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Like Mother Like Daughter

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Mum buys her daughter new knicks but leaves her own racier purchase in the bag by accident ..


Katie was so excited to try on her new purchases when she got home from shopping with her Mum. She was just old enough to wear her first thong and she couldnít wait to feel what proper grown up underwear felt like. All her friends wore them and she didnít want to be left out. She ran to her bedroom with the shopping bags while her mum cracked open her usual bottle of white wine. (Katie wasnít quite old enough for that yet!)

Opening the bag she found her prize nestling in the bottom along with another small bag from the same store which her mum had put in there by mistake. Pulling out the little white thong and another pink one and laying them lovingly on her duvet Katie took a peak inside the other bag revealing her motherís somewhat racier purchase. It was a black lacy one with a sheer panel at the front dovetailing into a narrow silky V where it would pass in between the legs. ĎDare I?Ē She wondered. Holding it up to the light and admiring its skimpy construction. Compared to her cotton one it looked more like the real thing. Maybe a size too big but they were both quite petite. Katie knew that her mother had a new boyfriend having been separated from her father for a few years and she was glad about that but a bit jealous of the time her Mum was spending with him. He obviously appreciated a good pair of knickers she mused.. serve her right for forgetting all about them, I should be the one buying new knickers for a boyfriend she reasoned (Katie didnít actually have one but she had her eye on a boy and they had a date on Friday night). Thatís why she persuaded her mother to let her buy a thong in the first place. She had been looking forward to wearing her hard won purchase but this accidental small piece of fortune was altogether a more tempting idea.

Wriggling out of her super tight jeans and teenage knicks Katie stepped into her motherís special thong, the one she was going to show off in to her boyfriend. Now it would be Katie who was showing off her young body whose subtle curves had blossomed into those of a young woman almost overnight. So now she was going to prove just how grown up she actually was. She was amazed how the black lace and sheer silk slid between her cheeks, how it hugged her mini-moo (as she called it). OMG so thatís what it was all about! She remembered her best mate giggling about how surprising him with a thong that she had bought had driven her boyfriend crazy (Katie was still a virgin but lots of her friends werenít..) Could she wait for Friday or should she have a little play now? Katie had been masturbating secretly for a while but usually it was more a question of working out her pent up feelings and getting some relief rather than actually indulging herself. This was different. She felt like a real woman at last and she was determined to enjoy it.

Turning round she admired her perfect bottom in the mirror, the cheeks divided by the line of her motherís lace back thong. She could feel the light but insistent string passing over her newly sensitive fanny. Adjusting it slightly (it was probably one size too big) she was turned on by the new sensation of the extra narrow crotch passing over her short pubes. She pulled it up in between her tender lips and was amazed by how it almost revealed her but not quite. Moving the material back and forth produced the most delightful sensations. This wasnít going to take long. Katie knelt on the end of her bed, resting back on her heels and admired herself in the mirror.

OMG I really do look the business she mused. Some boy would love to get his hands on me.. well Iím saving it up but I might just have a little go.. her index finger idly toying with her emerging clit over the silky material. What there was of it. It was so easy just to slip her finger underneath and into herself.. much further than it had been previously. Before she knew it Katie was rubbing her clit enthusiastically with a mounting sensation of overwhelming heat and joy between her legs. She raised herself up on her knees bucking her hips back and forth, her fingers a blur on her clitty as she ruined her motherís new thong with her first proper orgasm. 

Oh well, never mind she mused as she collapsed back onto the bed exhausted with it all. Iíll just pretend she forgot to pick it up in the shop and keep these for my own use.

Later her mother, looking for her new purchase could only find her daughters too small white cotton one instead for her hot date with her boyfriend. It would have to do. She could always buy her another one. He seemed to be rather tuned on by the surprising choice ..



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