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Leg Crossing in School

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I'm really glad people enjoyed my last story so I'm sharing another one with you now.
I feel like I should give a description of myself first. I can't remember exactly what I looked like when I was 15 (I'm 18 now) so I'll just tell you what I look like now. I don't think my appearance has changed an awful lot since then. I'm what people call petite. I'm 5'2" and slim. I'm a brunette and my hair is long and wavy/curly but I straighten it sometimes. My breasts are 32B which I am happy with. I have dark brown eyes and because my grandparents on one side of the family are Indian, I have slightly tanned skin. I myself though am British. I would say that I am Bi but I haven't really been able to experiment with either gender yet but I would love to. I have fantasized about both and have had various crushes on both during my life. After that summer, where I masturbated in public for the first time, I was back at school again. I didn't enjoy school an awful lot but I found a way to spice it up a bit. It started when I read something online. I found out that it was possible for a girl to masturbate (and orgasm) just by crossing her legs. I was amazed by this so decided to look into it a bit more. First you have to cross your legs and then you squeeze your thighs together. You can move your top leg to gain more of a sensation from it as well. I read this and then sadly forgot about it for a while. Then at school one day I was sitting in my seat when I saw a boy sitting in his seat with an erection. I had heard that boys that age get them all the time just at random moments but I hadn't seen it. It wasn't incredibly obvious and he was trying to hide it but it still got me horny. I remember the crossing legs technique of masturbating and decided to just go for it. I crossed my legs and began squeezing. It felt great and it was amazing how no one knew I was masturbating right in front of them. I looked around the room to check that no one was looking at me and someone caught my eye. It was a girl who I liked, her name was Rebecca. And because I liked her I had fantasized about her in the past when masturbating at home. We weren't really friends I just thought she was hot basically. But anyway she wasn't looking at me. She was looking at the boy with the hard-on. If that wasn't enough for me she was also crossing her legs! You might think that she was just crossing her legs as a way of sitting but I could tell she was thigh squeezing as well. I could also tell by the look on her face and the way she was staring at that boy's hard-on that she was masturbating. That really got me going. Her secretly masturbating in the same room as me while looking at the same boy was incredible. I forgot about the boy and focused my attention on her as I kept on squeezing. I added in the swinging of my top leg. Every time my leg came down I gave a good squeeze. I knew that I was really wet now but didn't care it just made it better. She was now double crossing her legs so she could do a harder squeeze. After a minute or so of this I watched as she shuddered and closed her eyes. I could tell that she just came. She opened her eyes and gave a shaky sigh and focused on her work again. I knew that as good as the feeling was that I couldn't cum like this. I asked to be excused to the bathroom and ran there quickly. I sat down on the toilet and pulled my tights (pantyhose) down quickly. I hitched my dress up and went to work on my clit. As I mentioned in my previous story (In the Toilets) I love masturbating through my panties so that's exactly what I did here. They were already wet from the thigh squeezing. I imagined Rebecca at home masturbating while fantasizing about that boy. I imagined she was fantasizing about fucking him. I replayed the image of her cumming in class over and over in my head until I came. I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning in case someone else walked in the bathroom. I finished and pulled my tights back up and went back to class. I've always remembered Rebecca cumming in class and have masturbated to it many times since. Unfortunately I still can't cum from crossing my legs and thigh squeezing but it's a nice way to get me started. If anyone has any tips on it they would be much appreciated. Please comment as I love reading them and I will try and do another one of my stories soon if people want it.



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