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Learning Was Easy and Fun

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I learned on my own through research.


I was watching tv one night about six years ago. It was a Friday night and I was staying up late. The lady on the show was talking about women and orgasms. I turned down the sound a bit so my parents would not hear then got closer so I did not miss any of the details.

The lady talked about having orgasms and showed pictures of where the clit is and so on.

The next day I took my homework and asked my mom to drop me at the library to do my work. When I got there I spent about three hours studing masturbation and ways to orgasm then rushed through my work for about thirty minutes. I had to go to the bathroom and put some toilet paper in my panties after a while to keep myself dry because I was dripping so much.

When I got home I told my mom I had to finish my work and wanted to be left alone in my room for a while. All I wanted to do was try what I read about that day.

I got to my room and locked the door. The first thing I did was take off all my clothes. I turned my full length mirror toward my bed so I could watch myself. I sat on my bed then just looked at my naked body for a minute. I got up and walked to the mirror and spread my puss lips apart to look at my clit. I gave it a little rub and it felt nice right away. I hopped back to my bed then sat up against the back board with my legs open. I dipped my finger into my puss for lube just like I read earlier then started to rub my clit slowly from side to side. It felt good and I could not wait for the orgasm the books talked about. I continued rubbing for about seven or eight minutes then I felt this nice feeling getting much better. My breathing got heavier and I knew I was about to have my first orgasm. The feeling was a real slow climbing feeling almost like my puss was about to sneeze. I kept rubbing but now it was faster then the feeling got even better, then pow! I was rubbing and bouncing all over my bed twisting from side to side loving my first orgasm ever then I heard a knock on the door. My mom asked is everything ok? I quickly answered that my pen rolled under the bed and I have it now.

I heard her leave then I remember getting a huge smile and softly laughing knowing that this would be something that I would be doing very often.

That was the only orgasm I had that day until bed time that night. I could not wait to try it again. Back to bed and naked within seconds. This time I did not get on the bed so I would not make noise. That night I spent two hours masturbating. What a joy I had found! I remember thinking it was such a great thing that anybody could do so why doesn't everybody do it? Little did I know then.

Since that day I have masturbated myself every day. I like to masturbate every chance I have when I'm alone.

When I was running track a while back I would think sexy thoughts while running then I learned how to have an orgasm in the showers with others around me. Only once I got a bit out of hand when I got to my orgasm. The shower stalls covered only to my shoulders. As I was having a nice orgasm the girl beside me asked me if I was ok. I said I was just a bit tired from the workout. I enjoyed my orgasm while telling her this so my talking was just a bit off. I don't think she had a clue I was masturbating while she watched me. I would always let the shower stream do most of the work while I held back my lips tight with my hips tilted upward.

Masturbation has brought me so much pleasure in the last six years. I have a few related stories I may write about. Just writing about how I learned has been very erotic. What a great thing to share with others. Thank you for reading.



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