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Long Lunch

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I took a long lunch..


I am a 45-year-old middle manager for a large company headquartered in the Midwest. I have been married for 15 years with a so-so sex life (I am open-minded and love to experiment sexually, my wife is the opposite). I have developed a friendship with a woman on my staff over the years that has included LOTS of flirting and sexual innuendo in our daily chatter. "Karen" is in her early 40's and a divorced mother of one. On the surface she would not be considered "sexy" (a tad heavyset, no striking features, really the typical suburban soccer mom), but it became apparent to me over the past year that she had a deep sexual appetite that wasn't being fulfilled. I had fantasized often about her during my nightly masturbation sessions after my wife had gone to sleep.

I found an opportunity last month to act on my fantasies. Knowing I was taking a risk, I decided to go for it anyway. Karen approached me to ask if she could interview me for the company newsletter (she works on the editorial staff in addition to her work on my team) and with a wink I told her I would be happy to answer ANY questions she had, and there were no limits. She smiled knowingly and suggested we find a day where we could go out for an extended lunch so she could conduct the interview with no interruptions I quickly cleared my schedule for that very day and I had my assistant make reservations at a nearby restaurant.

We chatted throughout lunch about a variety of work-related topics, and she furiously took notes between bites of her salad. Once she exhausted all of her questions, she brazenly asked if she could now ask me some personal questions. We bantered and joked back and forth, and I told her I would answer anything she wanted, if I could also ask her some questions. She inquired about my golf game, and then blushed (although she had a glint in her eyes) when she asked me "how things were in the bedroom". I smiled and told her they weren't that great, and that I often had to take matters into my own hands. We both laughed nervously, and she then told me she knew EXACTLY how that was since she had been divorced 3 years earlier and hadn't had a serious relationship since. She asked me how often I "took matters into my own hands" and I told her just about every night. She smiled and said we had a lot in common, since she "does it" almost every night too after her son goes to bed.

Our somewhat frank discussion had aroused me quite a bit, and I could feel my erection pressed against my pants under the table. I also noted that Karen had become aroused, as I could faintly make out that her nipples were erect under her bra and blouse. This is where I made my bold move. I suggested that we could extend our lunch a bit longer if she was interested, and could go somewhere more private to chat. She didn't even hesitate and immediately said she thought it would be a great idea. We sat awkwardly for several long minutes while we waited for our waitress to take care of the check, and finally we walked to my car, got in and drove away. There was a small motel located about 10 minutes further from the office, and as we headed in that direction, Karen must have sensed my nervousness because she took my hand and said it would "be our secret, no one will ever find out".

I went in to the motel desk, got a room (paying cash) and practically ran back out to the car. We swung around to the far side of the building and found room 115. I opened the door and followed Karen in. It was sparsely furnished and a bit dingy, although it did have a large king-size bed. Karen tossed her purse on the bed, turned and walked right up to me, gently kissing me on the cheek. I took her in my arms, and we began to french kiss with passion (something I hadn't done in many, many years). I was surprised, and pleased, when her hand wandered down to the front of my pants and began to caress my erection. She broke our kiss and began to giggle, making jokes about how hard my "little guy" was. She was quite playful, and very relaxed, which made the whole atmosphere great.

Karen told me that she often fantasized about seeing a man masturbate, and her ex-husband had been too shy and reserved to ever do it in front of her. She wondered "innocently" if she could see me "wax my carrot". I told her I would love to, and that I had also fantasized often about seeing a woman, and her specifically, play with herself. She blushed and was amazed that she had been part of my fantasies, and then said with a laugh that "fair is fair" and began to unbutton her blouse. As I stripped down to my boxers I took in every step of her removing her clothes. Her tan blouse quickly fell from her shoulders, revealing a lacy white bra supporting average size breasts. She unzipped her slacks to reveal a tan girdle, certainly nothing out of Victoria's Secret but sexy to me nonetheless. She made a self-deprecating remark about her somewhat ample midsection, but I assured her I thought she looked great, and grabbed my erection through my boxers to show her what seeing her in her bra and panties had done to me. That helped put her at ease and she sat down on the edge of the bed.

I stepped forward, about a foot away from her, and her face was level with my crotch. I opened the fly of my boxers and let my erection slip through. She gasped slightly, not because of the size I'm sure (I'm quite average, about 6 1/2" when fully hard) but I suppose because she hadn't seen a man's penis in quite a while. She looked at me and smiled and simply said "Nice" in an almost hushed voice, and I slowly began to masturbate. Karen likes to talk, and she began asking me a series of questions while I masturbated for her. She wanted to know if it felt good, when I had done it last, if I ejaculated a lot, etc. Almost like a curious schoolgirl. I answered all her questions, and our rapport was so strong and casual it was almost bizarre. I was used to sex being very quiet and rigid and mechanical, and with Karen I could see it was natural and fun. I asked if she was feeling horny, and she told me she definitely was, and she spread her legs slightly and began to rub her middle finger up the crotch of her panties.

