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Lissa's Lingerie

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Lissa, her new boyfriend, and her lingerie, all come together to drive me wild.


Last week I stayed in the apartment of a friend, who was out of town. I slept in her room. She's sexy, but not my type, but her roomie was there. I'd met her roomie Lissa before, and thought she was just my type...and very sexy. Tall, slender, dark skin and hair, full lips, small round butt and tiny titties. I've had many wonderful fantasies about her.

I got in late at night, and saw her first in the morning. Within minutes, my dreams seemed to come true. She was doing yoga in the living room in a loose fitting halter top and shorts, and as we talked, I had beautiful glimpses of her nipples down her top, and enjoyed seeing her butt tighten and relax as she went through her postures. My heart was pounding.

Any hopes I had of getting together with her were soon dashed when she told me how she had met this cool guy the week before and they were very hot. Well, I could feel it, she was very hot and sexual, and I was turned on being with her, and perhaps more, thinking of her new hot romance.

I went out for the day, and came back in the late afternoon to an empty apartment. I called Lissa on her cell phone to see if we might make dinner together. She said she was out with her new boyfriend and wouldn't be back until later. I hung up the phone, and in moments was overcome with the urge to explore her room, and find her intimate clothes, and wear them.

The urge was so strong, I forgot everything else and went straight for her room, made a bee line for her dirty clothes, and picked out a pair of panties, a bra, and a tee shirt, stripped naked in front of her bed, and, watching myself in the mirror, slipped into her panties. My heart was pounding, and my nipples began to burn.

I began to relax, and felt my erection grow and press against her panties. I reached down and flicked it, to let it come out of the top. I played with it a little bit, and it became wet with precum. I began to melt and feel very sensual and pretty. I gently rubbed my lips, cheeks, down my neck and shoulders, to my breasts, and down over my belly to brush against the bulge below. I played with my nipples; they were hard and pointed.

After a short while, I reached onto the bed and picked up her bra, it was black, and made of stretchy fine material. Lissa is tall, with wide shoulders, and I slipped easily into the bra. It cupped my little mounds gently, pushing them together to be a little bigger. My nipples showed through the bra. I thought of Lissa's pointy little titties, capped with the large dark round nipples that I'd glimpsed that morning, and the thought was thrilling and exciting; I fell into a kind of trance.

When I got a little tired of one outfit, I found another in her laundry, and yet another, her clothes felt comfortable and my body filled them out and became sensuous and excited, and I enjoyed each new piece of clothing sooo much!

But after a while, I got scared she would come back early, and put everything away, carefully. Once everything was safely away, I relaxed and the wonderful feelings came back, and my body became warm and soft and tingly from head to foot. I went out and got something to eat, feeling light and happy and friendly with everyone.

A few minutes after I returned, Lissa walked in with her new passion. He was large and a bit like a friendly bear. They were dripping hot together, and happy to talk and meet someone new in their lives. We sat around the kitchen table talking and eating ice cream. I was relaxed and excited, so incredibly sexy and wild to be sitting across the table from this woman whose intimate clothes I had just shared, whose breasts I had seen and almost felt, and who was so 'in heat' I was almost shaking. They couldn't stop touching and holding each other, stroking and hugging and that only made me hotter. Her bare foot was on his under the table.

She had no bra on, and her nipples showed through a sheer white blouse, dark and large and stiffer, longer, than this morning. I could hardly take my eyes off of her chest, but the two of them were so romantic they neither cared nor noticed, but responded to the warmth and sexuality of the moment.

Eventually, I could see that they wanted to get off to bed, and I excused myself. I went to my room and stripped and was immediately naked and hard with one hand around my cock and the other fondling my body, twirling my nipples, caressing myself, rubbing my thighs.

Suddenly, I heard Lissa enter the toilet, right behind my head on the other side of a thin wall. I stopped and lay there unmoving, my ears straining, heart pounding. The toilet seat clanked down, and in a few seconds I heard her pee splashing and gurgling in the bowl, my dick stiffened in my still hand. I imagined her panties down to the floor, her cute ass on the seat, her long thin fingers gathering toilet paper and wiping her pussy.

Then, from inside the wall the water pipes exploded with sound, she was going to take a shower. I imagined her naked body stepping over the tub, pulling the curtain, and the water splashing against her body. Hidden by the noise, I caressed my own body again, and it was alive and tingling everywhere I touched.

The noise abruptly shut off, and in a minute Lissa opened the door and I heard her bare feet just outside my door. I tensed for a moment, then relaxed as she walked down the hall. I went back to stroking, hard and fast, but suddenly the hard shoes of her boyfriend came straight for my door!!!! My heart jumped! His steps echoed and I heard him turn a door knob. Fuck! I was naked, hard and spread eagled on the bed, totally exposed!!! I freaked out! A huge wave of shock passed through me, and then I realized he was at the bathroom door, which he slammed shut; I heard him pee, it seemed like for buckets full.

My shock turned into erotic delirium as I fantasized being discovered, wanted it, relished in it, and thought of being discovered masturbating, thinking of Lissa's lingerie, her pee shooting into the toilet water, and the wet drops clinging to her body after her shower.

Yes, jack for them! Open the door, please, and see my warm cock in my hand, my hard nipples, the way I caress myself! I thought of his cock, now peeing, but soon to be wet with Lissa's pussy juice, sliding in and out between her labia, her smooth, shaved pussy, while her hands clenched his ass and pushed him farther inside her....nipples full and hard and ripe pressing his chest.

In a few strokes, my pelvis pushed up from the bed, higher and higher, ass tight, and I felt myself plunging over the edge, pumping harder and harder, straining until my cock pumped uncontrollably, and drenched my nakedness in gobs of cum.

In the morning I was up early and went into the bathroom. Lissa's clothes were in a pile on the floor. I felt like I'd stumbled on a pot of gold, and slipped them on immediately. Her panties smelled of the excitement she felt for her new lover, and I loved how they cupped my balls, just the right size. I took them off and jumped into the shower.

As I made breakfast, I heard Lissa moaning, softly, but urgently, and imagined her lover's finger deep inside her pussy, rubbing against her swollen clit, her puffy labia. I stopped breakfast and went again to the bathroom, where I stood in front of the mirror and jacked off to the beautiful sound of her pleasure and the sight of her lingerie on my body, and my cum splattered around the sink bowl. I shaved, and washed it down the sink before going out for the day.



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