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Lesbian Magic Part 2

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Sarah played a card game with some lesbians which led to her discovering a new sexual side to herself.

Sarah didn't mind being in a house full of lesbians because it was far better than staying outside in the rain. She didn't have anything against lesbians like her friends did and only pretended to be disgusted by them. Sarah knew nothing about them besides the typical lesbian stereotypes she often heard. The one that was holding her hand didn’t fit any of those stereotypes and she wouldn’t have guessed the girl was gay. When the woman grabbed her hand, she didn’t fully understand why she went with her or where the woman was taking her.


The wet loose top that she had on barely covered her breasts and had one of the four buttons undone to make her breasts more visible. They were the perfect size to attract men like a moth to a flame and anything more significant or smaller would take away from its overall beauty. She loved her large breasts and how she could use them to control men. She was also wearing a short black skirt because she loved showing off her sexy legs. She knew dressing this way with her flaming red hair would make her irresistible to men.


The girl holding her hand was a Latino with an athletic body around her age. She was surprised by how attractive a lesbian girl could be, and even the one who opened the door was also gorgeous. Sarah would never admit that she never noticed the other lesbians who took her friends away because she was mesmerized by the Latino beauty. It would be too shameful for her to say out loud that she thought a lesbian was cute or that she checked an ass out that belonged to one.


It wasn't because she could never admit that another girl was pretty, and it had more to do with being a girl admiring a lesbian. She feared that it would come off as a sign that she was also gay and didn't want to be labeled a lesbian. Sarah didn't think it was a big deal checking out the girl's ass because she often found a woman's body to be beautiful. She thought girls were just as beautiful as men, but she did more than look at men. Out of all of her friends, she was the most risqué and adventurous when it came to sex.


Sarah didn't come to college to be a nun but to have some fun. She performed oral sex on a guy that she had just met that night in the bathroom. The guy was cute, and she didn't come to the club just to dance. Sarah was finally free from her parent’s strict rules and decided to do everything that they tried to prevent her from doing.


The girl leading her deeper into the house wore a black crisscross halter top and brown twill shorts. Sarah let herself glance at the girl's ass again while being led down the hall. She wished that her butt was that round instead of the little one she had. It was nice but not as good or beautiful as the girl was.


The only encounter she ever had with a girl but never considered it a lesbian act because some girls learned to kiss each other. During a sleepover before going off to different colleges let her friend teach her how to kiss. She only did it to be a better kisser for the boys and had no desire to go any further than that. Sarah was unaware that her friend was into girls, or she used the whole teaching thing as an excuse to make out with her.


Sarah had her first date after she got to college, and it was there that she learned the joy of sex. During that date, she found out that there were better things to do with a guy than kissing them. After losing her virginity gave it up to every guy that made a move on her and got so addicted to sex that she once let a group of guys fucked her at a frat party. The number of men she slept with didn't bother her because it was college, and experimenting with things is what you did there.


Today was Sarah's twenty-first birthday and was out celebrating it with her friends at a wild new club that just opened up right out of town. They played some great music there with plenty of cute guys that lined up to dance with her. She spent most of the night dancing with several different men before sneaking into the bathroom with one of them.


The girl led her to the part of the house where a party was going on. The music was at the perfect volume where it wasn’t too loud to think unlike those parties’ frat boys like to throw. The room had a dance floor with a few women dancing provocatively that was near a bar with tables. It looked more like a barroom than a room in a house, and it was packed full of women.


Being surrounded by lesbians made her feel naked all of a sudden. Some of them were undressing her with their eyes which made her feel like a sheep in a den of wolves. It didn’t bother her that these women wanted to fuck her but felt more empowering that they did. She liked being desired and it didn’t matter if it was by a man or a woman. The more vulnerable Sarah felt the more she got off on it and had a bad habit of flirting with danger. 


The woman that led her to this room didn’t let go of her hand until they got to the bar. The bartender was an attractive woman with jet-black hair and her ponytail gave her a youthful appearance. For some reason, Sarah couldn’t stop herself from staring at the woman’s breasts as she approached the bar. The bartender had her shirt unbuttoned creating a rather sexy cleavage that even a straight girl would stop to admire. The woman was too busy washing the bar off with a towel to notice that Sarah was staring at her breasts.