I had to stroke slowly for her because I knew I would be on the verge of cumming in no time and I wanted this to last. I stopped momentarily and pulled my boxers off, leaving me completely naked. Karen edged forward and placed her free hand on my behind, feeling it and kneading it, telling me how she loved to see and feel guy's butts. I loved the sensation, and took MY free hand and placed it on her breast, feeling the suppleness and fullness. She let a small moan escape her mouth, and she began rubbing herself through her panties with a bit more fervor. I told her I would love her to be naked with me, and without waiting for her to answer I reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra and pulled it over and off her shoulders. Her breasts sagged somewhat, but were wonderful. They were capped with very large pink nipples (VERY wide areolas) and they were fully hard. She swiftly pulled off her panties and kicked them across the room with a giggle. I stepped back to soak her in, and I could not avert my eyes from between her legs. She had a very thick matt of pubic hair which was obviously very wet. I instinctively began to stroke my cock again, and Karen's right hand went down between her legs to enjoy the freedom from her underwear. She stared at my erection as her middle finger moved up and down her slit, and in seconds her legs were wide enough apart for me to see her wetness and the fact that she obviously enjoyed focusing on her clitoris as she masturbated.

I was quite surprised when, in less than 2 minutes, Karen arched her back and clamped her legs together around her hand, crying out. She was coming and it was a great sight! Her legs quivered as she humped her hips up and down about half a dozen times, grinding though was appeared to be a terrific orgasm. She collapsed back on the bed, and I took in her nakedness as she lay there for about 15 seconds. Karen then stood up and told me that was great, but she wasn't close to being done yet. She circled back behind me and pressed herself against my back, her tits feeling warm and wonderful, her nipples digging in pleasantly, and I could feel her wet pubic hair as it rubbed against my ass. Her left hand snaked around to find my cock, and with her right she began to fondle my testicles. She giggled as she nuzzled my neck, and told me now she had an idea of what it must be like to be a guy and to be able to "jerk off". She worked me like an expert, and as I felt my balls begin to tingle with the telltale sign of my impending orgasm, I groaned that I was about to come. She bolted out from behind me and once against sat on the edge of the bed, quickly taking my cock in her hand and stroking me fast. As my breathing increased, she told me she wanted me to "come on her boobs" (God, I had always wanted to hear a woman say that to me...!). Her strokes felt like heaven, and I finally unleashed 3 long streams of semen. I think Karen was taken by surprised as she pulled back a bit at first, but then began giggling as she looked up into my face and then pressed my cock between her breasts as I continued to gurgle out several more small eruptions of come.

As I re-entered reality, I stepped back and saw the mess I had made all over Karen's chest and breasts. I felt bad about it, until she scooted back a bit on the bed and began to rub my come into her breasts like it was lotion. She told me she had read on some of the porno websites she had visited that it was good for her skin, and she wanted to take advantage of it because she didn't know when she would have chance to try it out again. We both laughed, and I told her I had to go cleanup. When I returned, I expected her to follow and clean up as well, and then we would both dress and go back to work. She surprised me when I saw her reclining naked on the bed, leisurely fingering her vagina, and she asked me if I was "ready for Round #2". I'm usually the kind of guy who takes 1/2 an hour or more to "recover", but when I saw her masturbating I began to get hard again -- I couldn't believe it.

We lay on the bed, going slowly this time, kissing and touching each other everywhere. Karen said she hadn't received oral sex since before she was married, and wondered whether I would be interested. While not my favorite act, I told her I would love to. She arranged the pillows so her head was propped up, and spread her legs as I got in between. It had been many years since I had licked a vagina, but quickly found all the right spots. I used a combination of my tongue, my lips and my fingers (and a lot of sucking and flicking of Karen's clitoris) to bring her to 2 more orgasms (the first I thought she was going to suffocate me, which we laughed about for along time...). The taste was MUCH more pleasant than I remembered, and I loved to reactions she had with certain movements and techniques I used. After she came the second time, Karen told me it was my turn and instructed me to lay back. She disappeared into the bathroom momentarily and returned with the small sample bottle of hand lotion. I wondered why she needed that to perform oral sex, but I didn't say anything.

She had me stand in front of her as she again sat on the edge of the bed. She took a much more "authoritative" approach now, which I REALLY liked. She licked up and down the length of my erection, and then began to fellate me with expertise. I told her she did that like an expert, and she said it was from all the dirty movies she's watched over the years. She stopped momentarily and put a large dab of lotion on her left hand. She engulfed me again with he mouth, and then I felt her lotioned hand working on my butt, and moving towards my anus! Now I knew what she was doing, and was more than willing to go along. I moved closer to her, almost forcing my erection all the way into her mouth, and her middle finger began caressing the outer edge of my anus. God it felt great, and I told Karen so. She then eased her finger into my ass, and began gently working it in and out while she continued to suck on my cock. This went on for several minutes, and I was just barely able to hold off ejaculating (probably since I had come not too long ago).

We fell spent onto the bed, and just lay there motionless for several minutes. We kissed, caressed and talked for quite some time, discussing what we had done, and what it meant. We agreed that we couldn't let it continue (because of my marriage, and our work) but that it would be difficult since we were so compatible. As we dressed and then drove back to the office, it was with some sadness and a lot of satisfaction. We both confessed we hadn't had such great sex since college. In the ensuing month since this happened, Karen and I still flirt as we did in the past, but there is even more sexual overtone to our talk than ever before. It may just be a matter of time before we have another long lunch together.



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