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Loving My Own Feet

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I don't know if you would call what I have a 'foot fetish', but it more than likely is, especially for my own feet. The background:

All during my teen years, I almost never showed my feet. Any time I was at school, with friends, or even awake at home, I always had on socks at the minimum. The only time I didn't was either getting out of the shower or going to bed. I was always embarrassed when anyone saw them, so I always had them covered up. Even during the middle of summer when everyone else had on sandals or were barefoot, I always had shoes on.

One afternoon last summer I was with a friend and I was going with her to a birthday party at the park for a younger relative, and like always I had on my tennis shoes and socks. Before we left her house she asked me how come I always wore them and never wore sandals, and I told her I just didn't and was used to it. She then said that she could let me wear a pair of her flip flops there so I would be more comfortable. I told her it was OK and that I was fine, but she kept on insisting and went back up to her room to get them. She was gone for a minute and came back with a pair of sparkly silver flip flops that she said would look cute on me. I really felt nervous about her seeing my bare feet, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. I finally told her I'd wear them, and sat down and slowly took off my shoes and socks and slipped them on. I stayed there for a few seconds just staring at my bare, unpainted toes when she said we needed to go so we wouldn't be late.

The whole time we were there it felt like the only thing that people were focusing on were my feet, especially when I walked because of the 'slap-slapping' against my soles, even though I knew they weren't. I do have to say I did feel more comfortable because I didn't have my hot shoes on, but not only that, having my bare feet on display made me SO FUCKING HORNY. I guess it was just because I never did, but showing people my feet was like showing them my tits or my pussy. I'm glad I wasn't wearing light colored pants, because by the time we left I was wet and desperately needed to masturbate, but that was put on hold because afterwards we went to another friends' house, where again the conversation started about finally wearing flip flops. I played a straight face and just shrugged it off as no big deal, but inside my pussy was so itchy and damp that I could have fingered myself right there in front of them and not felt bad about it.

The night went on and eventually we got back to her house, and I told her I would just bring her sandals back to her tomorrow, but she said I could keep them since she had a ton of them and said that they looked good on me. I thanked her and got in my car and went home, hardly concentrating on the road since I was so horny. When I got to my house I made sure that my parents were both in bed so they wouldn't see me coming in barefoot, then tiptoed upstairs with my shoes in one hand, sandals in the other. I barely had my door closed and light on before I tore off my clothes and started rubbing my pussy, but I had a thought, and I slipped those sandals on and masturbated wearing nothing but them. I laid on my back and fingered myself with my legs up, staring at my toes with those sparkly flip flops wrapped around on them and I have to say, it was the best orgasm I had ever had in my life. It was so good I had to cum two more times before I could even think about falling asleep. When I was done I hid them in my closet and put on a clean pair of panties and eventually drifted off.

Anyway, time went on and at first I kept them in my car and changed into them when I went out, mainly so my parents wouldn't know about it. I eventually brought them out and slowly let them see my feet, and even though my mom made kind of a big deal about it at first, it dropped after a few days and I started going barefoot around the house more often. That's not to say that I got over my feelings about my feet, because it was actually the opposite. If anything, showing them off, painting my nails and wearing sandals actually made me more aware of how much I liked my feet. If I am at someones' house I'll get barefoot and stretch my legs out, and it turns me on knowing they can see my soles and wiggling toes. Sometimes when I am out and have flip flops on I need to make a stop at the bathroom and, if I'm alone, I'll rub a quick one out. At night I would constantly moisturize and play with them, and that would just get me more in the mood and make my orgasms that much better. One night I found out how much I like having them licked and sucked, and that turned into my favorite way to masturbate, even though I don't do it very often. After a hot shower so I'm nice and clean, I will lay down and slide my vibrator inside me and bring my foot up and start sucking my toes at the same time. The first time I came with my toes in my mouth, it felt soooooooo good. Sometimes I would hold my vibe with my feet and just rub my clit, letting it buzz away on my toes.

Sorry if this started to turn into a book, but there were a few things I needed to get off my chest, and since I have never told anyone about how I feel I figured this was a good place to let it all out, especially how I love to masturbate over my own feet. And after writing and re-reading it, I'm pretty sure I do have a foot fetish.



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