The way the bartender's breasts were pressing hard against her nearly open shirt gave the impression that it could pop out any second. Sarah doubted that the girl was wearing a bra because she saw no sign of one. She knew that bartenders sometimes dressed sexy to get better tips, and this woman ensured it by displaying her tits.


Sarah tried not to stare at the girl's breasts but was powerless to look away. She admired women's beauty from time to time and feared that her actions would give off the wrong impression. The last time she saw breasts that had affected her like this was last week while she was in college.


Sarah was talking with her professor when the woman bent over her desk to find her paper and accidentally flashed her. Ms. Anderson was wearing a loose shirt that opened up exposing both of her breasts. The woman was in her late thirties and looked too proper to have a wild side. She could see two large nipples with a pair of silver handcuff piercings hanging off one of them.


She was shocked to see that her teacher wasn't as proper as she once thought and wondered what else was the woman hiding. The professor's breasts weren't as big as hers, but they were still a decent size. The window to this woman's world was open for a brief moment just for her eyes only and it gave her a new respect for her professor.


"Let's get something to drink, and by the way, I am Regina. Tina here is an excellent bartender that can make you anything you want," Regina said with a slight Hispanic accent.


"What can I give you? A flaming Orgasm, or would you prefer Sex on The Beach," Tina said while making it clear she was flirting with her through sexual innuendo.


Sarah didn’t know how to react but with a man, she would’ve flirted back until the two of them ended up fucking. She never had a girl so boldly flirt with her like that and didn't know how to handle it. She was so taken aback by it that she didn't pay any attention to the woman’s eyes looking down at her breasts.


She was expecting something but nothing that bold or to the point. Sarah expected that kind of action from men like being asked if her carpet matches the drapes. Few men asked her that and she always replied with, “You will never know.” Rude men like that don’t get her time or body. It was a little unsettling hearing a woman using such sexual innuendo toward her.


"I will just have a glass of wine," Sarah said, feeling uncomfortable and avoiding eye contact with Tina.


"Are you sure that I can't interest you in an orgasm," Tina teased flirtatiously.


"No, a wine will be fine," Sarah said nervously.


"I am only playing, sugar, and I could tell that you were straight when I first saw you. Sorry, but I get a kick out of making straight people squirm," Tina replied with a smile.


Sarah was on her second glass of wine when she started to relax and found that she liked Tina. The woman kept flirting with her, but she didn't mind anymore. Sarah realized the woman had a flirty personality that drove her to say sexual things to people. The woman kept her hands to herself, which she appreciated and noticed a few times Tina's eyes wandering down to her chest. Sarah didn't mind as long as it didn't go any further than that because she wanted to keep her sexual experimentation to men.


Sarah found that Regina was also a delight to talk to and was funny at times. They were in a deep conversation when two girls came up to the bar ordering some shots. One was Julia, a nineteen-year-old blonde girl with pigtails that looked like a sixteen-year-old version of Emily Browning. She wore a short plaid skirt and a white blouse that made her look like a Catholic schoolgirl.


Sarah thought she looked a little too innocent to be here, but she knew that looks could be deceiving. The other girl was Samantha, who had short brown hair that reminded her of a cute guy she once dated. Samantha wore a band T-shirt that Sarah had never heard of before and blue jeans. She found herself attracted to her for a brief moment before pushing those feelings away while trying to focus on something else.


They were friendly and wanted her to drink some shots with them. Sarah didn't think any harm would come from that and decided to follow them to their table. They were having a good time downing a few shots while telling dirty jokes that got dirtier than the last one told. She drank enough to make her a little drunk, and alcohol had the habit of making her do crazy things.


Alcohol let her open up to do things that she usually wouldn't do, and it was the reason she let a group of guys have sex with her at a party. She can get a little freaky when drunk that always ends with her having sex with some random guy. She blamed her parents for her wild behavior by not letting her date growing up to experience things like the other girls her age.


She spent the last three years doing what she had missed during high school with more men than she could count. The alcohol gave her the confidence to explore her sexuality in many wonderful lustful ways. Sarah still did sexual things sober but not as crazy when drunk and that is when her true inner slut comes out.


