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I have been going through a rough patch in my life and Stone has been an amazing friend to me. At 45, he's much older than I, but he's really helped me through a lot by offering advice and help in every aspect imaginable. It's no wonder how it has become so easy to trust him and allow him in on all of my secrets.

The first few months of our friendship were strictly platonic, and at times, almost father/daughterly, but as time has gone on, I have ditched this 'daddy' image of him. He has completely lost his 'random old man' appearance and I have started to see his very close resemblance to Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man. He has become incredibly sexy to me.

Stone knew that I had never masturbated. I was too insecure with my body to touch myself. And although, I was not a virgin, I had never really just PLAYED with a penis and enjoyed it and all it's beauty. I think the thought of him becoming my teacher and my becoming sexually submissive to him secretly turned him on. He began focusing on telling me things that would ease the insecurities I had on touching and pleasing myself. He described all the benefits of masturbating and even offered a few tips on what to do.

Due to my circumstances this past winter, he allowed me to crash at his place a few times. He had a guest bedroom, but I hate to sleep alone, so I opted to sleep with him in his bed. One morning, while lying there chit-chatting, the topic turned to sex, my lack of experiences and my craving to learn new things. He reached out, grabbed my hand, and placed it on the bulge in his pajama pants. I could feel him growing and I liked it. He slipped out of his pj's, grabbed the nearby bottle of lube and poured a generous amount onto my palms. After rubbing my hands together to make sure they were completely covered and repositioning myself to kneel between his legs, I began stroking him to full erection. I watched him and gauged his reactions. Playing with him was so much fun. I loved making him arch his back and I loved, even more, the sound of his moan. While my right hand concentrated on his head, my left hand fondled his balls. Then, I moved my left hand to twist up and down his shaft. I worked my two hands in unison up and down. My right hand massaged his head making sure that my thumb hit his favorite spot: that part on the underside of his penis where his head meets his shaft and worked it all the way up through to the tip. My grip was firm but gentle. As I picked up my pace, his breath became shallow and his screams grew louder. I loved the way his cock felt! The texture of his little helmet was so indescribably beautiful right before he came that I couldn't help but lick my lips in lust in the prize I knew I was about to receive. I opened my mouth and allowed him to spurt into it, on my face and down onto my shirt. When he finished, I washed my face, but I made sure to leave what had fallen onto my clothes so that I could wear it for the rest of the day.

Stone and I have had hundreds of similar encounters and our lessons have become more and more intense. I have learned so many new tricks from him, not only in pleasing a man, but myself as well. I enjoy our sessions so much and, to be honest, I don't see an end to them any time in the near future.



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