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Lucky Night in Vegas

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Every January, I go to a trade show in Las Vegas for work. Itís always crowded and the ratio of men to women makes it pretty much unthinkable that you might hook up with a hot lady there (unless theyíre for hire). So I always work my 4 days, and spend the last night at the craps table trying to turn $500 into something more (but usually spending most of it and chalking it up to entertainment).

This year, I was at the craps table about 8 on Friday night, already down about $300. It was my roll, and things actually started looking up ‚?? I had a pretty good streak. Enough so that the table finally got a little rowdy and people started to get excited. In the midst of that, a guy behind me started asking about rules of the game, etc.. He was in his early 20‚??s, and clearly hadní?t played craps but wanted to give it a try. As my run got hotter, he finally stepped up to the table to my left and started betting very cautiously.

My run ended, and I was pretty close to even (at last), when Tysen (found out his name later) took the dice. I finally got a good look at him, and realized he was one of those ultra-sexy model-good-looks dudes that makes even straight guys like me take notice. Heís 6í3Ē, angular face, searing blue eyes, couple of subtle piercings, and a very buff body he was clearly proud of given his tight double-layer of t-shirts.

Tysen proceeded to go on the hottest streak Iíve ever seen at a craps table, rolling for 45 minutes and getting the table revved up. I was making bigger bets than usual, taking every roll as a come bet with full odds. He chatted me up about how to bet, and I helped him with his own strategy. As his streak got hotter, I couldnít help but notice his not-so-subtle hardon whenever he wasnít leaning against the table. We were at a crowded table, and being next to this hot guy who was so turned on gave ME a hardon that I tried unsuccessfully to hide (Iím 32, about 6‚??2, very lean, but have an 8+ inch very thick cock).

To make matters worse, Tysen rolled more double-4s than is humanly possible (hard-8 in craps parlance). Everyone at the table had bets on hard-8 after a while, and every time he rolled another there were shouts and cheers and high-fives all around. Tysen started making remarks about how much he loved those hard-8‚??s and I swore he was looking down at the bulge in my pants when he said it. And his hardon was definitely NOT going away.

When his streak ended, I was up more than $5,000 and just giddy. Tysen asked why I was leaving when I traded my chips in, and I told him it was best to quit while youíre ahead. So he did the same as did several others. Heíd turned $100 (all he had, as it turned out) into $800, and STILL had a hardon that looked to me like it was leaking a precum spot onto his jeans. We both went to the cashier together, and I told him Iíd buy him a drink or a hooker or anything else he wanted after that incredible run.

We ordered drinks, and I found out he was there with his dad, who gave him the $100 to gamble while the dad was going to some work-related gig that night. I finally had to tease him about his ďexcitementĒ at the table, and he said it was a huge turn on to be on that roll. Then he mentioned that it looked like I had my own hardon going on. We laughed, and I confessed I was turned on too, blaming it on 4 days of trade show with no sex except for beating off a couple times a day.

He asked if Iíd ever masturbated with another dude, and I hadnít since messing around a little as a teenager. But since I discovered solotouch a few month ago, Iíve always thought about doing this with a guy, so told Tysen Iíd definitely be up for it if wanted to. Thatís all it took, and we were on our way to my room. My heart was racing as we rode the elevator and he told me how he wanted to see my cock. By the time we tore our clothes off in my room, we were both harder than steel. He said that heíd done this with some of his buddies before, but never touched a cock as big as mine. He was no slouch himself, with an awesome body and probably around 7 inches of throbbing wet cock with a big head. We stood facing each other, and I put my hands on his shoulders as he reached over and started playing with my cock. It was heaven for me, and I just moaned as he started to work it.

I rubbed his body with both hands, working my way towards his cock. Just as I finally grabbed his meat, he convulsed and spewed a huge load all over me. He apologized for being so quick, but I thought it was hot as hell. We moved to the bed, where I was lying down and he was sitting on my legs, working me with both hands, using his cum to lube me up. I moaned with every stroke, and he was already hard again. After 15 minutes of pure ecstasy, I exploded with maybe the biggest orgasm Iíd ever had, spewing all over my chest and the bed.

I took my plentiful seed and rubbed it all over Tysenís super hard cock, as he lay down on the bed and I propped myself up next to him. After just a few minutes of stroking and telling him how hot he was, Tysen shot a river of spunk for the second time.

We cleaned up a bit, watched the fountain show from my window, and both got hard again. We both came two more times with him over the next couple hours, including showing off a bit for the room service guy who delivered a bottle of champagne but thatís another story! Unfortunately, I was going home early Saturday, so thatís the last I saw of him. But Iím definitely going to find more dudes to beat off with itís truly hot and something that every should try!



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