Sarah didn't think being a slut was terrible and found it could be freeing at times. Sober, she overthought the risk, but after a few drinks her legs opened without much thought. Sarah would never let anyone tell her what to do with her body or feel shameful for liking sex. She doesn't need anything to drink to have sex; it's just that alcohol allows her to do things without thinking about it.


The gangbang she participated in was a perfect example of it, and she let herself be filmed by one of the guys while she was blowing him as one of his friends was pounding her from behind. If she wasn't drunk wouldn’t have let them talk her into going upstairs with them where they took turns fucking her. Sarah didn’t regret it in the lease because doing crazy shit like that was part of college life.


"Let's have some fun while we drink and play risk poker," Samantha said with enthusiasm.


"What is risk poker?" Sarah asked with some interest.


"It is a combination of truth or dares and strip poker. When betting, you write down a dare, truth, or strip on some paper and put it in a pile on the table. The one with the lowest hand must do whatever is drawn or answer truthfully to a question by the winner. Getting a dare or the truth is just like the game, but you don't get a choice. A strip is the winner's choice of what you must take off, and it must be only one thing," Samantha said, explaining the rules with some excitement.


Sarah had drunk enough that her wild side was kicking in and was up to doing something crazy. She thought the game sounded fun and naughty. Sarah's mind wasn't clear enough to see it any more than some girls fooling around. She was too drunk to care if she ended up naked or what the risks were playing this game with lesbians. She liked the idea of the game that she agreed to play it. Julia, Regina, and even Tina decided to play too.


Tina grabbed a deck of cards, some paper, pens, and a bottle of rum from underneath the bar. They found a table near the corner of the room and poured some rum into glasses that Samantha carried over from the bar. Sarah was halfway done with her rum when they started the game and felt her inner slut wanting to come out.


The game started slowly with minor dares and a few truths. Tina was the first to lose and had to talk about her first time with a girl. She told the tale with a smile about sleeping at a friend's house when she was eighteen a week after graduating high school. While she was asleep her friend Rachel tried carefully to explore her body without waking her.


When she woke up realized her pajama top was unbuttoned and felt the cool air covering her bare breasts with one of her nipples wet with saliva. Rachel was successful at sucking on Tina’s breast without waking her but woke her up as she slipped her hand into Tina’s pajama pants. She bit down on her lips because she didn't want her friend to know that she was awake. She was too scared to do anything, and it felt too good to stop. She pretended to be asleep while her friend played with her pussy until she had an orgasm before giving herself fully over to Rachel. Sarah could almost see it and felt herself becoming aroused by the story.


Samantha lost next, and her dare was to kiss everyone playing the game. Sarah's heart was pounding hard in her chest after hearing the dare would involve her. Each kiss she saw turned her fear into excitement, and each kiss was more erotic than the last. When it came to be her turn to get a kiss, she was looking forward to it, closing her eyes, and felt a peck on her cheek. She felt disappointed when it didn't happen and couldn't stop thinking about sharing a kiss with that woman.


Thinking about it brought back memories of her friend Monica from high school and how they would practice kissing to prepare themselves for the boys. She could still feel how her lips felt and how her tongue tasted like cherry popsicles that were just in her mouth. The heat of her body pressed against her with only their T-shirts and panties separating their naked flesh from each other.  


Sarah shook her head, trying to knock those thoughts loose, and didn't know why she turned an innocent experience sexual. She knew that alcohol could make her horny and act out in sexual ways. She was a little drunk but not to the point of being out of control.


Sarah lost the next hand and had to answer if she had ever kissed a girl. Alcohol didn't just make her more sexual, but it also made her truthful and removed the filter from her brain that kept her from saying too much. She told them everything, including that her friend also taught her how to masturbate as well. The only sexual education she got back then was by her friend Monica when they talked about sex.


She told them how her parents wouldn't let her date because they wanted her to focus on school without any distractions from boys. She told them how Monica explained it would be embarrassing to kiss a guy and be bad at it. High school was where you learned stuff like that before going off to meet real men at college.


Sarah explained that Monica talked her into giving her a few lessons by telling her this was how girls learn to kiss. Monica kept saying that she was doing better but needed more lessons and kept on teaching her until she left for college. She didn't mind and confessed that she rather enjoyed kissing her friend.


