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Leaving My Seed (3)

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I have decided to try and leave my seed in as many public places as I can


Public place no 3: the gym changing room

I make my way into the changing room, nobody is in there so I strip naked. There is one long bench joined to another one opposite. About 30 feet in front off me is the shower, there are six showers all close to each other.

I walk around a little, looking at myself get hard in the mirror, my cock getting harder every second. I love to watch myself get hard in a mirror, I'm seven inches and have a slight bend in my dick.

Looking at myself I tap the tip of my dick with my hand, and rub the tip of my thumb over my bell end. Taking the lube out of my bag I make my way into the shower.

I wet my body but let the shower run dry, I apply the lube and stroke away at my cock, facing the shower entrance.

My strokes get quicker and I'm away in the moment, so much so I did not hear the changing room door open.

I'm really aroused now, gripping my balls with my left hand stroking up my shaft and squeezing the tip of my dick and making circles on the tip with my thumb.

Then to my amazement the shower next to me turns on.

Stood next to me showering was this small gentleman facing away from me, his arse facing my now excited dick, he was pretending not to notice. But he had a semi on and he was glancing over my right shoulder. The gentleman must have been in his late sixties and he was cut and getting harder as he turned around and looked me in the face.

'Hi young man, you have a nice cock' he smiles.

'Do you mind if I watch'?

I could not say no, it was a public shower.

With that I carried on wanking as he watched every stroke, he was hard and he to was wanking.

'Ohhhhh, I'm gonna shoot, ahhhh' in seconds I have unloaded my spunk, onto the shower floor, I squeeze every drop out.

My attention turns back to the older gent, he's smiling but he's in full flow, no longer paying attention to me as his strokes get harder. I take a risk and I carefully squeeze his balls and his orgasm is on it's way. As I'm squeezing his balls he cums, two large spurts, then a small drip dangles from his cock and drops to the floor.

'Wow, I wasn't expecting that today', he grins and leaves the shower area, turning and giving a happy nod as he goes.

That was a great wank, unfortunately all my seed had been washed down the drain because his shower was running all the time.

As I make my way into the changing area the guy is dressing and sat down putting his socks on, just in his boxers. I walk past him, I have a semi hard on and purple and swollen helmet and I sit next to him where my clothes are waiting.

'I've never done that before, never in public, and never with a guy watching, I'm shaking like a leaf' he says grinning.

'I won't tell anyone if you don't'

With that he leaves the locker room with just his pants and shirt on as I sit there naked, thinking about what might have happened had he reported me.




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