubble bath and did my hair and makeup. I was going to wear a black bra and panties with my black cocktail dress. I had a shot of tequila and headed out. The bar was not far away and I got there about 8:00. Not many people were there and Adam wasn't there yet so I sat at the bar. Adam got there about 1/2 hour later with 2 beautiful young black men. They were in great shape but I was wondering why he brought 2. I didn't want to have a 3some tonight. Adam gave me a big hug and introduced his friends Trevor and Rex, both were tall hunks. Adam said let's get a table and talk.



I had a gin and tonic and the guys had a beer. Both Black men were American. Rex was the oldest at 27 and Trevor was 23, both new to Canada. We all talked and told stories most of their college football days. Trevor was sitting on 1 side of me Rex on the other both men smelled good. Adam saw I was having fun. I had to outside for a cigarette and when I came back in the music had started. Adam asked me to dance as he knew I liked to. He held me close and said he wished it was him I wanted tonight. He said both men wanted me and who I wanted or I could have both. I told Adam I think Trevor was my choice, probably because he was the youngest but not both. Adam said he understood as we talked lots the last time we were together. We went back in and I went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I returned Adam and Rex gave me a big hug and said goodnight. Rex whispered in my ear maybe a rain check I smiled and said maybe and he gave me his phone number. After Adam hugged me he said you owe me a favor now and smiled and said really.



It was packed in the bar that night, Trevor and I just babbled away he was awesome to talk to. The Southern accent turned me on. We danced a lot, both slow dances he held me tight to him, he was 6-2 so my head was against his chest. The second dance he wore light dress pants and I could feel his harden pressing against me, more of a turn-on. It was around midnight and I had quite a few drinks he only had 3 beers. He asked if I wanted another I said no how about 1 at my place. Right away went and paid the bar bill. He took me to my car and followed me home. We went down to our bar and pool room and had a tequila shot. He grabbed me and finally gave me a kiss, it was great we had our tongues wrapped around each other, his hand was on my ass holding me close. I said I had to get comfortable and pour myself another shot. I went and turned my hubby's recording equipment on, got out of my dress and just bra and panties and stockings on went back down.



Trevor, I take it loved it, pulled me close and we kissed. My knees were weak as I stood with him. I couldn't help myself, I led him to the bedroom. I sat him down and the music was playing and I started a striptease for him. It was slow so I put my leg beside him and peeled my nylons down, each time putting them over his head, he would smell my perfume. Then I slowly took off my bra and threw it at him giggling. Then I turned around and slowly removed my panties. I put them in his pants pocket then straddled him kissing. I could feel his cock against my pussy. He picked me up like a doll kissing me, he was so gentle I loved it. He laid me down on the bed and removed his clothes. I couldn't believe it, he was gorgeous, no body hair, his skin was jet black. His cock was awesome, at least 10 or 11 inches. He laid down beside me and started sucking my tits with his finger in my pussy. I was so wet I think I was dripping. He was such a great kisser as well. I couldn't help but go down to his great cock. I actually had 2 hands around it. My mouth was all over him licking and sucking. I actually licked his asshole, kissing everything, all the way up to his lips and back down to his cock. I could tell he loved everything I did. Then I got on him sliding his rock-hard cock in me. At first, I could only go 1/2 way down the shaft then eventually had nearly all of him in me. I couldn't help but ride him, then without taking him out I did a spin around and was doing a reverse cowgirl on him. His hands were on my ass moving me. He put his thumb in my ass and I came, I think I really creamed on him as I got up to lay back to let him mount me. His body was so warm on my skin, his cock felt so good I was breathing so heavily. My fingernails were gabbing his ass with every big stroke.



I'm not sure but I think he was in me for almost an hour. I stopped him and got back on top to slobber all over his cock then stood on the side of the bed and told him to get behind me. He had such stamina, that's why I love younger men. He started to lick my ass and then put his cock back in me. He came fairly quickly then and the last push he bottomed me and I fell on the bed exhausted. We lay for a while just totally relaxed, when he started to get up I said stay with me. I have never done that before as my husband was usually outside. We both fell asleep.



I woke up first and got up and made us a coffee still naked and came back in with it. Then of course he was hard again. I was a little sore but still took him. Then he had a shower and left. That night was one of the best nights of sex I have had. I checked hubby's videos and got excited again about what I did. The tape had run out shortly after we finished so hubby didn't see the morning action ( haha too bad ). Trevor asked if I would call him, I said maybe someday. Then I started thinking in my twisted mind about what it would be like with Trevor and Rex fucking me at the same time. I will let everyone know later.




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