Realizing she just admitted to liking kissing another girl made her face turn red from embarrassment. She didn't regret saying it and found it was exciting that she did. The whole thing turned her on, to the point that she wondered if she should let one of these girls kiss her and decided against it. Even though she wasn't a lesbian, she thought two women kissing was not only okay but also sexy as fuck. She was drunk enough to do things that her sober side wouldn’t and just needed a little push.


That little push came in the form of a dare where Sarah had to kiss Regina. She didn't hesitate for a moment before slipping her tongue into the girl's mouth. She took her time kissing Regina with every kiss she gave her was full of passion. Sarah was so distracted by her actions that she lost another hand, and she ended up doing it again with Tina. It wasn't until it was over with before she noticed that Tina had undone a button on her shirt.


Seeing what Tina did made her want to be naughty and tease her. She thought that Tina would never get beyond just kissing her, so she decided to undo another button on her shirt. That left only one button to hold her shirt together and the black lacy bra she was wearing could be seen. To be extra naughty Sarah played with the last button while looking at her cards to give the impression she was about to undo the last one as well.


Sarah could tell her breasts were affecting Tina by how her eyes were always staring at them waiting for her shirt to pop open. Since Tina's mind wasn’t on the game lost the next hand and had to strip. Sarah realized that she was right after all about her not wearing a bra when she removed her shirt and tossed it on the bar. She found the woman’s breasts to be beautiful with small pink nipples that were hard as little bullets.


"How do you like these pair?" Tina said as she arched her back pushing her breasts forward right in Sarah's direction.


Sarah felt the blood rush to her face after Tina caught her staring at her breasts. Tina used her tits and her flirty nature to throw Sarah off her game. She had a full house with kings over queens which gave her the win. Sarah got too focused on the woman's breasts and paid the ultimate price. Sarah knew she was in trouble when Tina smiled after picking up the dare card.


The dare would test her limit to see how far she was willing to let herself go. She was feeling a little aroused at this point and had gone too far to stop. She liked playing this game and figured that she could walk away at any time that she wished.


"I dare you to walk over to the dance floor and dance seductively with those two girls over there," Tina said with a cocky grin.


Feeling fearless, Sarah walked over to the two girls that Tina pointed at before sliding between them. It surprised her how easy it was to do something so forbidden without an ounce of resistance coming from her. She was swaying her body against a girl while moving it up and down.


Things soon heated up as they responded to her by gliding their hands all over her body. One of them kissed Sarah and didn’t resist as the girl unbuttoned her shirt before sliding it over her shoulders. Things had gone too far for her to stop what was happening and let the two girls have their way with her.


The girl behind Sarah started swaying her body while lowering herself as her hands slid down her. When she came up again, she guided one of her hands underneath her skirt and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. The other girl continued undressing her by removing her bra before sliding her hands over her breasts to play with them. It was the first time she had ever been touched by another woman in a sexual matter.


Sarah didn't foresee this happening and thought it would be harmless fun, but it became sexual fast. She knew the girls at the table could see everything that was going on, but she didn’t care. She was going to let her first lesbian experience happen right on that dance floor so everyone could see this little straight girl getting fuck. When they pulled away from her, she felt confused at first until she realized they wanted to punish her and not fuck her.


"That should teach you for trying to cut in without asking," The first girl said before moving to another end of the dance floor with her girlfriend.


While in a daze, Sarah stood there for a moment half-naked before getting dressed. Sarah didn’t bother with buttoning up her shirt and walked back to the table without any shame. She never thought she would ever let a girl touch her like that. When that girl pushed her panties aside to insert her fingers inside her made her realize something. She was more okay than she thought about being with another girl and was now open to that idea.


On the next hand, she lost again and had to strip. It was her bra that she had to remove. She took off her shirt letting slip it off her shoulders seductively before unhooking her bra and hanging it off her chair. For a brief moment, she was topless again allowing everyone to see up close her beautiful breasts. She put her shirt back on without buttoning it and let her slightly puffy pink areola and hard nipples be fully displayed for the girls around the table to see.


"This must be your lucky night; you get to see the girls," Sarah said jokingly while taking a shot of rum.


