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Lifeguarding Adventures

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Speedo Lover's story about teaching his kid sister brought back memories of a hot sexy summer with a girl I met while lifeguarding at the beach.


I was a lifeguard on the beach during high school and college. And of course there were girls and girls and more girls. The summer after my senior year in high school, I met a girl who was sixteen and from another part of town. She flirted and teased as girls do with lifeguards, and I asked her out. 

We got heavy pretty fast, as I would be off to college in a month or so, and had some sexy times making out and masturbating each other. Sometimes on a blanket in the sand dunes, sometimes in a parked car, many times in her basement. She told me how she and her GFs talked about sex and seemed curious about giving blowjobs. I loved finger fucking her and she had breathless orgasms that she would try to stifle so her parents would not hear upstairs. One windy night on a blanket at the beach, I was finger fucking her and she was rubbing my hard dick, with our bathing suits pulled down. I went down and tongued the slit of her cunt for just a moment (my first time!) and she briefly put her lips around my dick. After that night, I would always make her cum first, with my fingers, and then she would make me cum with her hands and mouth.

One night, we were making out in her basement with our pants just down around our knees. (There was always the chance that her parents would open the door at the top of the stairs--and it did happen a couple of times, with both of us strugging to pull our pants up before we could get caught.) I asked if she would "give me a tour" of her pussy. She immediately cooperated, pulling her pants down to her ankles, opening her legs wider and spreading the folds and telling me about the parts she was touching, very matter-of-factly and unembarrassed for a sixteen year old. I couldn't see much because the lights were low. Then she got very quiet and I didn't know what she was doing. Finally she said "I don't know why I can't find my clitoris. I've found it a million times before." I was so naive and clueless! Of course she had found it. Here she was casually masturbating, laying back across my lap, and also telling me that she had masturbated "a million times" before. I had so craved knowing about girls masturbating; even knowing that they DID. I could have asked her more questions about it, asked her to show me how she did it, how it felt, what she thinks about. I could have put a finger up her wet hole while she rubbed herself and would have felt her hand bumping against mine as she pleasured herself. Such opportunities lost! But a wonderful memory I have held onto and masturbated over many times.



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