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Learnt, Done, Doing

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I told my MM story 'Side By Side' http://solotouch.com/story/side-by-side-48550 and said I would tell my first time and how I learnt about masturbation. So here it is, hope you enjoy.


My learning and yearning for masturbation started when I was younger, I enjoyed climbing poles in the playground, I would shimmy up them with my legs wrapped tight around them and once at the top I would keep moving my legs up and down up and down. Originally this was done to keep me at the top then I came to discover that after about 30 seconds of this my penis would pulse between my legs and I would receive a greatly pleasurable feeling in my crotch. I had no idea that I was in effect masturbating and I could only do it once then I would have to wait for about 20 minuets to do it again to get the wonderful feeling. When I would come down from the pole my arms and legs would be weak very similar to the feelings I get in my legs now if I cum while standing up.

After years of pole humping a friend and I played truth or dare (funny how this game always turns sexual) one of the dares we handed out to each other was to receive a 'squishy' where the one person would squash their hand into the other crotch (outside the clothes), squashing their penis and balls for 5 or 10 seconds. It started out as a punishment until my friend said that it felt kinda nice and maybe we could do it more. We went to my room and I lay on my bed face down with my legs apart so he could sit on the bed behind me between my legs. I then undid my trousers and pushed them down just enough for him to get his hand in and massage me, we took turns doing this all afternoon one day and both really enjoyed it, I concluded that I liked my penis played with the best and my friend liked his balls to be played with most.

A few years later at the age of 13 I found out for the first time what masturbation was and I saw it first hand. I was round at a friends house and he said that he knew where his dad kept some porn magazines and videos. He went and got a video and put it on then got us both a couple of magazines to look at while we watched the movie. I flicked through the magazines and saw pictures I liked. The movie was a but slow to start but once there was some nudity on screen I was unable to take my eyes off it. There was a woman in a barn playing with herself and a man in a room playing with his hard penis. They where portraying each of them masturbating thinking about the other masturbating. I was mesmerized. After they both orgasmed and I saw a penis cum for the first time I instantly wanted to try it myself. After the video ended my friend said "sorry the video was a but lame, I will show you a better one next time" little did he know how much I loved it and the great things I learnt from it.

A few evenings later I had just got out of the shower and went to my room, I had the urge to play with my penis and thought I would try it like the man on the video had done. I stroked and I became hard I was stroking but after a minute or two when nothing had happened I stopped. The next night I did the same but I sat in the seat behind my door, the door to my room was open like it was the night before and I was sitting on the chair playing with myself thinking that I might spurt semen like the man on the video did. I started thinking about the video and got really into the stroking and the feelings I was giving to myself and then it hit me my crotch went fuzzy and my penis pulsed and I got a wonderful feeling all over, I was in shock and also wanted to do it all over again but I didn't as my room was open and my parents home. I had discovered masturbation and there was NO going back, I loved it and the feelings I got from it.

I continued to wank whenever I could, after my shower, after school, in bed but I never shot cum like the man on the video I had learnt from. I tried and tried to spurt, I thought maybe I needed to keep stroking through the nice feeling and then I might shoot cum but it got to sensitive to touch and so I had to stop. I started to think maybe I had broken myself with all the stroking. One day after school about a year after I had first given myself a 'dry' orgasm I really wanted to play with my hard penis and get that great feeling it gave to me. I lay on my bedroom floor, the house was empty and I was really enjoying the feeling of my hand on my hard penis and the feeling of the head of my penis going through the ring caused by my finger and thumb. The great feeling welled up in my crouch and I orgasmed, this time thought when my penis pulsed and gave me all of these wonderful feelings I also shot out two small spurts of semen, I was in heaven! I was not broken and the orgasm with cum was the best I'd had to that point. I lay on my floor and played with my semen for about 15 minutes before getting cleaned up.

I continued to masturbate at every opportunity I could get and on some occasions when I could get enough time alone would come a number of times, the latter orgasms would be 'dry' with no cum and would remind me of the first 12 months I spent getting to know my body and the wonderful things it can do.

Nowadays I have many years of masturbating behind me and have played with my penis in many many ways and in many many places, at work, in the toilet, in the shower, outside(first time was a real thrill), in my car(once or twice while driving), on a plane, on a train. I have used sex toys (some good & some bad), have made sex toys(some good & some very BAD) I have cum on my own face and cum in my mouth but never been able to swallow. I am in a long term relationship and the sex has dwindled to almost nothing so again masturbation has become my outlet for sexual release.



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