The game went on with a few more of them also having to strip. Regina was next in line to lose her shirt revealing her light brown breasts with dark nipples. Tina lost her pants after that, which left her wearing only a black see-through panty with rose embroidery. Samantha still had her shirt on but was naked from the waist down. Julia was the only one who hadn't stripped yet and still looked too innocent to be playing this game. Sarah would soon find out that Julia wasn't as sweet and innocent as she appeared.


Julia lost the next round and had to masturbate in front of everyone. She pulled her chair out so that Sarah could see what she was about to do. Lifting her skirt, Sarah saw the girl wasn't wearing any panties. She was completely shaved down there with a tattoo that read, "Lick here to open," with an arrow pointing to her pussy.


Raising her leg on her chair, she started to masturbate while looking right at Sarah’s breasts. The girl never took her eyes from them until she came and licked her juices from her fingers. Sarah couldn't help but glance down at Julia's cunt as the girl was playing with it. Squeezing her legs together to fight against the desire to spread her legs and touch herself.


Julia lost another hand, and her dare was to kiss Sarah's inner thigh for thirty seconds. Sarah realized the girl had something else in mind when her hands slipped inside her skirt. When she felt the woman pulling down her panties, Sarah raised her ass to let her remove them. Sarah watched with fear and excitement as Julia lifted her skirt, exposing her patch of red pubic hair.


Julia slid Sarah's ass to the edge of the seat before pushing them open. Sarah closed her eyes, first feeling hot breath on her thigh, then soft lips against her heated flesh, and wet kisses slowly moving up. There was only one outcome where this was heading, and it wasn't the first time someone had performed oral sex on her. Few guys had tried it on her and thought they were good until Julia started licking her cunt. The girl was better than any guy she had ever been with, sending shock waves of pleasure shooting through her. When Tina said their time was up Julia gave her pussy one last lick before pulling away.


Sarah wasn't happy that the pleasure she was receiving came to a complete stop. She was almost in tears from needing it to continue she was willing to do anything to cum. The ache between her legs was so demanding to be satisfied that she didn't care who fucks her. The sweet little angel with the heavenly tongue had broken her sexually. She could have forgotten what she did up to that point without letting it happen again, but now she couldn't.


"Please, let Julia have five more minutes! She was so close to making me cum," Sarah said deliriously.


"Let's do a final hand, where the loser has to do whatever, the winner wants. They have to be their slave for the rest of the night," Tina said smiling and was happy that Sarah was at the point where she wanted her to be. "Does that sound fair?" Tina asked, already knowing how Sarah would answer.


"Yes, fair...one more hand," Sarah said and would agree to anything if it meant that she would cum.


Sarah had four tens and just knew that she was going to win. She had a dare picked out where Tina would be licking her pussy until she came. That is all Sarah wanted and didn't want anything else to happen. When she lost to four aces, she started to regret the bet because she didn't want to be a slave to a lesbian.


Tina stood up to remove her panties and stood there fully naked. She started to walk around the table with a look in her eyes that told Sarah what was coming. She knew the girl would play with her a bit because it was her nature. The dare would be amusing because it would be a funny joke having a straight girl eat pussy.


"I will make you cum so hard that you will never want a man again, but I am not so sure you want it. If you got on your knees and ate my pussy then I might be convinced," Tina said with a smile and in an authoritative tone as she sat on the table with her legs spread open.


Feeling defeated, Sarah dropped to her knees in front of Tina as everyone watched. It was humiliating to her for having to do this to cum, but she was glad that her friends weren't there to see her fall like this. Sarah thought she was strong enough to resist the lesbian influence in the room and never saw herself falling victim to it.


Sarah stared at Tina's crotch, focusing on a thin line of pubic hair that ran down its middle to the pussy lips that opened up like a flower with dew drops glistening on its petals. She had seen girls' vaginas before but never this close. Sarah realized how beautiful it was by seeing it from this angle and felt a desire to press her lips against it.


Tina gave her instructions on how her pussy should be eaten and felt herself sink into a sexual haze. It wasn't until a moment later that Sarah realized that she was licking the girl's cunt. The girl's voice had somehow put her in a sexual trance that got her to eat her pussy without realizing it. She didn't find the activity distasteful but rather pleasing to her taste buds.


