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Los Angeles Surprise

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Los Angeles surprise with University Professor


I was 22 when this happened. I was quite popular with the females and had a regular girlfriend at the time. I was, as it turned out I was and am Bi Situational however was unaware of the term at the time in the early 1980's!

I just keww I liked sex with females and males!

I will give you some of my true Bi Situational experiences before telling the also true story of Los Angeles my Professor!

I had masturbated with high school buddies and while we were unaware at the time, by chance we were all well hung so we thought our cocks were 'normal'

My friend Chucky had a nice cock. Mine at 7 3/4 long and thick at 6 1/2 around at the base & circumcised was the middle size of the three then there was Dan with his uncut very thick and very long at about 8 1/4 penis,

I can still see it to this day him laying on his back, all of us shoulder to shoulder touching, close to me as he was stroking with the sperm ejaculating in dribbles and smearing all over his foreskin slining back and forth.

We all thought we were quite masculine and ended up measuring each other and that was in Dans bedroom on a Friday evening with his parents home and the door locked. What a sight it must have been, all three of us shoulder to shoulder on his bed pants at our ankles and shirtless masturbating!!

Then when I was 19 I was driving Taxi part time while in College and had an experience with a regular customer.

He was probably 40 ish and was always nice to me and it was a sweltering hot day. He invited me to his apartment for ice water to take a break from the heat it was early afternoon.

I sat down and he walked up in his underwear and that surprised me, he brought over a fan and sat on the carpet, and invited me to do so. He had a place mat and placed snacks in bowels.

He suggested I strip to my underwear to feel the cool air on body...I was curious and horney so I did. Then as I sat there he laughed and pulled off his underwear revealing a small penis and big balls! He said as men it was okay to be nude!

Soon he was erect and asked if that was okay I said yes he then asked me to take off my underwear and by now I was fully erect, I stook up, dropped my underwear and he gasped, as I say cross legged my hairy balls (Blonde hair) were hanging low from the heat and my cock was pressing against my tummy the head about an inch above my belly button!

He commented that I had a beautiful muscular body and came over wrapping his arms around me and took my penis in hand and started to masturbate me and knelt beside me placing my hand on his penis soon as I stroked the uncut cock which fascinated me I felt warm liquid all over as he groaned and then I started cumming spurting up on my chest and neck! It was wonderful!

Now to the Los Angeles Professor situation: I was in line at a Burger Chain and waiting for my order when one of my former Professors from the prior year said hello he invited me to follow to his place for a swim.

On arrival I saw this beautiful home with an outdoor swimming pool. He invited me to swim and showed up nude with a pair of swim trunks and said I could swimm nude or in trunks..I said nude was fine. I was drawn to his balls, they hung low and he had a smooth penis that was about five inches long hanging flaccid.

I stripped nude and he said I looked great which made me wonder and I went in and swam around.

I was getting aroused and he suggested I get on a float and sun myself..I said I was too embarrassed! He dared me and I jumped out of the pool fully erect and walked over to get the float and he said my my look at you all proud and hard and nice package!! I said sorry I was really horney.

As I lay on the float he suggested sun screen or I will burn...I went back where he was sitting, to the glass table and chairs and he rubbed it all over my back, my bum and then went between my legs all over my butt crack, I thought I was going to ejaculate right then and there...

I turned around and he was fully erect, a thin long penis with a great cock head. He said don't worry about being hard you have a great body and a big penis and obviously are horney which is normal at your age.

Then he got to his knees and started rubbing lotion all over my legs and was face to face with my cock and rubbed all around without touching, then as he stood up he stood so close rubbing lotion on my shoulders that his penis was touching me....

Abruptly he sat down and offered me a drink, T was wondering what is going on? He sat there legs crossed and commented about how nice erections feel and look, I was naive and crossed my legs and turned away ..then he asked me to come in and follow him to his bedroom.

He had me lay down and knelt by my shoulders rubbing massage oil on me asking if I wanted to cum and I said yes he said we would do it together...as he re positioned by my shoulders he leaned forward and his balls were touching my face...I felt some thing very warm and wet but could not see and he had placed my penis in his mouth for a few seconds!!!

Then he started stroking his penis and came all over me and then slowly stroked my cock up and down with one hand pulling on my balls with the other and had me stand up on the bed ...I was holding my hands on the ceiling as I ejaculated all over his hands and he kept rubbing the cum on my cock and balls....it was a wonderful experience.

Later as we sat nude on his couch I was hard again and he asked me to masturbate for him as a show and I came again which was very erotic..he explained that at his age he needed longer recovery time before cumming again.

I ended up spending the night and he masturbated me again and I stroked him this went on until late then in the morning he masturbated me just before I left and I loved every minute.

Now I am still Bi Situational and enjoy the occasional mutual masturbation with a good friend!



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