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A delivery man calls....

“OK, bye.” “Tash! That was Jack the timber man, saying he’ll be here the day after tomorrow at 10:30 to deliver some logs. OK?” shouted Sue. Positioned on the table 2 coffee cups, hand cream. It’s 10:15; a light fluttering in my stomach. Minutes pass; 15….25…..30. A bang on the door. “Got yer logs for you, missy. Where d’ye want them? Same as before?” “Yep. I’ll give you a hand.” “Not like that missy. S’man’s work, OK. Delicate flower like you shifting logs. Naa!” “I’ll fix you a coffee for when you’re done.” “That’d’be great.” “OK missy. S’all done then.” “Come in, sit yourself down. Coffee’s just ready.” “Remember coming ‘ere a few months back. D’yer remember? Must have been last winter.” “Yes, I can remember. We had coffee…” My voice trailed away. “Yeah, a good delivery that war.” A pause; music playing. “Must be tiring work shifting all that wood and stuff. Last time you were here I think you had some light relief from your work, didn’t you?” My mouth felt dry. His eyes lit up; he smiled. “Perhaps you’ve a few minutes for relaxation?” “I sure ’ave! Anything for a bit of relief from hunking wood around!” “Perhaps I can help with your next delivery?” No answer; a smile. “Coffee done? Through here, then." Take the hand cream. "Sit on the couch there and undo your shirt.” Strong looking chest comes into view. “Gonna use the mirror again are we? I liked that last time.” “Mmmm, hadn’t thought of it,…..but no; too difficult to arrange.” Rake my nails down his chest; tweak the nipples gently. Hands slide right down to his trousers, across the front. Belt undone, zip open, grab trousers on each side and pull down. Exposure! It’s been at rest; caught out, now springing to attention. Thicker and longer than I recall. Magnificent! Good for 2 hands to manipulate it…… I lean over it, breath on it . His eyes start to glaze. Just touch my tongue to the base, flick it side to side as it rises along the length, pause beneath the head. “Watch and enjoy, no touching!” Fingers encircle the engorged organ. A groan. “Who’s a big boy now! Most impressive!” Flattery: good for his ego. A movement starts: up and down, slowly and gently. Kneeling, I pull it towards me and let go: thwack! I pull it towards me and let go: thwack! A sharp intake of breath. I grasp it one hand above the other and move them in tandem up and down the pole, quite firmly.  The other hand pulls the skin taught down to the base of the pole and holds it there. The top hand, very well lubricated with the cream, starts to work in earnest. It slides right up to the top of the straining organ, down again, a few slow strokes, then begins to move, really move. Flies up and down the shaft over the slick skin. Jack breathing heavily. Hands gripping the sofa, pulling at the material. Getting near. Hand won’t stop. Jack gasping. “Oh missy, yeah, yeah!” I stop. Keep the tension with the lower hand. Slosh on more cream. Hand starts its motion, slow…….. quick……. fast. “Ohhh baby!” Hand flying up and down from as far down as possible up to tip and beyond and hard down again. “Uhhhhhh!” Jack generates his own cream, bursting forth strongly. Bottom hand releases while top one continues slower motion, helping Jack through his crisis. Flow eases; urgency subsides. Gentle milking and caressing. “Seemed a good delivery, that.” “It war, to be sure. What a relief. Hoped something like that might happen.” “I’m delighted to be able to help! Better see you out.” Alone again – - but with the hots now!



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