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Little Brother

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My little brother, Seth and I had always been close. At the time he was about 5'2 with longish dark brown hair and a skinny body. He had barly started puberty, so he still had a little boy voice. I was about 6 foot with a more athletic build. I was 14 and he was 13 On one hot summer day, we had just finished playing basketball, we were both sweaty and shirtless when we came in. 'Dude, I can't beilve you bet me!' I said to him 'I know, I'm getting better!' He stripped off his basketball shorts to reviel white boxer brief. I did the same and got a drink. Our parents were both working and wewere both comfortable around eachother in our underwear. I was going into the bathroom to take a shower when he darted in 'No way! I was going to take a shower!' he whined at me. 'Seth, get out, I'm going first.'

'Yeah, well... I'm going first!' He took off his boxer briefs to reveil his teenaged cock. He was still hairless, and he was circumciced. He was about 2 inches soft. His package looked a lot like mine, only his ballsack was bigger and rounder. I ripped off my underwear and climbed in the shower too. My dick was about 4 inches soft and circumcised. 'Wow you smell!' He said to me and he turned on the water. He started to wash his hair as if nothing had changed. 'Do you want me too wash you to?' He asked. I didn't really know what too say, the whole situation was kinda weird, so I just said 'Sure' I squirted some soap into his hands and started to wash my back. I turned around and noticed he had a little boner that was about 4'. He then proceeded to rub my butt and then told me to turn around. By this time I felt my dick start to swell. He started rubbing my chest and stomach, then moved down to my legs.

By this time I was also standing at full attention, but he didn't seem to notice. He kneeled on the shower floor and started rubbing my thighs. He said 'I bet your balls are really sweaty too' so he started rubbing my balls and moved onto my dick. I was going to protest, but it felt way too good. sat down on the bathroom floor and let him jack me off. The only other time I had gotten a HJ was with my girlfriend, but this was different, because we were talking about just guy stuff, like boners and class, and even our favorite sports teams. 'Don't stop, I'm about to blow my load!' I said and then I shot about three ropes, one on him just above his dick. 'Wow that was a lot of cum.' Seth said 'Yeah..' I was still catching my breath. 'Can you do me now' he asked. 'Yeah, but I'm not sure if I can do as good as a job as you' We both laughed, and I told him to lie down on his back. I squirted some soap in my hand and started to rub his chest with one had and his dick with another. I made quiet moaning sounds while I did this. It only took about a minute for him to start to squirm. He had a dry orgasm but I could tell he really liked it. 'Thanks Bro' he said and we both dried off. We did these things a couple more times and I think we really bonded.



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