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Love As Seen By a Man as a Woman

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What it would feel like to be a woman being pleasured by a woman, written from a man's point of view, guaranteed to make you cum....


I am a man writing this as a woman would do it...I guarantee to make you cum...

Are you ready to fly, fly higher than ever before, well get ready...here we go...lay back and experience the best of the best as I take you on a trip never to be forgotten. 
I have an array of massage oils and balms set up next to you, you are lying on a large plastic pool float, yes a pool float, this will make it so much easier for us to move around.  I am taking the massage oils in my hands rubbing then together so that they are warm...ready, I hope so. 
You are laying on your front as I slowly start to apply the oils to your body starting with your feet, rubbing and massaging each one, then slowly moving up to your calves and thighs.  Applying the oils and balms liberally to you I can feel your body tingling as you are massaged gently with my hands finding and exploring every inch of you.  I now work my way up to your ass spending time rubbing your soft subtle round cheeks.  I can feel you tense up as I enter the crack of your ass, yet you know what you want and where you want my hands.  You open your legs spreading them just enough for me to slip my oiled hands in between the crack of your ass.  I can feel you as you move your body off the mattress making sure that my hands go further down and in your ass crack. 
I slowly work my fingers down to your ass hole you have anticipated this and welcome my finger as it touches your rectum I can feel and see it pucker up.  I gently move my fingers around the outside as you bring your butt closer to my fingers.  I take this as a request from you that you want my finger in your ass.  Slowly I push my finger in one digit at a time as you start to moan in anticipation of the entire finger in you.  Slowly it makes its way in, I can feel you accepting it graciously and lovingly wanting more.  I have more don't worry but it's not time yet, you have to wait.
I remove my finger slowly I can feel your disappointment, but don't worry there will be more.  I continue the massage after cleaning my fingers to make sure that they are sanitary for the rest of the massage.  Your back is tense, relax Pink, I am just getting started.  Slowly I continue the massage relieving the tensions that have built up during the day.  Your neck is also tight as I work on those muscles making then ease up you are now so relaxed as I massage your arms, hands and fingers.
Now I gently roll you over, your body being covered in massage oils it is easy as you slide on the float.  Your legs are closed, are you afraid, don't be....I will be more gentle than you can imagine.  I again start with your feet, they need and require a good foot rub, better than you have ever received, toes, arches, insteps you are enjoying this.  I start to work my way up your legs and again your legs are tight together as I rub the inside of your thighs as I slowly work my way up.  I open your legs slightly just exposing enough of your pussy to make it interesting, I can see the inside of your pussy lips they are moist, you have been wanting and waiting for this part.  I stop just before you get to excited and move my hands to your breasts and nipples, they the nipples are standing straight up the aerola are a light brown with dark nipples on them.  As I touch them you feel a warmth come over your body, you raise you butt off the float in anticipation of what is next.  I put my head down on your nipple area and start to just lick around the nipples with my tongue circling the nipples licking only your aerola.  You are going wilder and wilder inside you want more, here it comes.  I continue the massage down your stomach your abs are tight you are controlling your breathing  to coincide with my rubbing.  You open your legs waiting for what is next s I work my hands down to you vagina now dripping and wanting to be touched, suck and licked.  But not just yet as I gently place my middle finger  into you vagina I find that elusive clit of yours, it is waiting to be touched and as I do it becomes engorged with blood and stands straight out.  I take two fingers and rub it between them you immediately cum all over my hand.  Oh, you are so fucking wet right now begging for more from me.  I give you more as I move my head down to your pussy and enter with my tongue you raise your ass off the float wanting more of me, take it talk all I can give you, don't stop cumming please.  Let it come out as I suck your pussy juices oh they taste so fucking good.  You are experiencing feeling that you didn't know existed, you have never been eaten, sucked and licked like this before. 
Now as you lay there I mount you, I am as wet as you as you stick your finger in me and feel my wetness, I cum all over you.  You open your legs wide as I make our vaginas meet, you can feel the warmth of my body and I can feel yours, this is different and good.  Our pussy juices mix as I grind my clit into yours you and I cum at the same time, oh that feels good but wait I'm not done yet.  I play with my pussy and yours at the same time and all of a sudden it happens....I start to squirt ejaculate from my pussy....streams and streams of hot and definitely wet ejaculate is coming out of me and going all over you.  It apparently turns you on even more to feel this liquid because you have the biggest orgasm you have ever experienced as you push your pussy tighter into mine.  You can feel my squirts going into you...as you moan in exstacy wanting and taking more of me....pushing harder and harder up against my pussy...
Do you feel good now I hope so because I want more form you...let me know what you are going to do to me...I still have a few surprises left for you that I am sure you will enjoy...



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