"Tease me first and never go directly to the pussy. Kiss and lick the outer edge of my cunt until I beg for your tongue. That is…it! Now lick my pussy. Fuck! Almost there..." Tina said, moaning and ending with a scream as the orgasm hit her.


Sarah did as she was told and felt a surge of sexual energy shooting through her as she performed her first oral sex on a girl. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before and was more exciting than performing oral sex on a guy. Sarah shoved her tongue deep inside Tina as far as it would go before swirling it around. Sarah pulled back from the girl after making her cum, licking her lips; she still could taste the girl on them and felt a thrill that she had never felt before.


Tina knew how to get to Sarah because the house magically sensed her weakness. A little suggestive thing here and there mixed with some alcohol brought her to her knees literally. Sarah realized by playing this game, she unwittingly let herself get seduced by these girls. It started slow, and before she knew it, they had her.


"Lay face down on the table and prepare yourself for your reward. Be patient and remember good things cum to the girl who waits," Tina told Sarah with a twisted grin.


Sarah stripped naked before lying face down on the table with the edge of it pressing against her legs. When her warm flesh made contact with the cold wood, she felt tiny electrifying pleasurable sparks traveling down her spine. It should have freaked her out about lying on a table naked with a room full of lesbians. Sarah knew she shouldn't have been okay with any of this, but yet she was.


A few minutes had passed before she felt Tina's hands start to caress her legs and hot breath on her quivering soaking wet womb. She felt the tip of the woman's tongue barely making contact with her pussy as she licked it. A moan escaped her lips from the pleasure it caused her and waited desperately for it to continue.


Instead of feeling a tongue felt a long phallus-like object enter her and let out a satisfying groan. She was surprised by how long it was as it slid fully inside her. Sarah has been with plenty of men, but none of their cocks went deep as that object did. She was no stranger to sex toys and knew which one of them this woman was using on her now.


She let out a series of moans from the pleasure she was receiving from her first strapon experience. Sarah was so focused on the act that she almost didn't notice that Regina was pulling out some strapons from a bag and passing them out to the girls around the table. Their fun little game was about to turn into a lesbian gangbang, and she was at the center of it. She got distracted from that fact when Tina grabbed her hair pulling it back hard enough to arch her back while they were fucking.


Sarah tried to hold herself up as a powerful thrust of the woman's hips pushed her back into the table. The pleasure that she got by being fucked by a girl was way better than being with a guy. They usually never last this long before cumming inside her and ending her fun. The woman wasn't going to stop until she had an orgasm, and when one hit, Sarah saw a blinding white light. She barely held onto consciousness as two more hit her and made her scream out in ecstasy.


Sarah sat on the edge of the table after it was over to catch her breath. The number of women waiting to be with her was a little scary. She could see the lust in their eyes and the desire to be the next one to fuck her. Sarah didn't know how many of them she could take before passing out, but she was about to find out.


Regina came up and kissed her before sliding her fake penis inside her. Sarah wrapped her legs around the woman as the girl slowly fucked her while they kissed. Sarah lay on the table as Regina's hungry mouth moved to her breasts. It didn't take long for Sarah to come again. She stared at the ceiling as the woman sucked on her nipples while fucking her until another orgasm hit.


Samantha was next burying her face into her shoulder, kissing her neck while thrusting her hips into her groin. After Samantha climbed off of her, Julia didn't waste any time before raising her leg over her shoulder and started pounding her pussy as hard as she could. This sweet innocent-looking girl was fucking her with the force of a man, and it felt amazing. The orgasms came so fast and in numbers that Sarah couldn't count them all.


Sarah thought that it was over with, but she was wrong, and the bystander who was watching also wanted her. They passed the strapon from girl to girl taking turns using it on her. Sarah didn't know how many of them she was with before she passed out. The last thing she remembered was getting intensely fucked by a girl that looked like her friend Monica.


Sarah woke up sometime later in a strange bed naked with an achy feeling coming between her legs. Her pussy was sore from being fuck so much that she couldn't close her legs. Sarah couldn't believe that she had just let a group of women use her like that. Closing her eyes, Sarah tried to remember how many women were there and counted over thirty before losing count. There was no way for her to know how many of them fucked her. Sarah fell back to sleep with her mind drifting to her friend Monica and had a dream where their kissing session turned into sex.



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