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Leaving my Panties in the Toilets

Posted by: Age: 17 (then), 18 (now) Posted on: 5 comments
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Another public masturbation story from me. Feel free to go back and read my other ones: 'On the Bus Home', 'Leg Crossing in School' and 'In the Toilets'. And now I hope you enjoy this one.
So this happened in early 2013 when I was 17. It's a bit more recent than my other contributions but I thought you'd like to hear about it. I had the idea to leave my panties behind after I masturbate and hope that someone else would use them to get themselves off as well. I knew that not all people would have the guts to do it in public so I hoped my wet panties would provoke them to. Then I had to decide where I was going to leave them. I decided on my school's toilets. It was perfect. If someone new to masturbating in public was going to do it for the first time then where better than the toilets. If there's no one else in there I hoped they would feel comfortable enough to do it. It also meant that a teen would find them. Most teenagers are horny a lot of the time. I'm not saying that people older than that don't get horny a lot but teenagers are more likely to be horny. Especially if they find a wet pair of panties. So that was where I wanted to do it. And of course it was in the girls toilets so only a girl was going to find them. I honestly didn't mind which gender masturbated with my panties but I wasn't going into the boys toilets. I didn't know how long I was going to take to cum so I went in the last fifteen minutes of my lunch break. I reckoned that was long enough. I was wearing my usual black school dress with white shirt underneath and some knee high socks (sometimes it's tights). When I went into the toilets luckily no one was there. So I went into the stall, locked it and sat down. I started by rubbing my breasts through my dress and shirt. I love the feeling of that so it got me started. I always fantasize when I masturbate so that's exactly what I did here. I fantasize about various boys and girls in my class. I'll imagine them fucking and masturbating. But what I also like fantasizing about is that one of them is fucking me or just simply masturbating me. This almost a year ago so I can't remember exactly what I fantasized about that time but it would have been one of those. By the time I had a good fantasy in my head I had worked my way down to my pussy. I was masturbating through my panties like I always did in public and getting a good wet patch on them. If any of you girls haven't tried it I highly recommend it. The material just feels great against your clit. I had my legs spread and was rubbing in circles. As I got hornier and wetter I sped up and put more pressure on my clit. I had been masturbating in different public places for a while now so had developed the ability to stop myself from moaning and have a silent cum. I just masturbate and have my mouth open but make sure no sound comes out. I heard someone come in the toilets and sit in the stall next to me. Now like I said I had been masturbating in public places for a while now so this wasn't anything new to me. I was also determined to cum by now so wasn't going to stop. I carried on going rubbing harder and faster and came. When I cum I usually can't just keep my feet resting on the floor so they tend to lift off the floor lightly. My orgasm comes in waves and my body you could say almost hiccups. It tenses up and then relaxes as each wave comes and goes. Each wave is not very long at all after the last so these 'hiccups' of tensing and relaxing happen quickly. Then my body relaxes one last time and the waves stop. My feet rested on the ground again and I took a moment to regain myself. Then I let my panties drop to the ground. I picked them up and put them up on the toilet. I left the toilet at the same time as the girl who was next to me. She didn't say anything as she either didn't know what I was doing or didn't want to say. Someone being right next to me really is one of the best reasons to masturbate in public. It's such a rush knowing they could catch you and I've had many fantasies of what would happen after they caught me. As I was leaving the toilets with the other girl walking just behind me, I passed another girl heading into the toilets. I didn't know who she was but I remember she was very hot. Going round the rest of the day with no panties on was a lot of fun. I highly recommend doing that as well girls. You get such a rush from doing that as well especially when you're wearing a skirt or a dress with no tights on. I went to the toilets again at the end of the day and discovered that my panties were gone and a girl had very kindly left hers in return. So of course I took those. I could see that they were wet so put them on straight away. I loved her wet panties against my pussy. I don't know whose they were but I imagined that they were the girl's that passed me on my way out. When I got home I masturbated imagining the girl who passed me discovering my panties. Getting herself wet thinking about what she was going to do. Slipping her wet ones on and putting my wet ones on. Then her masturbating in them, cumming and wearing them the rest of the day. I was masturbating through hers while fantasizing about this and loved it. As usual please comment as I love reading them. Feel free to ask me any questions you like as well and I will try and answer them as soon as I can. I will try and put another of my public experiences up soon.



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